Alyssa, Pregnancy and Postpartum Health Coach

alyssa's Story

Alyssa Lewis

I signed up to work with Jasmin through IBA when I was about 4 months into being a Beachbody coach.

I was doing well and getting into a groove, so I thought. But I realized, in even the first month of IBA, that I was completely done with my warm market and was not comfortable with the tactics that I was taught in furthering my business. I felt uncomfortable reaching out to strangers and it wasn’t working so what was the point. Yes, I was helping people, but it wasn’t benefiting me as I had hoped.

I was spending way too much time away from my family (which was the opposite of what I had envisioned in starting this entrepreneur life!)

When I signed up for IBA, I was a mom of a little one year old and had just found out I would soon be a mom of two under two.

CRAZY exciting but scary.

I had big dreams of growing this awesome business and automating (instead of spending hours messaging and responding to people and stalking Facebook) so that I could help out my family financially while spending way more time with them! I also wanted to quit my occasional nursing job to focus on this business full time and not have to go back to that after our little man arrived!

Starting her business

I am naturally a worrier and that is something I have to overcome daily. Literally every day!

It was so hard for me to think about branching outside of Beachbody. There was this cushion of safety where I didn’t have to know it all and Beachbody was my backup. I wasn’t responsible. I just encouraged. Thinking about making plans for clients, calling myself an actual Pregnancy & Postpartum Coach was so hard for me to do.

I feared everyone’s opinions, that I wasn’t qualified, that people would laugh at me reaching for these huge goals. The start was so hard, but now I am several months in now….I have grown SO much.  But the whole process has helped me change my mindset and believe that I can do it (although sometimes I need a good reminder from my coach!)

Making the Investment

My husband and I went back and forth about investing in this course.

I explained how I needed some help and guidance and felt like I needed to invest in a business coach. It was not cheap, but we agreed that it would be worth it, after messaging back and forth with Jasmin. We used our tax return money to pay the cost up front. I was nervous that it would be a waste of money but also SO excited about the possibilities of what was to come. Jasmin and I went to the same college (although I didn’t know her then) and had started out as a Beachbody coach as well.

I felt like we connected well and many similarities and that she was exactly what I needed to move my business forward!

results she achieved

During the program, Alyssa signed her first VIP 1:1 client!!!

I think the biggest things for me in all of this, is know that I can do it.

The mindset is SUCH a huge thing for any entrepreneur and mine has been holding me back for so long.

Jasmin and this FBA community has really helped me to see that I am capable AND qualified to be a Pregnancy and Postpartum Coach.

I need to believe that and be willing to take on clients. To know that each conversation and each engagement with a mama is a way to grow and learn and how to really push through and ask those hard questions a coach would ask. I am still at the beginning stages, but having the right mindset has helped me push through the rough times and keep having those conversations, pushing people towards action and being the coach I know I can be.


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