Do you have this one trait that every high achiever needs?


Do you have this one trait that every high achiever needs?

I’ve been doing a lot of learning, a lot of professional development. And friend, here’s what I’ve learned:  

There’s one trait that entrepreneurs LACK whenever they start seeing success with their business. 

Typically entrepreneurs are HIGH ACHIEVERS (um, me!). 

And a lot of times what happens for high achievers + go-getters is that as soon as we see success with our business, we LACK this *one skill* and it HOLDS US BACK. 

What is it? What do we lack? What is the one thing that holds us back from truly having everything we desire?


“What’s that,” right? Or maybe, “Oh, I’ve totally got that covered.” 

But honestly, even if you don’t THINK you lack self-awareness, you probably do… because here’s the thing: If you’re a quick starter (like me!), or if you’re a go-go-go-go type (me again!), your lack of conscious self-awareness might be hurting your Team.

I’ll be honest with you: this happened with me + my Team last week.

I was talking with my OBM, and I said, “I think I have an idea, and I want to LAUNCH in like, one week! Okay, perfect, LET’S GO!”

I was ready to GO, but I was not AWARE of what was happening for everyone else on my Team. I hadn’t checked in with them about how we could make this happen so soon.

Sometimes, the go-getter type is not aware of her strengths and weaknesses, or what’s happening with her emotions during the day, or why she’s STRESSED OUT, or even why she’s excited. 

Can you relate?!

It’s so important to develop SELF-AWARENESS, especially as an entrepreneur. 

How can you learn how to be self-aware, today? Here’s a few ideas: 

First and foremost, TEST YOURSELF. 

You have to put yourself in uncomfortable situations to get real with yourself and learn what you’re really good at and where you lack. 

You might also ASK YOUR PARTNER. 

What does your spouse say when you ask for a list of your strengths and weaknesses? (That can be a hard conversation, but it’s also really IMPORTANT information!)


I really like this Strengths Finder and the Myers Briggs Personality Test.

SELF-AWARENESS for me means realizing that not everyone is a quick starter like me! 

I get an idea, and I’m ready to run with it… but not everyone is like that! Some people need to see the whole picture before they can take action. Some people need to make a rational plan. Some people have to move through the emotional piece about how they feel about the action they’re taking. 

I’m the type that has an idea, and I’m ready to roll ASAP; but sometimes that can burn people, my people, in the process. I’m constantly asking my staff, “How are you doing? How do YOU feel about this? Do you think this is a realistic goal for this project? What support do you need from me to make this happen?”

I’m practicing self-awareness with my Team, because I know I’m a BALL OF ENERGY! 

I get excited about things really quickly, and that can stress other people out sometimes! And that’s not what I want to do! I don’t want to stress out my Team!

And then, TRACK YOUR DAY. 

It’s so important to track what’s going on throughout your day and to have your goals WRITTEN, to make sure you know what you’re aiming for each month + how you’re going to do it, every. single. day. (And then, of course, actually FOLLOW THROUGH!)

I’ve recently starting using the SmartLife PUSH Journal by Chalene Johnson. I can track my eating habits throughout the day, my sleep from the night before, whether + how I stuck to my goals, what I’m grateful for that day, and whatever else I want to remember! 

It’s important to figure out “How are things going in my life? Am I taking care of myself? Am I getting sleep? Am I drinking water? How did things go with my Team? What do I need to work on tomorrow?” 

**I also encourage you to offer yourself 15 minutes every day for prayer + devotional time. This time in quiet meditation will really help you step back from the day and reflect, breathe deeply from the belly, and become more SELF-AWARE about what’s going on with you throughout the day. (Just 15 minutes, friends!)**

P.S. Let me know (in the comments or hop on over to the video comments), how are you making yourself better TODAY??! Where are you lacking self-awareness + how can you change that ASAP?

P.P.S. Hop over to the video to see a SNEAK PEAK of my awesome new program!!



I cannot believe I am telling you this...


I cannot believe I am telling you this...


Hello friend!

Something CRAZY happened with my business recently. And I literally CANNOT believe I am telling you this! 

You might laugh. You might drop your jaw when I tell you what happened. 

But I feel like I just need to tell you, because I think this is something that, honestly, you might want to do, too. 

I wasn’t planning to tell you, but I realized: I tell my clients to BE BRAVE... I need to do that, too! And you need to know the truth. 

So, I’m going to tell you something crazy. 


(And I promise, it will all make sense after you hear the whole story.)

A few weeks ago, I was scouring the internet for some help with my daughter, Elle. She has CRADLE CAP. She wakes up every morning with what-we-call a Rat’s Nest of matted hair on the back of her head. And every morning, I crank through her hair, scraping away this GUNK from her scalp. 

And I’m just so sick of it!

I’ve tried so many natural products. Actually, everything Target and Ulta sells that’s a “natural hair product,” I’ve tried it! And nothing has worked.

I desperately reached out to my people on Facebook, asking for help from anyone with a natural product for kids’ hair. 

A few people responded with, “Jasmin, you HAVE to try this product.”

Of course, I did some research. And I decided I wanted to give it a shot! 

But. NO ONE I know was selling this product! I couldn’t get my hands on it!

A lot of people were using this product, but I wasn’t connected with anyone selling it, because...wait for it… It’s actually a network marketing company.

When you hear the words, “network marketing,” what comes to mind? I’m thinking SPAM. Ew! Gross, right? I see product pictures in my newsfeed and people messaging me about buying their product and EW!

Fast forward two weeks… I’m on a call with a business colleague, and she tells me, “Jasmin, you will never guess what I just did! I joined a network marketing company. Can you believe it?!”

Funny story about the two of us: we both started our online businesses in network marketing!

“I know, I know,” she said, “I told myself I would never do it again! But it’s like, I can’t help myself. This company is different. Our Team is full of high-caliber business women, entrepreneurs who already have established brands and businesses, women who have SMART marketing strategies going already. IN FACT, even after 10 months of marketing with this company, these women have never even mentioned the product’s name!”

Hmm..really? You mean, they don’t have to post product pictures on their Facebook pages?! 

She told me more and more and more.

Within two months of working with this company, women on this Team are having 5k months.. Then 16k months… then 30K MONTHS! This company does a great job getting you WINS, quickly. They pour out bonuses to their people. 

And here’s the thing that’s awesome about it: compared to selling shakes and workout materials (what we both used to do!), this HAIR CARE product is something that people are already purchasing regularly! 

When you’re selling shakes and workout programs, you’re also educating people about WHY they need these things. (And, yes, this can be AMAZING, if you have the time to devote to that part of your business!)

When you’re selling hair care products, you’re selling a product that people use everyday anyway. People already wash their hair! And most women don’t like what they use right now; it’s just whatever they find at the store, whether it works well or not.

That’s exactly where I’m at with my daughter (cradle cap!) and myself (thin, fine, boring hair that doesn’t do much of anything!).

Tell me more, right?!

Partnering with this company is actually a residual income stream, because once people find something that they love (and a product they have to use everyday!), they’re gonna keep coming back for more!

And, there is no other network marketing company that is solely a hair care company.

The market isn’t saturated (yet)! No one is selling it! (Or at least, no one I knew!) 

Plus, this company is projected to be the #1 Hair Care Company in the USA next year. 

That’s how fast it’s growing.  

And I’m telling you this, because I’m all about sharing opportunity!

I know a lot of your guys are sick of struggling hard for your business. You’re sick of working all month long, running challenge groups and selling shakes, to make less than what you’re worth. 

Think about this: How can you be a savvy, smart business woman? How can you be aware of the market? How can you use digital marketing better?

You can have a product that people will LOVE to buy, that earns you good, sustainable income for your business.

Maybe for a long time, you’ve sat back and said, “I want to start an online business, but I’m afraid.” 

Let me tell you: sitting back and waiting is not going to do you any good (whether it’s with this company or some other business venture).

If the timing is right, DON’T WAIT! If you notice that the market is not yet saturated AND the product makes sense (a consumable product that people already use!), don’t wait around, even if it feels a little bit out of your comfort zone (hello network marketing! again!).

Do your research. And if the timing and the marketplace is right, JUMP ON IT!

P.S. I hope this encourages you to do something BRAVE with your business today, because sometimes there are opportunities that come up that you JUST CAN’T PASS UP!

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Love, Coach Jasmin

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BLOG SERIES: Take Action! (part 6)


BLOG SERIES: Take Action! (part 6)

This month we’ve been talking about how to create passive income for your online business! Each week, I’ve explained one step in the process and offered you some support in making it happen! 

(If you haven’t followed along from the beginning, start with Part 1!)

In this step-by-step series, I am teaching you the key to creating passive income stream(s), the step-by-step process I use to create a passive income funnel, and insights around how I make $6K per month with my passive income streams.

I’ve talked about determining your ideal client and creating a free opt-in designed just for them. I explained advertising organically and with the art of Facebook ads

But, how do you actually make all of these things work together? 

I want you to walk away from this blog series KNOWING that you have a clear path to passive income!

I’m not sure why you stuck around for the whole series; but I’m assuming you’re here because you recognized there is something missing in your process. Maybe it’s the full sales funnel, or maybe you don’t have a clear picture of your ideal client. Maybe you’re unsure how to serve your clients or how to find them. 

I want you to have a plan to actually make this work for you!

And here’s the thing: I know there’s a plan that can make this work for you! I’ve already had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients to help them design plans to make passive income.

testimonial_kristen van horn .jpg

Kristen started working in network marketing (Beachbody), but she had the desire to grow her business outside that! Once she had a plan for how to actually get clients, it started happening! Yes! It’s as simple as that. 

Kristen witnessed incredible growth in her business, through the power of automation (I’m talking about sales funnels, here)! Through my process, she started tackling Facebook ads, and that’s when she started to see huge growth! She quadrupled her list, started getting tons more engagement on her posts, and she’s fully booking herself with new clients!

That’s what I want for you, too!

The passive income sales funnel is a process that can work for you while you’re not working (think, while you’re sleeping or on vacation!). 

And, I want you to have the power to OUTSOURCE. 

Maybe you’re thinking, “Yes, I need this in my life Jasmin! do I start making content?”

That’s where I want to come in and help you!

I know that one of the biggest hang-ups when you’re getting starting is actually just...getting started. I’ve talked about the foundation pieces of sales funnels (opt-ins and tripwires). But making those things can take FOREVER, if you don’t have help!

So. What if I helped you, what if I actually just gave you the system that will make this happen?!

Fitness Business Academy is THE SYSTEM that will help you automate your business so that you can start seeing passive income, now! I will talk more in-depth about Facebook ads and sales funnels. I will walk you through step-by-step trainings. I will give you sneak peaks into the exact content I use in my sales funnels. You’ll see the behind-the-scenes of how I create webinars and 5-Day Challenges. 

Fitness Business Academy is JAM-PACKED with material that can help streamline the whole process. And there's a whole community of women who have gone through the program before! They're inside and waiting to encourage you along the way (I'm here, too, to keep you motivated and inspired!).

We would LOVE for you to join us! Join Fitness Business Academy today, and get started!

P.S. Have questions?! My team is here to answer all your questions and help you get started with this exciting next step!




BLOG SERIES: Give Value to your List via a Sales Funnel! (part 5)


BLOG SERIES: Give Value to your List via a Sales Funnel! (part 5)

This month we’re talking about how to create passive income for your online business! Each week, I’m explaining one step in the process and offering you some support in making it happen! (We’re *almost* to the final step…!! You’ve almost completed your passive income funnel!!)

In this step-by-step series, I am teaching you the key to creating passive income stream(s), the step-by-step process I use to create a passive income funnel, and insights around how I make $6K passively per month with one of my income streams.

In Part 1, I explained the importance of determining your ideal client and the main problem you will help them solve. 

In Part 2, we talked about designing a free gift for your ideal client. 

In Part 3, I shared some ways you can begin to promote your free gift organically. 

And in Part 4, we talked about how to create paid advertisements via Facebook! 

If you haven’t yet read the first parts in this series, head back a few steps and start there!

Now, let’s say you’ve created all the pieces of your automated system (your free opt-in, the low cost trip wire, and the Facebook ads). This is the perfect place to get started! 

But, what’s next?! 

When you really want to see people buying your signature programs and lower cost offers, that will come from the VALUE YOU OFFER!

How will you give value to your clients?

Well, there’s lots of ways to do this! But today we’re talking about offering value to your clients by implementing a sales funnel. 

What’s a sales funnel? 

A sales funnel is an automated email sequence that helps your people get to know you better and eventually buy from you!

You’re sharing value in the emails you send. And the people on your list are realizing there’s some type of gap in their lives, a problem you can help them solve! You’re helping them already, with the free content you send in these emails, but they’re realizing that to fully fix their problem, they need your help through your course or services or one-on-one support. 

Here are some tips for successful sales funnels. 

A sales funnel should include: 

  • Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines: This is what determines whether people open your emails or not.

  • Attention-Grabbing First Sentences: This is what determines whether they actually read the email they opened.

  • Attention-Grabbing P.S.: This is the second-most read part in the email (lots of readers will jump right to the bottom!).

  • Relatable Stories: These are stories that are applicable to your reader (your ideal client). Make sure you tell stories that offer them MORE than just information about yourself; catch their attention with stories they identify themselves within.

  • ONE Clear Call-To-Action (CTA): This is a linked button where subscribers can click directly to your CTA (and remember, keep things simple by offering only ONE!).

  • Sales emails, with clear program benefits and URGENCY factors: The whole point of a sales funnel is to turn new subscribers into paying clients!

  • An element of audio or video, so they can connect with you faster!

Remember, we’re in the business of helping people! And, as a health coach you probably know, part of helping people is moving them to action. 

It’s your job to clearly articulate the benefits of working with you, to help your potential clients make the decision (or not) to work with you. 

What action can you take this week?! 

Get started drafting your sales funnel content, and if you have questions or need support, reach out to my team

If you need a little more help with content for your funnel, you can also check out my 5-Day Challenge Swipe File and my Webinar Guide! These workbooks + trainings will be great templates to help you design and run live challenges, and then set those up as a sales funnel to your product, course or service!

AND look forward to my FINAL step in How to Create a Passive Income Funnel, coming to you next week!



BLOG SERIES: Promote your FREE Gift with paid advertisements (part 4)


BLOG SERIES: Promote your FREE Gift with paid advertisements (part 4)

This month we’re talking about how to create passive income for your online business! Each week, I will explain one step in the process and offer you some support in making it happen!

In this step-by-step Blog Series, I will teach you the key to creating passive income stream(s), the step-by-step process I use to create a passive income funnel, and insights around how I make $6K per month with my passive income streams.

(In Part 1, I explained the importance of determining your ideal client and the main problem you will help them solve. In Part 2, we talked about designing a free gift for your ideal client. In Part 3, I shared some ways you can begin to promote your free gift, organically. If you haven’t yet read the first parts in this series, head back a few steps and start there!)

Now, keep in mind: promoting your freebie ORGANICALLY can be really powerful! The downside is that most of this promotion has to happen manually.

You can absolutely outsource this work, maybe to your VA or an agency service. But at the end of the day, if you want your business to truly run without you always having to touch it, I want to encourage you to move toward paid advertising.

I’m talking about Facebook ads!

Basically, you can pay Facebook to work for you: they will put your content in front of your ideal client.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Facebook ads are challenging to figure out, and they are *seemingly* expensive. (I know, because I thought that, first).

I know you don’t have money to waste on something that doesn’t work, especially if you’re at the beginning of your business venture.

And honestly, Facebook ads can be expensive, if you don’t understand your ideal client or their pain point (that’s why I encourage you to START WITH MY STEP ONE!).

As challenging as they are, I can say that Facebook ads have been one of the main things that has pushed me (and even my clients!) to understand my ideal client even better, because I have to know how to target them, how to talk to them (with written words AND images), how to attract them, and which taglines draw them in. 

It takes some research on your end, but that’s a good thing! This helps you better clarify WHO your ideal client is and WHAT entices them to your services.  

And at the end of the day, as challenging as Facebook ads may be, they are your best ally. 

And I’m going to show you what I mean by this. I’m going to show you how the power of Facebook ads can turn a simple $300 into $4,000. This happens over and over, with my own business as proof!

Let me break it down (and fare warning: this will literally blow your mind!).

I LOVE the power of online marketing and automation and how we have the opportunity to help people and make money while we’re spending more time with our families or out and about with our kids. This is an amazing opportunity, a beautiful blessing, for those of us with online businesses. 

So let me break this down for you. 

How is a Facebook ad going to turn $300 into $500, $1,000, or even $4,000?

Let’s start with some statistics.

When you first start running Facebook ads, you will typically spend about $1-5 per conversion.  

This means that for every person who joins your email list (through a funnel like the one you’re creating!), you will spend about $1-5 per email address. You might be thinking, “Woah, $1-5 per person?! That sounds like way too much for me right now.” Keep listening (I promise you, this math will blow your mind!)!

Let’s assume you’re spending $3 per conversion and you want to get 100 new people on your list (the *magic* number for email marketing!). 

$3/person x 100 = $300 on ads

(Side Note: obviously there is an upfront cost to running Facebook ads when you are in the testing phase, but you CAN budget for this start-up money, even if you need to ask me how!) 

Some more statistics: 

About 10-20 percent of people who sign up for your free gift will also buy your tripwire.

This means that after someone goes to your ad and gives you their email address, they will have the option to purchase one of your smaller products or services, something that costs $10-30. They can choose to purchase right then.. and 10-20 percent of people DO!

About 5-10 percent of people will buy your low cost offer. 

This means that as you’re sharing free value with this new person, via your email list and social media accounts, if you have a lower cost offer (around $100-500), 5-10 percent of people will make that purchase!

About 1-3 percent of people who sign up for your free gift will also buy your signature offer. 

This means that as you’re sharing free content with this new person, again via your email list and social media accounts, if you have a signature offer (like one-on-one coaching or an extensive online course, something that costs around $500-2000), 1-3 percent of these people will make that purchase, too!

So. Maybe after all these statistics, you’re not convinced. “Only one person will buy my signature program after I spend $300 on ads?! No way.”

Here’s where the CRAZY FUN math comes in!

Let’s start with your worst case scenario. We’ll assume the lowest conversion rates and the lowest prices for your services. 

This is the WORST that can happen when you’re investing in Facebook ads... 

You spend $500 to get 100 new people on your email list. Of those 100 people:

  • 10 people buy your $10 tripwire (you make $100)

  • 5 people buy your $100 low cost offer (you make $500)

  • 1 person buys your $500 signature offer (you make $500)

  • YOU MAKE A TOTAL OF…$1,100!

Would you spend $500 on ads to make $1,100 from new people who will buy your services? 

Of course you would! That’s a better return than with a mutual fund! You’re more than doubling your investment, with Facebook ads. 

And remember, this is your worst case scenario... 

Now let’s be more realistic. We’ll assume the exact average for everything. 

You spend $300 to get 100 new people on your email list. Of those 100 people:

  • 15 people buy your $20 tripwire (you make $300)

  • 7 people buy your $250 low cost offer (you make $1,750)

  • 2 people buy your $1,000 signature offer (you make $2,000)

  • YOU MAKE A TOTAL OF…$4,050!

Would you spend $300 on ads to make $4,050 from new people who buy your services?

Yes! Of course. Every single time. 

And that’s the beauty of automation and Facebook ads. 

Now, remember the foundation to functioning Facebook ads has to be that you understand your ideal client (check out Part 1 for more about that!). 

This funnel doesn’t work like magic if you don’t have a solid foundation: you have to know your ideal client and have services she will purchase to solve her problem. 

But when you have the foundation, this system works!

Now, what are some simple ways you can get started with Facebook ads? 

  1. Make a free opt-in that speaks to ONE of your ideal client’s pain points.

  2. Make a $10-30 tripwire offer that directly relates to that same pain point.

  3. Create a Facebook ad, landing page, and thank you page to automate this whole process!

(Remember, if this sounds overwhelming, you can OUTSOURCE some of the work to an agency service!)

And what’s my BEST TIP for success with Facebook ads? 

If you want your tripwire to work effectively, make sure your free opt-in and low cost tripwire directly relate to each other. 

For example, I have a free opt-in for entrepreneurs (Fitness Business Checklist), plus a low cost tripwire (Mastering Facebook Ads Workbook + Video Training). Within the Fitness Business Checklist, I talk about the importance of mastering Facebook ads, so the tripwire works perfectly with this and for my ideal client. (Facebook ads is also one of the modules inside my Fitness Business Academy, so both offers relate directly to my low cost and signature offers!)

Do need help brainstorming some ideas? Reach out to my team! We would LOVE to help you get moving in the right direction!



Blog Series: How to Create a Passive Income Funnel (Part 3)


Blog Series: How to Create a Passive Income Funnel (Part 3)

This month we’re talking about how to create passive income for your online business! Each week, I will explain one step in the process and offer you some support in making it happen!

In this step-by-step Blog Series, I will teach you the key to creating passive income stream(s), the step-by-step process I use to create a passive income funnel, and insights around how I make $6K per month with my passive income streams.

(In Part 1, I explained the importance of determining your ideal client and the main problem you will help them solve. In Part 2, we talked about designing a free gift for your ideal client. If you haven’t yet read the first parts in this series, head back a few steps and start there!)

Now that you’ve designed a FREE GIFT to solve *only one* of your ideal client’s problems, you can begin to promote it across social media!

But let’s back up for a minute: why are we making and marketing a FREE GIFT to our clients?

This is the first part of your passive income sales funnel! Your ideal client will sign up for your free product by giving you her email address. And once you have her email address, you have the opportunity to offer her even greater value, AND you can send it straight to her inbox! 

As you offer more and more value, email after email, potential clients will turn into paying clients. They will choose to work with you further, through paid programs (like the ones we’re creating through your passive income funnel!), because they know how valuable your (free) services have already been for them!

Now, this blog series primarily focuses on passive income, but I also want to take some time (especially for those of you who are still at the beginning of building your business!) to talk about how to promote your materials organically. 

(NOTE: If you want this funnel to be completely passive, you can skip this step! Organically promoting your free gift is optional, but I recommend taking this step, especially if you’re newer in your online world.)

What does it mean to promote organically? 

Basically it means (1) you’re not paying to promote, but (2) you or a team member actually have to hop on social media and post about your offer. You can schedule these posts, of course, but you’re still putting in some effort to write and plan promotions.

Where can you organically promote your opt-in?

#1: Facebook

Start with posting in your own Facebook groups and offering LIVE videos on your Facebook page. (You can also post directly to your Facebook page, but remember that Facebook doesn’t favor those posts in their algorithm.) Then, remember to hop into groups where your ideal client hangs out, and actively post there, too!

#2: Instagram

You can also promote on Instagram using simple posts and the Stories feature (especially if you have the *new* feature that allows viewers to “swipe up” and learn more!). Remind viewers to check out the links to your free offer (you can post these in your bio!). 

#3: Networking+Guest Posts

After regular social media posts, consider guest blogging for a site where your ideal client hangs out OR being a guest presenter inside another Facebook group OR being a guest on a podcast. Think outside the box here, and use your connections!

If you need help finding and making connections in the online space, join a couple different Facebook groups (focusing on places where your ideal client might hang out!)! Female Fitness Entrepreneurs is my FREE group where you can share about your biz (and even your opt-ins!), learn from other entrepreneurs in the same boat, ask questions, share wins… Join us here, before we head into the next step in the series, coming at you next week!



Blog Series: How to Create a Passive Income Funnel (Part 2)


Blog Series: How to Create a Passive Income Funnel (Part 2)

This month we’re talking about how to create passive income for your online business! Each week, I will explain one step in the process and offer you some support in making it happen!

In this step-by-step Blog Series, I will teach you the key to creating passive income stream(s), the step-by-step process I use to create a passive income funnel, and insights around how I make $6K per month with my passive income streams.

Last week, I explained the importance of determining your ideal client and the main problem you will help them solve. (If you haven’t yet read Part 1 in the series, head back a step and start there!)

Now that you understand WHO you want to work with and WHY,  it’s time to start offering some services!

Step Two to Creating a Passive Income: Design a FREE GIFT for Your Ideal Client!

This is also called an opt-in, a freemium, or a freebie. 

Offering potential clients a free gift is a great way to start building a relationship with them! This part in the process is kind of like when you meet someone for the first time, you feel that CLICK where you both want to get to know the other better, so you ask for their phone number (in this case, an email address)! It’s that connection that says, “We’re more than just acquaintances now!” 

Imagine your ideal client and her problem. Design your free gift for this person! 

(In subsequent steps, we’ll talk about how you will offer this free gift, in exchange for her email address. But for now, focus on MAKING this special freemium!)  

Plan to create a free gift that addresses your ideal client’s pain point (her main problem, the one you identified in step one!). This free gift will either increase pleasure in her life OR take away pain. 

Here’s an example:

One of the opt-ins I’ve created for my running clients is a FREE Running+Nutrition Guide (check out the link to see the content and design that entices MY target audience). 

I offer potential clients five days of workouts, strength training, and nutrition tips, because I know that my clients generally struggle with creating structure and time management necessary to maintain a running+nutrition plan. Because my clients don’t feel like they have adequate time to figure out their own plans, I offer them one that’s ready to help them.

Do you see how my freemium relates directly to my ideal client and her pain point? My freemium will take away some unnecessary stress in her life!

Does this sound simple?! 

Actually, this the hardest step in designing a passive income funnel!

You’ll have to put some huge effort into this step in the process, because you’re creating something valuable to share with someone who you want to purchase from you.

Woah. That’s a lot.

If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed here, hang on! I’ve got good news:

You can OUTSOURCE some of the work!

(This is what I do, too!)

I am a runner and a business owner...meaning I’m not a designer and I don’t always know how to make my material look aesthetically pleasing to my run clients. This is why I have an amazing design team to do this work for me!

Once you have your idea(s) for a free gift to offer your potential clients, my team can help you with everything from copywriting to design work! Check out the Agency Services we offer, fill out the form, and let us help you get this funnel moving!


Post-Workout Routine (to avoid sore muscles!)


Post-Workout Routine (to avoid sore muscles!)

Hey runners!

Today I am writing about some super important habits you can begin to incorporate into your running routine, to rid yourself of SORE MUSCLES that seem to pop up this time of year!

Most of you are in the midst of marathon training (so exciting!). And for a lot of you, that means you’re moving into a more challenging phase of your running routines, adding more intensity to your workouts, dropping time, running races...and your legs are feeling dead!

Sound familiar?!

The following is the Post-Workout Routine I use (and the one I encourage my athletes in Faster Runner Academy to use), to make sure that I’m maximizing recovery and ridding my muscles of all the lactic acid building up so that for the next run, I am fully prepared to perform at maximum potential and continue to improve as a runner!

#1: HYDRATE (not just with water!)

When you come back from a run, the very first thing you should do is HYDRATE. And I don’t just mean with water! Drinking water is important, but remember that when you’re running, you lose a lot of water through sweat, especially in the heat of summer. Sweating means you’ll also lose a lot of salt and sugar content. 

So, it’s really important to make sure you’re refueling with more than just water. 

Other run coaches might encourage you to drink an electrolyte-packed drink like Gatorade; and yes, these are great when they’re necessary. BUT. 

I encourage my runners to begin their post-workout recovery by adding some simple sugars with FRUITS AND VEGETABLES!

The more whole food nutrition you can use within your Run Training Plan, the better!

I drink lots of water, and then I eat things like watermelon, oranges, or bananas pretty soon after my workout, to make sure I’m properly hydrating my muscles so they can flush out the lactic acid build-up and avoid the soreness that might make otherwise make me wobbly when I walk. 


I encourage my runners to have at least a basic, post-run nutrition strategy. There are two windows of post-workout recovery that you want to focus on; the first is immediately after your run. I strongly encourage my runners to get in a little snack (100-200 calories) within the first 30 minutes of their run. 

Check out this blog for more specific information about What to Eat After a Workout!

And if you want more detailed information for what to eat, when, and how, I encourage you to check out my Carb Cycling for Runners Cookbook. This is an amazing resource that helps my runners know exactly what they should be eating during which times of the day.

Remember, getting faster isn’t just about running. Nutrition is sometimes even more important than other parts of your training plan, because that’s what gives you more energy and helps you get stronger and leaner so you can actually run faster. The foods you eat are what properly fuels your muscles, before and after a workout. 


After I hydrate and eat to refuel, I focus (and I train my runners to focus) on maintenance exercises, meaning exercises that help aid recovery and prevent injury. 

Often when we’re ramping up mileage, we get little aches and pains throughout the body. So I encourage my runners to do some kind of Post-Workout Maintenance Routine. We focus on strengthening the hips and lower legs, to basically focus care and concern on some key areas of the body, at least a few times per week. 


Then, we focus on a basic Dynamic Stretching Routine, something that includes things like leg swings, high or low skips, high knees, kick-butts, front lunges, diagonal lunges, etc. 

Dynamic stretching includes movements that allow the lactic acid build-up to out of the muscles, which aids in muscle recovery. 

It’s really important to do these stretches about 20-30 minutes post-run! And this whole routine (including the next step!) should take you about 10-15 minutes total. 

Also, it’s important that you focus this stretching routine on your major muscle groups, like the quads, hamstrings, calves, and hips. You can also focus on anything that’s nagging or that felt sore during your run. 


After you spend some time with Dynamic Stretching Exercises, then you can foam roll the same muscle groups. 

Pay attention to the color-coded softness to hardness scales for foam rollers (most companies advertise white, then blue or gray, then black, on a scale of softest to hardest). If you’re starting for the first time, I recommend starting with the softest roller! 

Regardless, foam rolling feels so painful in the moment...but it is SO GOOD for your muscles post-run! But again, make sure you’re focusing on those same muscle groups: the quads, hamstrings, calves, and hips.

(NOTE: I don’t encourage you to start foam rolling out of nowhere, without some help! There’s actually a certain way you should foam roll to maximize recovery and make sure you don’t hurt yourself or even bruise the muscle. Within my Faster Runner Academy, I actually have a full video that shows my runners exactly how to foam roll correctly!)


The next step, after maintenance exercises, dynamic stretching, and foam rolling, is to take an ice bath!

Again, this one probably isn’t enjoyable for you in the moment...but your legs will thank you later! This is HUGE in aiding muscle recovery. 

HERE’S WHAT TO DO: Fill your tub with cold water, add some ice, and wait a few minutes, until the water reaches about 55-60 degrees F (basically, the ice cubes will start to melt a bit). Grab a towel (and maybe a snack from steps one and two!), and soak in the tub for about 10-15 minutes.

(You can also simulate a similar sensation using ice-cold towels wrapped around your legs, but this effect won’t be as great.)

The first three minutes are definitely the hardest! But after that, it becomes more enjoyable! 

Some things you might focus on during the first few minutes include: the big goals you’re working toward (why are you doing this anyway?!), some things you’re grateful for, what you accomplished on today’s run, or maybe a race visualization, if you’re getting close to that point. Or, you might read a book or a magazine. Just do something that can help you stay in the tub!

After three minutes, remember to relax your legs and maybe stir up the water a bit, to maintain the temperature of the water (you want your legs to get the best effects of this soak!).


After you’ve dried from the ice bath, simply rub a muscle recovery lotion over your muscles.

I prefer Deep Blue Rub from doTERRA, which you can purchase here!


Within two hours after your run, plan to eat a really good, healthy meal. Think: whole food nutrition! 

Again, check out this blog for more specific information about What to Eat After A Workout. Or you can check out my Carb Cycling for Runners Cookbook, for complete recipes and meal plans for runners!


Something I have really loved lately is getting a periodic massage to enhance the recovery of my muscles during training season! 

Personally, I see a massage therapist twice per month to really flush out my legs, and it helps so, so much for muscle recovery! Of course, if you have the resources to get a massage more frequently, I say GO FOR IT! GOOD FOR YOU! And if you don’t have the resources to pay for a professional massage, maybe ask your spouse to help!


Warm baths (or even warm showers) are also really good for muscle recovery in between runs (obviously after the ice bath!). Again, you can try the same thing with warm towels, but the effect won’t be as great (or enjoyable, really). 


Your body does most of its recovery while you’re resting. That’s why I encourage my runners to practice intermittent fasting (which, of course, happens while you sleep!), because it allows your body to fully dive into muscle repair!

The body is constantly focusing on one of two things: either digesting food OR repairing cells. 

When you take time to rest, when you’re not eating, you’re in a fasting state that allows your body to focus on repairing its muscles. 

Try to sleep at least eight hours per night. I encourage my athletes to aim for 8-9 hours per night, to maximize their muscle recovery. 

Woah. That’s a lot. Do you have questions for me? Do you practice other forms of post-workout muscle recovery? Tell me below!

And if at the end of all this you really feel like you need someone to guide you through these steps, I encourage you to check out my Faster Runner Academy! I have a great community of female athletes training for 5K’s, half, and full marathons! We would LOVE for you to join us! And I would LOVE to come alongside you, to write a specific plan to keep you going AND to coach you along the way!

If you have questions about these tips or working with me, reach out to my team! We would love to hear from you! Let me know how I can support your running, in any way possible!

Talk to you soon, friends!


Coach Jasmin



Blog Series: How to Create a Passive Income (Part 1)

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Blog Series: How to Create a Passive Income (Part 1)

Hey friend! How are you? Thanks for joining me here!

I'm excited to share the start of a new BLOG SERIES: 5 Steps to Create a Passive Income for Your Online Business!

Over the next month, I will walk you through my series of 5 Steps to Create Passive Income for your online business! Each week, I will explain one step in the process and offer you some support in making it happen!

Follow along (and subscribe to updates!) if you want to create:

  • A business that brings in consistent 4- and 5-figure cash flow each month!
  • An automated system that helps you spend less time on social media!

  • Less money stress and more time to do the things you love!

Let’s get started!

In this 5 Step Blog Series, I will teach you the key to creating passive income stream(s), the step-by-step process I use to create a passive income funnel, and insights around how I make $6K per month with my passive income streams. 

First, let’s be crystal clear: there are so many different ways to make passive income, especially online! But in this series, I will focus on the few I’ve seen work best for me and my clients: 

Online Courses :: Ebooks :: Affiliates :: Agency Services

What makes me qualified to teach you the steps to success in earning a passive income?!

When I finally created a program that CLICKED with my people (meaning, a program that has helped my girls get started on the right foot!), I realized that I already had great material! And I didn’t have to continue doing the same amount of work, over and over! I could turn my program into an online course. 

So I’m offering YOU the exact steps I’ve walked throughout the previous two years in business, the same steps I’ve taught my clients inside Fitness Business Academy

Step One to Creating Passive Income: Understand, WHO IS YOUR IDEAL CLIENT?

When I was starting my business as a Run Coach, I really struggled to get clients. And now, as I train other female fitness entrepreneurs online, I see this happen to them, too. Often, we come into the online space thinking, “I’m here to make money!” That’s true....but that’s not what being an entrepreneur is really about (and it’s not really why YOU’RE diving into this industry, either!). 

Being an entrepreneur is about being an innovator, an idealist, a creative: someone who sees a problem in the world AND a way to solve that problem. 

So, if you’re starting a business, you need to know two things: your ideal client (who you want to serve) and what problem they’re struggling with. This is the FOUNDATION of your business!

When I started run coaching for the first time, I wanted anyone and everyone to work with me. But pretty quickly I realized that this was not ideal for me, or for them! After working with a business coach, I brought on 10 new clients...BUT these were a variety of clients with many different problems to solve. To meet the needs of everyone, I had to stretch myself way too thin, plus my skill set was not really one that could best serve my new clients.

I did some work around WHO I wanted to work with and WHY. I determined my ideal client and their pain point. And that’s when things started to happen for me!

Who is YOUR ideal client? 

Think about your business right now. Do you have an avatar picture of who you want to work with? Do you understand your strengths and how you can use your best skills to solve your clients’ problems?

If you’re struggling to determine your ideal client and the problems you specifically hope to solve, I encourage you to check out my IDEAL CLIENT IDENTIFIER WORKBOOK. This workbook will help you identify your dream client and how you can start serving them specifically, to start earning money more easily.

Regardless, you need to have this foundation clear in your mind, so you can move forward in creating programs for your people via passive income streams. 

So tell me, who is your ideal client? And which of their problems are you working to solve?

And if you need help determining your ideal client, reach out to my team! We would love to help you clarify your ideal client! We’re here for you, rooting for you, and ready to teach you the next steps to making a passive income for your online business! 


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How to STOP Comparing Yourself to Others


How to STOP Comparing Yourself to Others

Lately, I’ve been noticing a trend in women comparing themselves to each other. Have you seen it, too? A couple of my clients and some women in the online space have explained how little they feel in relation to other, bigger businesses.

So today, I'm writing to encourage you!

I don’t know whether you’ve ever found yourself in the midst of comparing yourself to another person, but maybe you can relate to this:

You’re scrolling through your newsfeed and you see another family having a super awesome weekend; and you feel jealous. Or, you see another online business owner who is *maybe* doing better than you; maybe they’ve had a more successful month; and you feel less than. Or, you find an online program similar to yours and you think, “Oh, this program looks way better than mine.”

We've all fallen into the Comparison Trap, but women especially struggle.

I work with A LOT of women, and I see so many who get stuck in comparing themselves to others. What can you do when you’re stuck there? What can you do when you feel less than because you see other people who are “more successful” than you (because their life or business looks better, or because they seem to eat healthier, or because they have more patience with their kids)?

I have FOUR BASIC TIPS that I teach my clients, FOUR PRACTICAL WAYS you can work through Comparison Syndrome (‘cause I know it’s real!) and STOP comparing yourself to others.

TIP #1: Re-access the way you’re spending time online.

I think we’ve all found ourselves caught in the social media trap, when we know we’re spending time on Facebook when we shouldn’t be. You scroll through your newsfeed and decide that only other people are rocking life (when in reality, remember, you’re only seeing the highlights of someone else’s life).

That’s when I want you to check, RIGHT THERE: What was my intention in getting on social media in the first place?

Was I supposed to be working? Was I hopping on to post a quick picture or valuable content? Was I checking on clients?

What was my original intention for hopping on my newsfeed, and why am I on it now? Am I bored? Am I just wasting time? Why? And, are there other ways I can be spending my time v. scrolling through my newsfeed?

Eighty percent of your time should be in Creation Mode.

You should be doing market research, interacting with your team, brainstorming program ideas, and writing content. Most of your work time should be consumed with figuring out HOW and in WHAT ways to grow your business effectively, plus creating content that brings value to your people.

The other 20 percent of your time should be spent interacting with potential clients, booking discovery calls, and on regular client calls.

When you take all of your work time doing these two things, you literally don’t have more time to scroll through Facebook and worry about what everyone else is doing!

You should be so engrossed in your own business endeavors that you don’t have time to worry about other people.

TIP #2: Compare yourself TO yourself (not to other people).

So many people in the online space (so many of my work colleagues!) are in a similar industry as me. And often, they do certain things better than I do.

But that doesn’t mean my business is bad!

If you’re following similar entrepreneurs on social media, you’ll probably notice that they have different talents AND different experience.

You have to remember that you can’t compare your Month One to someone else’s Month Five (or Year Five).

And don’t think that just because you have an area of your business you haven’t mastered yet, or because you’re still working hard toward a certain goal, that there’s anything wrong with you!

maybe God is bringing you through this certain trial to grow you in a new way. And you’re going to become a better, stronger person afterwards.

You don’t have to be the Master at everything. Look at where you’ve been and where you’re at now; and compare yourself only to yourself and see where you've made growth, or need to see growth.

TIP #3: Celebrate the women you feel competitive with, or maybe partner with them to create even better services together!

Sometimes the same people you feel competitive with can be your best business allies. Can you find ways to celebrate other women? Maybe clap for their WINS, encourage them, or even share one of their posts!

Can you consider that your comparison stems from jealousy, because you actually like what they’re saying and how they’re saying it?

Anytime I feel myself getting frustrated or jealous of another woman, I make a point to celebrate or clap for her. If I really like her content, I share it on my social media platforms. If I think one of my clients will benefit from her services, I refer my client to her. If I think we can offer even better content together, I bring her on as a guest expert in one of my programs.

We all have our Zone of Genius. And that’s why, when I run programs for my clients, I invite them to meet some of my colleagues, some of my competitors (most of whom are my friends!). I bring my work colleagues onto my group calls to share content, because I realize that I don’t know everything, I’m not amazing at everything (see TIP#3). But I want to connect my clients with people who are better than me in certain areas, so my clients can get the full value they deserve. And honestly, sometimes my clients even go on to work with some of my colleagues! But when that happens, I’m confident that’s in their best interest, and that’s okay.

There are millions and millions of people on this planet who can receive tons and tons of value from your services, PLUS other peoples’ services. There’s plenty to go around the whole wide world!

TIP #4: Join a high level mastermind program!

Anytime I’m feeling discouraged or frustrated, anytime I’m feeling unsure of my program deliverables or my market research, I go inside MY mastermind group, and I say, “Hey, I’m feeling this way about this,” or “I need to pick your brains about this thing.” And the girls in my mastermind group and my coach are able to come alongside me, to support and encourage me. And it’s been such a huge help!

You need to get around a group of women who will support you, encourage you, lift you up, and help you, especially when you’re feeling jealous, underqualified, or lacking confidence.

I offer a FREE mastermind group called Female Fitness Entrepreneurs, a supportive community of women on Facebook, where you can ask questions, look for and offer support, and meet some of your best business allies in the online space!

And if you’re looking for something with more information, plus greater support from a coach, I offer Fitness Business Academy (for new entrepreneurs) and Uplevel (for more experienced entrepreneurs, ready to grow!)!

It’s really sad to me that 9 out of 10 online businesses fail within the first year. And I know one of the biggest reasons that they fail is: MINDSET.

People get crippled by things that consume space in their minds (cue the social media trap!). And truly, if they just had a coach and a community to come alongside them and say,

“Hey girl, YOU are fine! YOU are rocking it! Let me give you some strategies to move forward. I’ll come alongside you to encourage you. Let’s brainstorm how to get out of this mindset funk.”

THAT’S when they’re able to push through and see success with their programs.

If you’re looking for support from other women, download my FREE Secrets to Business Success, and check out my FREE group, Female Fitness Entrepreneurs! Join the group, and tell us how we can support you, starting today!

And if you’re a Level I entrepreneur who needs greater support, definitely check out my Fitness Business Academy program; and if you’re a Level II entrepreneur, check out my Uplevel program!

And one more thing...

I know that this is a journey, but THROUGH this journey I believe you will really grow you as an entrepreneur.

Yes, are the most amazing parts of being an entrepreneur moreso the facts that you can pick your own hours, set your own prices, chase your goals, have the freedom to structure your business to make the profits that you want? Yes, absolutely!

BUT one of the biggest wins of being an entrepreneur, and one that a lot of people don’t realize, is the GROWTH that happens through the JOURNEY.

I’ve learned so much through having to work hard to grow my business, sometimes having to struggle through NOT hitting every single goal or brainstorming how to make my programs more effective. And that wouldn’t have happened if the process didn’t take TIME and STRUGGLE to work through.

I’m here for you, friend! Just hop into my community of women, and tell me where you need support on your journey!