The #1 Thing You Need to Rock Your Facebook Live Stream


The #1 Thing You Need to Rock Your Facebook Live Stream

In my past three years in online business, Facebook live stream is where I’ve generated 95 percent of my customer and client base. It’s how I’ve created multiple six-figure income streams plus a network marketing team of nearly 1600 people (in just six months!).  

And I want to teach you how to use Facebook live MORE EFFECTIVELY for your own biz!

Here’s the problem:

Many of you who already use Facebook live stream with your biz are frustrated that no one is showing up live, no one is commenting, and no one is buying.

And I get it - that stinks. It feels pointless.

Here’s the ONE THING you need to implement right now in your Facebook live streams (so your content starts reaching the right people!):

his ONE THING keeps my people showing up live (and brings customers right to me!):


What does that look like?

Let’s start with some facts: Your viewers will choose to continue watching (or not) within the first few seconds of starting your Facebook video. That means within the first 10 seconds of your live, you need to bring energy and authority into the space.

Let me show you how to do this in 3 Simple Steps:



How many of you have been on a live stream that begins superrrrrr slowly, like, “Hey, how are you guys?! We’re going to wait a few minutes for people to hop on, so…”

Nobody likes that. (Admit it, you don’t either.)

Think about some ways you can bring energy to your Facebook live streams from the very beginning:

“Hey!! I’m so glad you’re here and ready to better yourself and your biz. Just so you know, I usually go live here on Wednesdays at 3pm, so click that ‘follow’ button above this video to receive a notification next week!”

“If you’re watching the replay, type REPLAY in the comments, and I’ll make sure to come back and say hello!”

TIP: Most people who watch your Facebook video will catch the replay after it happens, meaning they’ll see those first rambling seconds

TIP: Your goal should be to get comments at the beginning of your Facebook live video, because that will boost your video in the newsfeed.



People can sense whether you’re confident in what you’re saying. People can sense your comfort or discomfort on video.

How can you feel more confident on Facebook lives?

Start by talking about things you’re really passionate about or things you really understand (things you could talk about for dayssss).

ACTION: Make a list of talking topics, business- or life-related.

You can talk about meal planning and healthy eating, offer a strength training routine, share your gardening expertise, talk about online marketing, etc. Just choose something you understand really well AND enjoy.  



You know it’s important to have a Call-To-Action at the end of your Facebook live stream. But so many people are afraid to ‘pitch!’ We don’t want to feel sales-y or slimy or spammy.

But here’s the thing: You should have so much assurance in your offerings that it actually makes sense for your viewers to take the next step.

If someone has taken five minutes of their busy day to watch your Facebook live stream, they obviously Know-Like-Trust you enough that they’re ready to take their next steps with you. Seriously.

TIP: Your CTA doesn’t have to be for a paid course or a special offering.

You can simply ask people to share your Facebook video with a friend who will resonate. You might say, “Tag someone below who will love this as much as you do!” or “Share this out to your people if you resonate!” or “Sign up for my weekly newsletter by first getting my FREE ebook.”


If you’re ready to effectively leverage live stream video, these three things really matter.

Facebook live stream is THE BEST THING for your business right now, because it’s a simplified, streamlined model you can use over and over again to gain that Know-Like-Trust factor with your Ideal Clients.

If you want to continue receiving this kind of value from me (and more like it!), you have to check out my BRAND NEW course, Livestream Academy.

This is my step-by-step process for how I get clients and customers to show up and engage with my Facebook lives! This is a specific, tried and true formula you can start implementing asap to get warm and cold traffic watching and engaging with your content.


Always rooting for you,


Jasmin Niemiec

P.S. If you want even more tips for how implement more successful Facebook live stream strategy, check out my new program, Livestream Academy.


Top 3 Reasons You’re Not Making Money in Your Network Marketing Company


Top 3 Reasons You’re Not Making Money in Your Network Marketing Company

Why don’t most people in network marketing see a return when they start their business?

Maybe you’re just starting out (or maybe you’ve been in business for awhile!), and you’re seeing ZERO RETURN for all your hard work. What’s that about?

Here are three things to look out for when you begin a network marketing partnership:

(This might help you evaluate your current mlm partnership or make a decision about a future network marketing opportunity.)


Simple Secrets to Crush Your Facebook Live Stream

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Simple Secrets to Crush Your Facebook Live Stream

I have two secrets that help me know what to talk about on Facebook Live every week.

And I go live on Facebook about 2-5 times per week.

Many of my clients + team members ask me how they can do the same: How can you have something to talk about every single day?!

Ninety-five percent of my clients come from Facebook live stream.

Live video is an incredible opportunity for you to become a Client Breeding Machine! That’s the fastest way to grow the Know-Like-Trust factor with your followers (and soon-to-be customers).

The first step is hopping on Facebook live!

But then, how do you speak to your audience in a way that builds trust and encourages them to partner with you? And how do you find Facebook Live Topics every single day?

Here are my 2 Simple Secrets to Daily Facebook Live Topics:

#1. Before you create content for your Ideal Client or Customer, listen to her!

This is also called Market Research. You have to listen to your clients to really know how to help them.

How does this happen?


On my social media accounts, I ask my followers what they want me to talk more about! And each comment offers me at least one Facebook Live topic.

You can also interview a previous client or someone you’d like to work with. (Then use their words in the content you create, including the Facebook Live title!)

#2. Know your purpose.

You know this already, but: You can’t begin a successful business ONLY because you wish to make money.

Business is not all about bringing in revenue. It’s about helping people. It’s about increasing their pleasure and/or decreasing their pain.

What interests and talents do you have that you can talk about on Facebook Live?

Are you super organized? Are you good at meal planning or planning events? Do you know a lot about making sales? Do you have a special parenting tip?

What are things you do everyday that you don’t even think about?

You’d be surprised how useful this knowledge can be for someone else.  

What’s your Zone of Genius?

(And if you don’t know, think about these questions: What do people ask you about? What knowledge do you have that might help someone else? Start there.)


These are my two simple secrets to having Facebook Live topics every day of the week.

Do you have other tips and tricks? Share them here! And let me know how these shifts increase your engagement + sales!


Jasmin Niemiec

P.S. If you want even more tips for how implement more successful Facebook live stream strategy, check out my new program, Livestream Academy!

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Secret to Expanding your Influence + Income


Secret to Expanding your Influence + Income

Most of my readers are fellow network marketers, business coaches, or consultants. And you know the name of the game is Growing. Your. Network.

Lots of people following means lots of people purchasing your product or service.

And I'm NOT talking about marketing strategy today. If you don’t have *these 3 things* in place, it doesn’t matter what kind of marketing strategy you follow. You can’t expand your network without these things FIRST.

I work with a lot of people who are starting a new business for the first time ever. And they say, “Jasmin, the reason YOUR network marketing company has exploded is because you have a big network. How do I expand my own network?”

Growing your network takes time and consistency.

You have to be implementing these strategies every. single. day.

So let’s get started.

These are the 3 things you need to expand your influence:



#1. You need to know who you’re speaking with.

“You cannot be all things to all people. You are not a peanut butter jar.”

(Can I get an AMEN?!)

My unique niche started as mama runners. I started my business by teaching moms how to run postpartum. Now, my niche is completely different!  

You have unique skills. You offer specific programs. That means you only need to speak to your ideal client, the one type of person who you can serve.

When you try to speak to everyone, you actually speak to no one.

You need to POLARIZE.

When you hop on live video, people will either love what you say.. or not like it at all. But the ones who love your content will become long-time followers!

So tell me, WHO are you speaking to?


#2. You need to know what problem you’re trying to solve.

When you find your niche, you’ll start to realize that your ideal client has one core issue, a problem they want to solve.

What keeps your ideal client awake at night?

What’s the one thing stalling her success?

What might make her a happier human?

For example, now I work with entrepreneurs, usually young mothers who are not yet seeing success with their businesses. And generally they have one of two problems: (1) they’re consistent on social media, but they don’t yet have the business know-how to get clients; and (2) they’re not passionate about their business, and they just need their “thing.”

That’s why (1) I created an online business course for women, and (2) I partnered with a network marketing company that gives women the tools they need to succeed.

Now, let’s talk about you.

Tell me, why do you do what you do? What makes your product or service unique? How does it solve your ideal client’s problem?

And if you don’t know yet, have you taken the time to interview your ideal client? Have you done some market research (recently)?


#3. Now, show up with value.

You know your ideal client. You know the problem they want to solve. Now you need to serve your people.

If you only show up online to ask your followers to buy something from you, your likes and comments will start to dwindle.

Instead you need to build relationships with your people.

(And P.S. I’ve found that the shorter the post on social media, the better!)

So tell me, do you show up daily to give value to your people?


Now you know *the 3 things* that will help you build your network, expand your influence, and grow your income!

Tell me below which action you’re taking today.




P.S. Sign up for this free training to learn even more tips for how to expand your influence + income with a residual income stream!


3 Secrets to Building Your Online Empire


3 Secrets to Building Your Online Empire

This is for YOU if you’re ready to build an online business. This is for YOU if you’re ready to ramp up your network marketing biz!

Here’s the thing:

I’ve built a downline of 1400 people in six months within my network marketing company - without cold messaging, spammy social media posts, or even mentioning the company’s name.

Today I’m sharing my secrets with YOU!

There are three things that have fueled my success in network marketing:  


#1. Attraction Marketing.

This is as simple as it sounds. You market in a way that attracts people to you!


First, I don’t say my company’s name online.

Instead, I lead with my personal brand and valuable content for my followers. I show up on live video with all the goofy filters and emojis I love, and then my viewers either decide they like what they see or not - they’re attracted to me or repelled by what I offer. (And, super hint: That’s the point!)

Attraction marketing is about building the know-like-trust factor with the right people.

Plus, since I don’t say the company’s name publicly, the people who are curious and really interested in luxury hair care actually COME TO ME to ask!

Second, I hop on live video and stories.

Your people follow along, because they want a glimpse into your life. They want to get to know you (again, that’s how you gain the know-like-trust factor).

This is where online business is trending: real, genuine, authentic relationships.


#2. Service Over Selling.

All businesses are sales-based (especially network marketing).

Really, everything is about selling.

Everything is about convincing other people to do/buy/believe/whatever.

But the core of selling is actually about serving.

You should be so in love with whatever you’re selling that you cannot help but tell people about it! And this has to come with some true belief in what you’re doing.

Let’s have a Gut-Check Moment right now: Do you truly believe in what you’re selling?

If not, you need to make some changes.

If you’ve created a course that isn’t quite serving your Ideal Client, maybe you need to edit some major parts or start over. If you’re offering a service that isn’t getting the results your clients want, maybe you need to change what you’re offering or how. If you’re selling a product you don’t care about, maybe you need to find something else or partner with a different company.


#3. Overcome Objections.

When I started this business, I could not sell a $25 coaching package. That’s because I was a People Pleaser! I was too prideful to “go there” in a conversation and close the deal.

Can you relate?

Have you ever been in conversation with a potential customer or client, and then when you start talking about price or commitment, they immediately come up with all kinds of excuses?

Even now, I face objections before every single sale!

Grant Cardone explains that every objection to the sale relates back to fear.

That means that your goal with these conversations is to BRING THE OBJECTION TO THE SURFACE.  

How does that work? Here are a few examples and how I might respond.

First, you need to get a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ during the conversation: “On a scale of one-to-five, how ready are you to sign up today?”

If they’re a five, you can say, “Perfect, can I help you sign up right now?” (NOTE: They might say, “Oh, well, maybe I’m more like a four,” you can say, “Okay, how can we bring you from four to five?”)

Often the response I hear is, “Well, I need to talk to my husband first.”

That’s when I say, “Okay, can I follow-up with you tomorrow, after you’ve talked with your husband?” OR (even better), “Can you and your husband hop on a call with me and my husband, so we can talk through this together?”

This is a place where not many people are willing to go. But I want to bring up every possible objection to the sale inside this conversation.

Another response I hear is, “I’ve tried network marketing and online business before, and it didn’t work for me.”

That’s when I ask, “Why do you think it didn’t work for you? Let’s figure this out together.”

I’m willing to “go there” and have the tough conversations, because I’m here to SERVE my people. This is part of that service.

Now friend, you know that knowledge is NOT power. ACTION is power.

Here are some practical steps you can take right now to enjoy success long-term:

  1. If you’re interested to learn more about how I implement Attraction Marketing, sign up for this free training.


  1. Comment on this thread with the action you will take TODAY to launch forward with your online empire.


Jasmin Niemiec


Master Sales in 3 Simple Steps


Master Sales in 3 Simple Steps

Most of us work in a job where we receive the same paycheck week after week. And most of us are still struggling to pay the bills and save for XYZ.

How can you change that?

You can introduce an income stream that allows you to increase or decrease the commissions you receive.

I’ve ramped up a network marketing business of nearly 1,500 people over the past six months. These are my secrets to selling.

And P.S. I’m teaching a model for sales that you can duplicate for most kinds of business (not just network marketing!).

This is my 3-Step Process to Selling All. The. Things.

(Full transparency: When I started in online business three years ago, I couldn’t even sell a $25 coaching package! Now I’m leading a Team of network marketers, and my sales alone bring in five figures per month for my family! That’s how I know this works.)

STEP #1. Commit. Really commit.

This is probably the hardest step.

Most of us have some kind of fear holding us back from truly committing:

What if this doesn’t work? What will people think? What if I fail?

Consider the most successful people in business. Most of these people do NOT have a background in business. Instead, they showed up day in and day out to pursue their goals, whatever they were! They committed.

Tell me this: Are you committed to what you’re doing now? Why? Or why not?

The successful women on my Team have a Daily Commitment Practice. This means that every single day, they write down their goals (pen to paper!) and then they TAKE ACTION.

The answer is daily commitment (and usually, uncomfortable action).  


STEP #2. Study and reflect.

Some people say that it takes about 10,000 hours of dedication to be a professional in your field.

That might seem too overwhelming at first. (And really, that’s a lot of hours doing one thing!)

But think about this:

What if you commit one hour per day to reading or listening to professional development in your field? How can you learn from those who’ve come before you?

First you have to commit to learning from the experts. Then you have to consider for yourself and your business: what worked and what didn’t? That’s how you’ll know what to do differently next time.


STEP #3. Here’s the Secret Sauce: Understand the Art of Prediction.

With daily commitment and study, you will be able to lead the conversation wherever it goes.

Even as a long-time business owner, every person I speak with has an objection to sales.

That means that every time YOU speak with a potential client or customer, they will have some kind of objection to the sale. That’s just part of the job.

The important part here is that you’re committed to learning how to lead the conversation.

Tell me: Are you generally in control of the conversation when you hop on a sales call? (Be honest.)

Here’s how you can get better:

ACTION STEP: Review your previous conversations with clients. Identify their objection and how you overcame that (or not). Copy and paste the conversations that worked really well into an easy-to-find place, and begin to practice those!

ACTION STEP: Write down the three most common objections you hear (it’s too expensive, I don’t have enough time, my husband doesn’t support the decision, etc.). Then write down your best response to those objections and practice these conversations with your partner or bff.


The goal here is to help you feel more comfortable in the discomfort of selling!

YOU CAN DO THIS. If you know your product or service is The Best Thing for your client or customer, this is how you can learn heartfelt sales.

Sales is service. Don’t be afraid to share about the product or service you truly believe in.


Tell me your Top Secret sales tips below! Or share how you’ll begin implementing one of these asap!




P.S. Hop over to my Facebook page and subscribe to Live video updates for weekly inspiration and business advice.






My #1 Hack To Get New Customers


My #1 Hack To Get New Customers

Do you want to learn the secret to generating your first 6-figures online?

During my previous three years in business, I have found this ONE incredibly effective way for women to make a Big Impact online - in a way that’s simple and seamless, that still allows us freedom and flexibility.

You’re busy wearing a lot of hats. You’re involved in your own family, your community, your church. You care about your family values and relationships. (Me too!)

I’m here to show you the way to grow an amazing online business that still allows you to be fully present in your home.

There was a time three years ago when I could not sell a $25 coaching package. I was a brand new mom, I had just quit my teaching job, and we had $70k in student loan debt - it was absolutely terrifying!

We had to figure out a way to ramp up our income quickly. We had to pay off our student loan debt and create financial stability to take care of our growing family.

That’s why I started my online business - but the first six months were really rough! I struggled to get customers and sell coaching packages (even $25 ones!).

I finally found the courage to hire a coach. I paid her a few thousand dollars to help me increase my online presence, up my marketing skills, and get customers online. She helped me implement the incredibly effective strategy that I continue to use now, the one that drives the majority of my sales.

Ninety-nine percent of my customers come through this ONE social media channel:


Now, I remember my first livestream, and it was terrible. This was when livestreams were done through Periscope (anyone else remember that?!), so I had all kinds of followers speaking different languages and saying things I didn’t understand!

It was terrifying, but I pressed “play” again and again. And as I learned from my failures on my very first livestreams, I started to pinpoint the formula that works best.

And as I implemented this formula, time and time again my livestream viewers converted into customers.

For my business specifically, this means multiple 6-figures of revenue comes from my livestream viewers who convert to consistent customers. That's how I get customers, again and again!

This is why I love this formula so much (and why I think it can work for you, too!): Right now our social media channels are pushing livestreams to the top of the newsfeed.

We’re talking about MORE visibility in LESS time.

When your viewers see you speak on live video, they see your energy, your passion, and your excitement. And that speaks to them more loudly than even your best written content.

Here’s the even better part: My Team has created a formula where we use my livestream content to create written content across platforms.

That means I can do one livestream and then create 1-2 blog posts, 1-2 email campaigns, and 3-5 social media posts. (Think about the time I’m saving!)

You’re a driven, motivated, ambitious mama and business owner, so I’ve got good news for you:

I can teach you this exact formula inside my new program, Livestream Academy!

I want you to experience ultimate impact with your online business. I want you to easily get new customers flocking to your brand. I want you to make an amazing income for your family. And I want you to have the freedom and flexibility you desire (because you deserve it).

I know you desire to reach more people to make a bigger difference. And I truly believe you can do that most effectively right now with livestream video.

I want to teach you HOW inside my 6-week mentorship program RIGHT NOW.

The amazing part is that we’re running this program LIVE so you can receive the best support. I will be helping you implement step-by-step strategies to feel more confident on your livestreams, to know what to say and how to pitch, to know how to draw people into watching your videos, and to create your own simplified system for content!

Livestream is an incredible way for you to reach more people and make a bigger impact (and make a greater income for your family).

Why does all of that matter to me?

Why does it matter to me that you have the know-how to generate greater income for your family? What does it matter to me that you can get new customers with ease? Why does empowering women in business matter to me? Why does your effectiveness in business matter to me?

Here’s the thing: I know you will most likely give 90 percent of your income back to things in the world that matter to you.

It’s been proven that women GIVE BACK most of their income to their churches and communities, worldwide. And what better way to make a difference in the world than to empower women like YOU to generate more income and more impact in the world!

I’m so excited for Livestream Academy to begin soon (program starts June 11, 2018).

Click here to see more details and to sign up.

See you inside,

Jasmin Niemiec


How to increase productivity [with guest Emily Arger]


How to increase productivity [with guest Emily Arger]

Today I’m excited to introduce one of my favorite clients, Emily Arger! (If you didn’t know this already, my first business love is coaching health and wellness professionals - and Emily is one of the greats!)

Emily is a pro with all things nutrition. She’s a Certified FASTer Way to Fat Loss Coach who’s helped women lose pounds with a simple nutrition-based lifestyle focused on Intermittent Fasting (IF). She runs 7-day, 10-day, and 3-week programs to help women safely and effectively implement IF into their daily lifestyles. (You can learn more about Emily right here!)

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Very simply, Intermittent Fasting is not a diet. Instead, it’s a change in your eating pattern.

The 16/8 fast (the one we’re talking about today) offers a great daily routine for mama entrepreneurs especially.

Watch, listen, or read as Emily offers 4 practical tips for how to implement Intermittent Fasting:



TIP #1. Choose your fasting window.

This timeframe has to be something that will work everyday (or at least most days). Generally I recommend the 16/8 window, meaning you’ll close the eating window around 7-8pm and fast until the following day around 11am-12pm.

Consider when you eat dinner. When you’re finished eating dinner, that’s when you’ll close the window and begin fasting. You’ll fast until bedtime (which should be easy if you’ve just eaten a big, healthy dinner!), through the night, and then until lunchtime the next day.

You’re only fasting for about eight waking hours. (It’s not as hard as you think!)


TIP #2. Do not combine IF with caloric restriction.

I’m passionate about thyroid and adrenal health (especially for new mamas!), which means I DON’T recommend restricting calories in combination with an IF eating pattern (remember this isn’t a “diet”).  

There’s right and wrong ways to do Intermittent Fasting.

Restricting your eating during your 8-hour window is the wrong way to get started. That could cause a lot of problems for your entire endocrine system, plus you might crash. Your body might not receive the macronutrients it needs to thrive.

NOTE: Yes, that requires some diligence from you! It can be helpful to work with a coach, because the methodology is specific. To begin, you can check out Emily’s FREE guide to Intermittent Fasting right here!


TIP #3. The best thing to do at the end of your fasting window is… Forget you fasted!

This is SO IMPORTANT, because you don’t want to “compensate” for the fasting hours or binge during the eating window (especially on junk).

Eat your first meal like an adult: You are calm and peaceful and confident. Eat a normal meal, and treat your body well as you enter these eight hours of nourishment.


TIP #4. Remain consistent (but remain flexible).  

Choose your 16/8 window and stick with it! Your body will adapt. The first few days might feel hard, but your body will adjust to this new schedule for eating.

BUT remain flexible. If you’re hunger during the fasting hours is unbearable, of course break your fast to eat something to nourish your body.

Consider, though, “What turned on that hunger signal?”

Did you simply drive past Starbucks mid-morning? Did you see your co-worker munching on chocolates? Did you smell something from the breakroom? Have you always had these “hunger cues” when you’re bored or upset? (Those are externals that SHOULD NOT break your fast in the future.)


Did you have a super hard workout the day before? Is your body experiencing stressors that require more consistent nutrients? Is your body feeling “real hunger”? (Those are your body’s cues to break fast and eat.)


Intermittent Fasting will help you become better aware of your body. And it might take some time to figure out.

If you want more details about Intermittent Fasting, check out Emily’s FREE Guide to IF!


BONUS Q+A with Emily

QUESTION 1: Do your kids intermittent fast?

No - right now my kiddos are ages four and six. Their bodies are growing, and they require pretty consistent caloric intake! They don’t need to limit their eating window at all.

QUESTION 2 - How do you feel about IF and Carb Cycling together?

Carb Cycling still allows you to get all your macronutrients during the eating window. In my Faster Way to Fat Loss program, we do both (there are so many benefits with each!) - so I say YES.

Remember that this doesn’t cut calories. When you’re eating fewer carbs, you’re eating more fats and proteins (so you’re NOT restricting calories).


ONE LAST TAKEAWAY: As a woman, I hope that we can stop thinking about ourselves as “fat” and actually consider that fat is simply fuel! That’s what IF allows us to tap into - “extra fat” isn’t bad, it’s simply fuel for our busy lives.

Thanks for joining us today, Emily! Find more information about IF and coaching with Emily right here!




P.S. Hop over to my Facebook page and subscribe to Live video updates for weekly inspiration and business advice.



5 Steps to Epic Facebook Lives


5 Steps to Epic Facebook Lives

Today I’m sharing my step-by-step Facebook Live Formula (the same one that’s helped me grow my customer base by the hundreds!).

This can either (1) help you up your Facebook Live game, or (2) gain the confidence you need to show up for your first one!

Let me say first: My first live video experience was terrible! (And that was back when Periscope was brand new.) That’s how I know this formula works: If you commit to showing up and doing what’s uncomfortable, growth will happen!

A few helpful tips:  

  1. Remind yourself that you need TIME to learn the formula - this won’t happen overnight.

  2. And then PRACTICE! Commit to going live on Facebook 2-3 times per week for 90 days - and track your progress! (I think you’ll see HUGE growth!)

Here’s my 5-Step Formula for Crafting EPIC Facebook Lives:


STEP #1. Write a good headline.

The goal of your live video is to get people to tune in live. How can you do that?

Grab their attention with a short headline.

Here are some ideas: Start with “How To…,” or “The Secrets to…,” or “My Best Tips for…,” or “My List of…”

BE specific (remember that you’re talking to ONE ideal client!).

DON’T give the answer away with the headline (give people reason to watch!).


STEP #2. Address your replay viewers.

Most of the people watching your videos will be catching the replay - and those people typically decide within the first 10 seconds whether they’ll continue watching or not.

As soon as you press “LIVE,” people are listening to your words. Think about how you can capture their interest.

Remember that your live viewers probably won’t see the first minute or two (they need some time to hop on), so you can speak directly to your replay viewers here. For example, you might remind them to subscribe to receive updates for when you go live - they have a quick minute to do that before you begin with content.

DON’T say, “Hey there, I’m just waiting for everyone to hop on…” and then wait for a few minutes before you begin (nobody likes that!).


STEP #3. Encourage engagement.

Facebook Live videos are not meant to be one-way conversations. They’re actually intended for you to engage with your audience and build the KNOW/LIKE/TRUST factor for your biz.

How can you connect with your viewers in a more personal way?

Here are some ideas: You might say, “Drop some hearts if…,” or “Give me a ‘1’ in the comments if…,” or “I’ll give you a shout out if you share this with one of your biz besties!”  

Build a connection with your viewers by asking them to relate to what you’re saying.

**Facebook is currently favoring comments at the end of your live videos, so think about how you can KEEP people engaged until the end.


STEP #4. Use 3-5 bulleted points.

When you begin by saying, “Today I’m going to talk about these five things,” your viewers can follow along, because they’ll know when the end is near!

BONUS TIP: Repetition is key.

Remember that people might only watch the first few minutes of your videos. My viewers might only stick around to see the first few tips I’m talking about, so if I change the title of my video and flip the bullet points around, they can catch my other few tips on the next live video!

You can repurpose the same content 3-4 times.


STEP #5. Give your viewers a Call-To-Action.

If someone has taken 3-5 minutes from their day to listen to your video, they love you! That means they want even more from you - so tell them what to do next.

A Call-To-Action can be as simple as, “Tell me one thing you’ll do differently today after watching this video,” or “If this inspired you, tag your biz bestie below!”

**Remember that comments posted at the end of your live videos will push your content up in the newsfeed so more people can watch.


Now that you’ve read this far - remember that it’s all in vain if you don’t TAKE ACTION!

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Why influencers are partnering with MLMs


Why influencers are partnering with MLMs

*SPECIAL GUEST TRAINING* with Rachel McMichael!


Today I’ve got a special video to share (thanks for joining us, Rachel!), to answer these questions (and more!):

Will partnering with a network marketing company dilute my brand?

Will people think I’m broke?

Can I run more than one business?


Who is Rachel McMichael?

Rachel is the one who introduced me to this network marketing opportunity! And she’s in online business to impact as many people as possible (probably just like you and me!). She loves helping people create freedom and flexibility by teaching them how to make an income from home.


Today Rachel and I are talking about the thoughts and feelings we experienced prior to partnering with a network marketing company - and everything that’s happened since then!

Because here’s the thing: We had both tried network marketing before, and it didn’t work.

When Rachel approached me about joining this company, at first I thought, “Oh this is silly.”

But I also know the truth about Rachel: She’s smart and full of integrity - she’s not someone who would make a stupid business decision.

I trusted Rachel. But, would this dilute my brand?

I was worried that partnering with a network marketing company would mean posting product pictures in my newsfeed, talking about the brand name all the time, and losing myself and my business in the process.

And actually, the exact opposite happened.

I’ve never been more sound in the foundation of my business. I’ve never been more sure about the impact I’m making.

And really I’m doing the same thing as before - I’m coaching women in online business.

I had to come to the reality that this network marketing business model could actually be MORE impactful than my own. (Accepting that was really hard.)

Especially for the women in my circle who don’t yet have their big business idea, this opportunity could mean big things for them.

NOTE: This doesn’t mean I’m no longer running my other business! It’s not that one business model is better or worse than another. This model simply opens up more opportunities for more people.

Watch our conversation (or read about it) below!


I’m approached with network marketing opportunities all. the. time. But everytime I think, “Oh, that’s not really for me,” or “I don’t need any more things to do right now.”

My biggest objection to network marketing opportunities, though, was always, “Will people think I’m broke if I start something more?”

But here’s the thing: I had to get over a lot of the stigmas in my own mind.

Does it matter what people think if I’m doing what I love and helping so many people?

The joy I get from seeing the success of women on my Team is the same joy I get from the seeing the success of ads we create in my agency. It’s the joy of helping other people - and it can come from anything!

I had to get over my thoughts that one way of doing things is better than another. I had to eat my slice of humble pie.


Why is this opportunity different?


Any business owner has to make decisions by asking savvy business questions. When I considered this opportunity, I asked these questions:

Is this the right timing in the marketplace? (Is it new or old? Will people consider it?)

Who is the ideal client for this product? (Is this a niche-product? Will I have to spend time educating people?)

Is this a consumable product? (Will people purchase it regularly?)

What’s the compensation plan? (Will this make money?)

And will my people be able to do this, too? (Will this company reward my downline, too?)

Then I had to think about whether this business opportunity made sense for me.

How much time would it take away from my other business?

What kind of value might it offer to my other business?


Why do we lead with our personal brands?


This company is about the community.

We empower people. We build leadership. We help people grow into their strength.

And we’re all working toward one vision: To create freedom and flexibility, to inspire and empower.

That means we have a huge community filled with so many different people doing different things.

It’s not one-size-fits-all. It can actually benefit most people (as long as you want to do it!).


What’s happening is that influencers are flocking to our Team. We’re surrounded with like-minded, savvy business women.

And that community is so impactful.

We have so many incredible people leading the Team and offering incredible trainings for partners. It’s amazing!

And I can’t help but talk about this opportunity! I want to tell everyone who’s interested that this opportunity exists!


So how can you join?

You have to reach out! Just ask us about the opportunity. We’re here to tell you everything you want to know, if you’re ready to know more.


**If you know Rachel, reach out here. If you know me, reach out with the form below.**

Can’t wait to hear from you!





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