Run Coach!

I know every emotion you are feeling right now. You are in desperate need of help to grow your business, but you are scared that investing in yourself may not pay off. What if I don't have the time? MONEY?! Resources?!

Here's a few things I want you to know, that I WISH I would have known a year ago:

1. There will never be "a better time."

One of my biggest struggles is making decisions.  I agonized for MONTHS trying to decide if hiring a coach would work (WHY on earth did I torture myself like that?!) I had just had a baby and our family was buried in student loans. I was waiting for the "ideal time" in my life to invest, one where I had more money, time, and less things on my plate. Friend, that time was never coming. When you choose to lay aside the excuses and decide the time is now, things will start to shift, both in yourself and in your business. 

2. You are worth the investment!

I remember thinking it was so DUMB to spend money on my business!! I was barely making $300/month at some points... why on earth would I give that up?!

Friend, I promise you, it is SOOOO worth it! YOU are worth it! The fact that you have stuck with me though this lengthy webpage tells me that you are ready to do something BIG. You are a go-getter, hard worker, and are willing to dig in and dig deep to make things happen in your life. Let's start making it happen! 

3. Your dreams are not cray cray.

A year ago, I thought it was complete madness to start a running business that would replace my $2.5k/month teaching salary. I had no knowledge of business and had no idea what the work "marketing" meant! Friend, I blew that dream out of the water!! I promise you, if I can do this, a Second Grade Math Teacher turned Mom, YOU can do this, WAYYYY faster than I did! 


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