How to increase productivity [with guest Emily Arger]


How to increase productivity [with guest Emily Arger]

Today I’m excited to introduce one of my favorite clients, Emily Arger! (If you didn’t know this already, my first business love is coaching health and wellness professionals - and Emily is one of the greats!)

Emily is a pro with all things nutrition. She’s a Certified Fast Away to Fat Loss Coach who’s helped women lose pounds with a simple nutrition-based lifestyle focused on Intermittent Fasting (IF). She runs 7-day, 10-day, and 3-week programs to help women safely and effectively implement IF into their daily lifestyles. (You can learn more about Emily right here!)

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Very simply, Intermittent Fasting is not a diet. Instead, it’s a change in your eating pattern.

The 16/8 fast (the one we’re talking about today) offers a great daily routine for mama entrepreneurs especially.

Watch, listen, or read as Emily offers 4 practical tips for how to implement Intermittent Fasting:



TIP #1. Choose your fasting window.

This timeframe has to be something that will work everyday (or at least most days). Generally I recommend the 16/8 window, meaning you’ll close the eating window around 7-8pm and fast until the following day around 11am-12pm.

Consider when you eat dinner. When you’re finished eating dinner, that’s when you’ll close the window and begin fasting. You’ll fast until bedtime (which should be easy if you’ve just eaten a big, healthy dinner!), through the night, and then until lunchtime the next day.

You’re only fasting for about eight waking hours. (It’s not as hard as you think!)


TIP #2. Do not combine IF with caloric restriction.

I’m passionate about thyroid and adrenal health (especially for new mamas!), which means I DON’T recommend restricting calories in combination with an IF eating pattern (remember this isn’t a “diet”).  

There’s right and wrong ways to do Intermittent Fasting.

Restricting your eating during your 8-hour window is the wrong way to get started. That could cause a lot of problems for your entire endocrine system, plus you might crash. Your body might not receive the macronutrients it needs to thrive.

NOTE: Yes, that requires some diligence from you! It can be helpful to work with a coach, because the methodology is specific. To begin, you can check out Emily’s FREE guide to Intermittent Fasting right here!


TIP #3. The best thing to do at the end of your fasting window is… Forget you fasted!

This is SO IMPORTANT, because you don’t want to “compensate” for the fasting hours or binge during the eating window (especially on junk).

Eat your first meal like an adult: You are calm and peaceful and confident. Eat a normal meal, and treat your body well as you enter these eight hours of nourishment.


TIP #4. Remain consistent (but remain flexible).  

Choose your 16/8 window and stick with it! Your body will adapt. The first few days might feel hard, but your body will adjust to this new schedule for eating.

BUT remain flexible. If you’re hunger during the fasting hours is unbearable, of course break your fast to eat something to nourish your body.

Consider, though, “What turned on that hunger signal?”

Did you simply drive past Starbucks mid-morning? Did you see your co-worker munching on chocolates? Did you smell something from the breakroom? Have you always had these “hunger cues” when you’re bored or upset? (Those are externals that SHOULD NOT break your fast in the future.)


Did you have a super hard workout the day before? Is your body experiencing stressors that require more consistent nutrients? Is your body feeling “real hunger”? (Those are your body’s cues to break fast and eat.)


Intermittent Fasting will help you become better aware of your body. And it might take some time to figure out.

If you want more details about Intermittent Fasting, check out Emily’s FREE Guide to IF!


BONUS Q+A with Emily

QUESTION 1: Do your kids intermittent fast?

No - right now my kiddos are ages four and six. Their bodies are growing, and they require pretty consistent caloric intake! They don’t need to limit their eating window at all.

QUESTION 2 - How do you feel about IF and Carb Cycling together?

Carb Cycling still allows you to get all your macronutrients during the eating window. In my Faster Way to Fat Loss program, we do both (there are so many benefits with each!) - so I say YES.

Remember that this doesn’t cut calories. When you’re eating fewer carbs, you’re eating more fats and proteins (so you’re NOT restricting calories).


ONE LAST TAKEAWAY: As a woman, I hope that we can stop thinking about ourselves as “fat” and actually consider that fat is simply fuel! That’s what IF allows us to tap into - “extra fat” isn’t bad, it’s simply fuel for our busy lives.

Thanks for joining us today, Emily! Find more information about IF and coaching with Emily right here!




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5 Steps to Epic Facebook Lives


5 Steps to Epic Facebook Lives

Today I’m sharing my step-by-step Facebook Live Formula (the same one that’s helped me grow my customer base by the hundreds!).

This can either (1) help you up your Facebook Live game, or (2) gain the confidence you need to show up for your first one!

Let me say first: My first live video experience was terrible! (And that was back when Periscope was brand new.) That’s how I know this formula works: If you commit to showing up and doing what’s uncomfortable, growth will happen!

A few helpful tips:  

  1. Remind yourself that you need TIME to learn the formula - this won’t happen overnight.

  2. And then PRACTICE! Commit to going live on Facebook 2-3 times per week for 90 days - and track your progress! (I think you’ll see HUGE growth!)

Here’s my 5-Step Formula for Crafting EPIC Facebook Lives:


STEP #1. Write a good headline.

The goal of your live video is to get people to tune in live. How can you do that?

Grab their attention with a short headline.

Here are some ideas: Start with “How To…,” or “The Secrets to…,” or “My Best Tips for…,” or “My List of…”

BE specific (remember that you’re talking to ONE ideal client!).

DON’T give the answer away with the headline (give people reason to watch!).


STEP #2. Address your replay viewers.

Most of the people watching your videos will be catching the replay - and those people typically decide within the first 10 seconds whether they’ll continue watching or not.

As soon as you press “LIVE,” people are listening to your words. Think about how you can capture their interest.

Remember that your live viewers probably won’t see the first minute or two (they need some time to hop on), so you can speak directly to your replay viewers here. For example, you might remind them to subscribe to receive updates for when you go live - they have a quick minute to do that before you begin with content.

DON’T say, “Hey there, I’m just waiting for everyone to hop on…” and then wait for a few minutes before you begin (nobody likes that!).


STEP #3. Encourage engagement.

Facebook Live videos are not meant to be one-way conversations. They’re actually intended for you to engage with your audience and build the KNOW/LIKE/TRUST factor for your biz.

How can you connect with your viewers in a more personal way?

Here are some ideas: You might say, “Drop some hearts if…,” or “Give me a ‘1’ in the comments if…,” or “I’ll give you a shout out if you share this with one of your biz besties!”  

Build a connection with your viewers by asking them to relate to what you’re saying.

**Facebook is currently favoring comments at the end of your live videos, so think about how you can KEEP people engaged until the end.


STEP #4. Use 3-5 bulleted points.

When you begin by saying, “Today I’m going to talk about these five things,” your viewers can follow along, because they’ll know when the end is near!

BONUS TIP: Repetition is key.

Remember that people might only watch the first few minutes of your videos. My viewers might only stick around to see the first few tips I’m talking about, so if I change the title of my video and flip the bullet points around, they can catch my other few tips on the next live video!

You can repurpose the same content 3-4 times.


STEP #5. Give your viewers a Call-To-Action.

If someone has taken 3-5 minutes from their day to listen to your video, they love you! That means they want even more from you - so tell them what to do next.

A Call-To-Action can be as simple as, “Tell me one thing you’ll do differently today after watching this video,” or “If this inspired you, tag your biz bestie below!”

**Remember that comments posted at the end of your live videos will push your content up in the newsfeed so more people can watch.


Now that you’ve read this far - remember that it’s all in vain if you don’t TAKE ACTION!

TELL ME: Which of these steps will you take RIGHT NOW to up your Facebook Live game? Hop over here to join the conversation!





Why influencers are partnering with MLMs


Why influencers are partnering with MLMs

*SPECIAL GUEST TRAINING* with Rachel McMichael!


Today I’ve got a special video to share (thanks for joining us, Rachel!), to answer these questions (and more!):

Will partnering with a network marketing company dilute my brand?

Will people think I’m broke?

Can I run more than one business?


Who is Rachel McMichael?

Rachel is the one who introduced me to this network marketing opportunity! And she’s in online business to impact as many people as possible (probably just like you and me!). She loves helping people create freedom and flexibility by teaching them how to make an income from home.


Today Rachel and I are talking about the thoughts and feelings we experienced prior to partnering with a network marketing company - and everything that’s happened since then!

Because here’s the thing: We had both tried network marketing before, and it didn’t work.

When Rachel approached me about joining this company, at first I thought, “Oh this is silly.”

But I also know the truth about Rachel: She’s smart and full of integrity - she’s not someone who would make a stupid business decision.

I trusted Rachel. But, would this dilute my brand?

I was worried that partnering with a network marketing company would mean posting product pictures in my newsfeed, talking about the brand name all the time, and losing myself and my business in the process.

And actually, the exact opposite happened.

I’ve never been more sound in the foundation of my business. I’ve never been more sure about the impact I’m making.

And really I’m doing the same thing as before - I’m coaching women in online business.

I had to come to the reality that this network marketing business model could actually be MORE impactful than my own. (Accepting that was really hard.)

Especially for the women in my circle who don’t yet have their big business idea, this opportunity could mean big things for them.

NOTE: This doesn’t mean I’m no longer running my other business! It’s not that one business model is better or worse than another. This model simply opens up more opportunities for more people.

Watch our conversation (or read about it) below!


I’m approached with network marketing opportunities all. the. time. But everytime I think, “Oh, that’s not really for me,” or “I don’t need any more things to do right now.”

My biggest objection to network marketing opportunities, though, was always, “Will people think I’m broke if I start something more?”

But here’s the thing: I had to get over a lot of the stigmas in my own mind.

Does it matter what people think if I’m doing what I love and helping so many people?

The joy I get from seeing the success of women on my Team is the same joy I get from the seeing the success of ads we create in my agency. It’s the joy of helping other people - and it can come from anything!

I had to get over my thoughts that one way of doing things is better than another. I had to eat my slice of humble pie.


Why is this opportunity different?


Any business owner has to make decisions by asking savvy business questions. When I considered this opportunity, I asked these questions:

Is this the right timing in the marketplace? (Is it new or old? Will people consider it?)

Who is the ideal client for this product? (Is this a niche-product? Will I have to spend time educating people?)

Is this a consumable product? (Will people purchase it regularly?)

What’s the compensation plan? (Will this make money?)

And will my people be able to do this, too? (Will this company reward my downline, too?)

Then I had to think about whether this business opportunity made sense for me.

How much time would it take away from my other business?

What kind of value might it offer to my other business?


Why do we lead with our personal brands?


This company is about the community.

We empower people. We build leadership. We help people grow into their strength.

And we’re all working toward one vision: To create freedom and flexibility, to inspire and empower.

That means we have a huge community filled with so many different people doing different things.

It’s not one-size-fits-all. It can actually benefit most people (as long as you want to do it!).


What’s happening is that influencers are flocking to our Team. We’re surrounded with like-minded, savvy business women.

And that community is so impactful.

We have so many incredible people leading the Team and offering incredible trainings for partners. It’s amazing!

And I can’t help but talk about this opportunity! I want to tell everyone who’s interested that this opportunity exists!


So how can you join?

You have to reach out! Just ask us about the opportunity. We’re here to tell you everything you want to know, if you’re ready to know more.


**If you know Rachel, reach out here. If you know me, reach out with the form below.**

Can’t wait to hear from you!





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Henry's Birth Story

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Henry's Birth Story

Yes, I know this is extremely overdue.

But after reading this birth story, I think you'll understand why!

We literally haven't stopped moving since this kid has been born. And though his arrival into this world was extremely fast, we had quite the postpartum journey for a few months after.

Let's start with the birth story.

You may remember reading Elle’s birth story less than two years ago. You might even recall my painful, yet peaceful birth experience.

Two young, naive kids getting ready to have their first baby, trying to do everything right:

Attending natural child birthing classes, practicing class techniques at home, writing a birth plan, perfectly preparing the nursery, packing the hospital bag with every item the birth coach said to bring, at least a month before the baby was born...

And it was a textbook birth. Fourteen-hour natural labor: Seven hours at home, two hours in the tub, painful but evenly spaced progressive contractions that could be tolerated with some awesome hip squeezing by my sweet husband Joe.

It ended with a beautiful baby girl, born at 11:41AM, just in time for mama to have a big old lunch.

Henry decided he wanted to mix things up a bit.

The words to describe Elle’s birth, like “toleration” and “my sweet husband Joe,” that characterized the birth of baby number one were replaced with “pedal to the metal,” “ouch, what is happening,” and “Joe stop breathing on me.”

Everything with Henry happened FAST. Like really FAST.

Like, “Woah is this thing coming out in the elevator” FAST.

And since it happened so fast, Joe’s notes were a little shorter than with Elle’s birth, but he also upped his game and made a short video play-by-play of the story as well.

Without further ado, here comes Henry:


April 25, evening - Here’s a really fascinating story: As Jas and I are winding down for the evening, she jokes to me that the braxton hicks tremors are starting to feel more like real contractions. “Maybe I’ll have the baby tonight,” she says. “Please don’t, I’m sleepy,” I say.

End of story. Pretty crazy, huh? (Well, I have to stay true to my outline, so there it is.)

April 26, morning - Jas had woken up frequently throughout the night, but in our morning de-brief, she states that no serious contractions or anything resembling the beginning of labor had occurred. All is quiet. She decides that this day would be a good day to take Elle to Timber Town as a last one-on-one outing before the new baby arrives (in Jasmin’s words).


10:40AM - We’ve been playing at Timber Town for about an hour when I start to feel my contractions coming back, about 10 minutes apart. They get down to as little as five minutes apart, but they're super inconsistent. Elle and I play for a while, and then we eat lunch at a restaurant downtown. As we're finishing eating, I'm holding steady with contractions 5-7 minutes apart, so I decide it's time to get the heck out of there, just in case this is the real deal!

1:00PM - I lay Elle down for a nap and try to do the same - if this is really labor, I want to get as much rest as I can to be ready to work! After sleeping for about an hour, I wake up and the contractions are at a standstill. Another false labor, I think.


7:00PM - I arrive home from work a little later than normal, just in time for family dinner and a glass of wine. Absolutely nothing abnormal at this point. Jas mentions again that she’s having little tremors, but these aren’t unlike the braxton hicks contractions she’s been feeling for the last three weeks.

7:40PM - After dinner we decide to go for a walk to enjoy a warm evening together. Again, the lack of detail is not because of my bad memory (shocking, I know), but instead because there is literally nothing abnormal happening at this point. This is like every other night.

(And this is important. Pay attention to the timeline.)

8:00PM - Jas goes from talkative to very focused and huffy puffy in a matter of minutes after walking for a solid 20 minutes. But this is to be expected right? She’s carrying around a cannonball.

8:10PM - We get back from our walk, and I put our friends on notice that tonight could be the night (although I’m still not convinced we should send Elle away yet). After all, we just finished dinner!

8:37PM - Jasmin's water breaks. In less than a half hour, we’re both convinced this is the real deal! I call our friends, and they leave to come and pick up Elle.

It’s strange that in less than one hour, we’ve changed gears from a normal evening to intense labor.

9:00PM - Our friends arrive at our house, and Jas has a surreal last-only-child-moment with Elle. I’m not sure if it’s labor or the emotion of a new baby, but we’re both super emotional saying bye to Elle.

9:10PM - With Elle gone, we hunker down into Focus Mode, and I mentally prepare for several hours of at home labor, filled with little sleep and lots of hip squeezing. Jas hops in the shower to relieve some of the pain from contractions, and I put our bags in the car and jump into some comfy clothes.

9:15PM - Just minutes later, Jas informs me that contractions are 2-3 minutes apart and we need to leave the house now. I say, “Babe.. It just started, I thought we were laboring at home?” But she says, “It’s coming!” And I say, “I didn’t do any hip squeezes yet.” But she’s convinced, so we leave for the hospital.

9:30PM - We arrive at the hospital. The laughs are gone, and Jas is totally in the zone. It’s all happening so fast. We head up to intake, and Jas is insisting that we go straight to delivery - but procedures must be followed. Well, mama knows best, because five minutes later, they say she’s 8cm dilated.


10:00PM - We get into the delivery room, and I'm ready to push this baby out! This is all happening so fast, and I'm feeling super overwhelmed - I even think for a second, "Maybe an epidural will calm me down."

So I ask for one, and Joe responds, "No, babe, you said you did not want one."

My response: "You're not the boss of me."

Either way, it's way too late! This baby is coming out NOW. 

The doctor is lolly gagging around somewhere, and I'm not about to wait on him... This kid is about to shoot out!

I tell the nurse I'm pushing, and she literally closes my legs and says, "No."

"YES," I say. (I also think I say a few swear words.)

And I push.

Luckily, the doctor walks in soon after, and they set up fast. I push twice, and the kid comes out!

And it's a BOY!

10:33PM - Henry Joseph Niemiec is out in record time, weighing in at 8.10lbs, measuring 22” long, and demonstrating a large 14.25” head.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 8.32.27 PM.png

After two crazy nights in the hospital, some issues with Jaundice, and extreme miscommunication with not-so-in-a-hurry nursing staff, we finally were allowed to leave the hospital on Friday afternoon.  

We were reunited with Elle, showered with tons of food and gifts by our local friends, and then we loaded up the car to head to Joe's season opener 5k in Hillsdale, MI.

Yes, we are crazy, but after those long few days in the hospital, I really wanted to get out and see my man crush it on the track.

And for an extremely busy and restless two days, he totally crushed it. 

...But it did leave us absolutely exhausted.

Then we hosted family in our home that entire weekend!

Reality started to sink in, followed by a series of unexpected and unfortunate events. 

This postpartum adjustment was much tougher than Elle's. I had a lot of issues with body temperature control, meaning I constantly had hot/cold sweats. Henry had a tongue tie, too, so adjusting to nursing was rough - and it seemed that every time I was nursing, Elle insisted on crawling ALL OVER me.

I was literally on stimulation overload and in tears nearly every time I was nursing.

I would even clench my jaw with every feeding, which caused a tone of head, neck, and back pain.

Elle and Henry are also only 21 months apart, so having two fully dependent kiddos was extremely challenging. It was taking us four times as long to get anything done at home! 

And just as we were getting settled, just two weeks into being a family of four, Henry started throwing up uncontrollably.

We rushed him to the pediatrician, then the local hospital, and he was taken by ambulance to MOTTS Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI, for emergency surgery for mal rotation. 

Here are the text updates [and some added commentary] that were sent out while Henry and I were in the hospital.

Joe was in and out of the house, taking care of Elle or asking friends and grandparents to help, while I stayed bedside with our new baby boy. 


Thursday, May 11, 1:39PM - 

Joe: "Pray for little Henry and Jas as they are soon heading to AA Children's Hospital for Henry's first surgery... apparently his intestines have folded and gotten twisted, so no food can pass, which is why everything - including intestinal green goo - has been thrown up... they need to go in and unfold and correctly align his intestines... pray that Henry gets fluids, as he hasn't had anything get through his system since yesterday evening, and he is severely dehydrated...pray for Jas, that she will be strong and have endurance, as she has been dealing with sick kids for two weeks... Jas' mom is here watching Elle, and I will be heading to AA soon to support."

4:44PM - 

Joe: "Ok, Henry just went in for surgery... they said it will take about an hour and they'll need to do one incision to help unfold the intestines... they'll also be looking for damage caused by this kinking in the surrounding blood vessels... I feel confident in the UofM, staff but as you know, Jas is quite upset about her 18-day old covered in enough tubes to run the length of a football field... I'll update when we have results from surgery... pray there is no other damage in the area so that Jas can start feeding her baby again"


6:23PM -

Joe: "Surgery is over, and everything went well... unfortunately the recovery time is close to 8 or 9 days, so we'll be figuring out how best to maneuver the next two weeks while Henry recovers... Also fun fact, Henry is now like his father, as they removed his appendix."

8:57PM - 

Jas: "Henry did great 👍🏼 but his recovery will be about a week at U of M hospital... we are exhausted but so thankful for these surgeons who took great care of us and our little guy."

Friday, May 12, 8:30AM -

Joe: "Hank is having a pic line inserted at the moment... this is the peripherally inserted central catheter that will run from his foot all the way through his little body to a vein near his heart so that they can begin to provide nutrient dense fluid (i.e. Steak in a bag) to supplement him not getting breast milk for the next few days while his intestines heal."

Jas: "They put us in a nesting room last night, which was really nice... praying they let us have it again tonight 🙏🏼"

They let us keep that nesting room another night, then a Ronald McDonald House Room the entire time we were there. PRAISE JESUS. We were technically in the radius (45 minutes away) where we didn't qualify for a room, but they gave it to us anyway. 

Later this afternoon, I made Joe travel to Grand Rapids, MI, to run The River Bank Run, a USATF Championship event and the peak race of Joe's training season (this is the childhood race he's run with his family since he was 8-years-old). 

On Saturday, Joe was scheduled to run the 5k and the 10k back-to-back, and our goal was for him to win them both.

Yes, I know, I am THAT wife/coach, but I knew Joe traveling to run was just the glimmer of hope we needed in the midst of this insanely challenging season. 

And we're so glad he did. 

Joe pulled off a victory in both the 5k and 10k that morning, but even more impressive is his interview, where he shared about how our little man Henry helped him pull off the double.

Be sure to watch the video interview above, where Joe shares about giving it the beans. 🏃🏼☄️🤣Anyone who knows Joe knows that he's normally not a man of many words! You can clearly see that this sport does something pretty special to him. 

His post race message to our friends and family:

"I did it!!!!! ...for my babies... the 10k came down to the wire, it was back and forth the whole time, and I almost let him go, but I just kept saying my baby in tubes had it way worse than this, I can do better! ...with a mile to go I surged and put about 10 yards on him and started my extended sprint ...I thought he had folded, based on the crowd noise but then 100 yards out one lady said 'he's coming,' and sure enough, I glanced over my right shoulder and the dude was right there about ready to pass ...I said oh s*^%t and threw it into turbo and then said no way to this guy you do weird things under duress ...thankfully it's the one time I'm glad I turned around in a race ...I did it for my babies Jas and Henry."

Saturday, May 13, 8:35AM -

Jas: "We got a poop 💩 out of little Henry this morning 🙌🏻 this gives us a sign he may be able to try feeding within the next day, since stuff is moving down there... just gotta get the green bile out of of his tummy 🙏🏼"

3:00PM - 

Jas: "Dr came in and was pleased with his poop 💩, but not that he still has the green bile being sucked out of his tummy. Totally normal at this stage, but that green needs to stop so I can try to start feeding him normally again.. if it stops that means that the bile is going through his intestines, which signals his digestive system is starting to wake up again. So prayers for the intestines to wake up!! 👀"

8:33PM -

Jas: "Keep praying for little Henry... green is lightning but there is still a decent volume... after volume comes down, next step is stopping the suction off that tube in his nose, and they will see what comes out without suction, then if clear he can feed... sounds like best case scenario we will try feeding on Monday. Henry is super hungry, which means all hands have been on deck today, and lots of snuggles are happening ❤️ which is fun, but it's hard to see him hungry/fussy and not be able to do much about it... so keep praying for those intestines to wake up and start digesting the bile so this boy can eat 🍼 I got to give him a nice sponge 🛀 and he really liked that ☺️"

Sunday, May 14, Mother's Day, 2:02PM -

Jas: "This morning they took off Henry's suction for his tummy 🙌🏻 if he doesn't 🤢 the bile we will hopefully start feeding tomorrow. ❤️ Missing my Elle but thankful all my babes are healthy on this Mothers Day 🌸 Happy Mother's Day to my fellow mommies!"

Monday, May 15, 7:44AM -

Jas: "Tube is out of his nose, and we are starting bottle feeds within the hour 🙌🏻 he'll start at like a half oz every 3 hours #tease but better  than nothing! Pray he keeps it down so we can increase and get him to normal feeding asap!! 🙏🏼"

10:04PM -

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 8.30.57 PM.png

Jas: "Good news: Henry's kept all feedings down and will get to breast feed at 2am! 🍼

Bad news: he has Rhino Virus 😞 No meds or extra hospital time required, he just has a little cough.. but since mama has a cough too, these docs are making me wear this thing full-time 😷.. and you guys know how much I LOVE following hospital rules. 😆 The Lord is teaching and refining me through this process for sure, and it's a good thing. One day Nemo Party of Four WILL be healthy (Lord Willing)

All that said, I am thrilled he is eating well and my prayer is we are out of here by Wednesday!! 🙏🏼"

Wednesday, May 17 - 

Jas: "So we have some exciting news..

**sends link to REMIX by Drake, Kanye, Lil' Wayne, Eminem + Skylar Grey**

WE COMIN' HOME BABY!! 😍👨‍👩‍👧‍👦❤️💃🏼🙌🏻😂🏡👏🏼😆👊🏼👶🏼👧🏼"

Don't get too excited though...

On June 7th, just around a month post-op, we made the trip back to Motts for Henry's one-month check up. Doctor was super happy with the way his incisions were healing and that he hadn't thrown up since he left the hospital.


June 8, 8:13PM -

Jas: "So Henry is back at Motts... he's been throwing up most of the day, and we don't know why yet.. as of now they have a tube in his nose to suction out bile and they are gonna give him an enema to get his system moving again... prayers for this little guy."

Later - 

Keep praying... no throw up, which is a huge praise, but they can't get an IV in him, and he is really dehydrated... just really tired and not himself... so they are bringing down an anesthesiologist now to try 🙏🏼"

June 9, 9:13AM - 

"Sorry for the late update... we were up super late trying to get this guy some type of fluids. He eventually had to be sedated, and they attempted a central line in his neck, but then got a peripheral in his arm... they are gonna attempt to get another central line today to get some more stable builds.. They have him on oxygen as well since they sedated him and his breathing dropped a little, nothing scary just to monitor. Were hanging in there 😊"

1:06PM - 

"Praise Jesus... they got a backup IV in his foot which means no pic line.. no more oxygen.. now they are deciding if they wanna do the enema for him or not.. and will hopefully soon be moving him down to the general floor where the goal is getting him back to normal."

11:00PM -

"We will get an X-ray tomorrow to see how his bowels are progressing and if that's good, they will take the tube in his nose off suction, bringing us one step closer to feeds... if all goes perfect we are out of here Monday morning, but am just taking it one day at a time. ❤️ thanks for your prayers"

June 10, 10:30AM - 

"PRAISE JESUS!!! 🙌 Doctors and FINALLY letting him get the tube out of his nose and start feeds! 🍼 If he keeps the feeds down they said we can go home tomorrow!! So pray he tolerates the feeds and POOPS!!! 💩"

Later - 

"So we had 2 throw ups after a feeding 😟 but we did get a poop today! Pray this little guy keeps down all of his feedings and keeps pooping! Doctors will make their rounds at 6 am then 10am to decide what his plan is from there. 🙏🏻"

Later - 

"We are free!"

Those first few months of Henry's life were honestly a blur, and we haven't seemed to slow down since!

(Hence, this extremely delayed play-by-play of Henry's birth!)

Soon after all this, we bought our first home, traveled to the west coast *twice* to visit family, ramped up another business, and and now he's one. WHAT?!

Its crazy how it's all moved fast and slow at the same time.

I was so afraid to be a mom - to more than just Elle - but now I truly cannot picture life without this kid. I love seeing Elle as a big sis! And I love the energy, smiles, and playfulness this guy brings to the family!

And though we didn't do a good job updating the blog (or taking as many pictures of Henry as with Elle!) I did get sentimental today: 

I took both kids back the the park where Elle and I played as we waited for the arrival of this sweet boy. And it was truly more fun the second time around, chasing around both of these two, my crazy crew.


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4 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self About Starting a Business


4 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self About Starting a Business

I remember being scared of so many things when I lept into online business. One of the biggest was:

“What if I fail?”

This is a powerful message for anyone new to business - plus anyone who is going through a hard time in their business, established or not.

These are four truths I would now tell my younger self when I was starting my business:



#1. Failure is your best learning opportunity.

That’s what we’re most of afraid of happening, but that’s where we learn the best lessons! I would not trade any mistake I’ve ever made (yes, I’m serious), because each one has helped me grow and move forward.

Ultimately, we want to be able to look back and say, “I’m better now than I was then.”

And that growth happens when we’re having a hard time! Growing pains are actually really, really good. When you “fail,” you step back from the grind and start to ask the big questions: Why am I doing this? Is this worth it?

That’s when you realize your next steps.

Failure is hard but totally necessary.


#2. It doesn’t matter what other people think.

I know your mom has been saying this since middle school - and the thing is, it’s TRUE!

Yes, it’s hard and it hurts, especially when someone you love doesn’t support what you’re doing.

But here’s the thing: When the people who really, really love you hear your WHY, they will support you. And those are your people, that’s your tribe.

Ask yourself: “Are there people in my life who do not support what I do?” You might need to have a conversation with those people. And you might need to set some boundaries.

You need people who support you. And you might need to let go of the people who don’t.

BONUS TIP: Business is hard, and that’s why it’s always better to join in community - you need people on your side. (That’s why network marketing is a great opportunity for so many people! You’re jumping into an instant community.)


#3. The investment is always worth it.

I would guess that I’ve put about $50,000 back into my business throughout the last three years. But it didn’t start that way! I started small by investing in my website (less than $100), then I purchased business coaching and a course for $500 (and things grew from there).

I’m always looking for ways I can use some of the money I’m making to move my business (and especially my personal growth) even further forward.

And I can honestly say that every single investment I’ve made within my business has been worth it.

If you’re in a place where you’re ready to make a big change but unsure how to afford it, you need to find the money (and trust me, it’s there somewhere). You are worth the investment.


#4. Your worse case scenario probably isn't going to happen. But your best case scenario might, if you allow it.

The biggest thing that holds us back from starting something new is this question: What if I fail?

What if I tell everyone I’m starting this new *thing* and then I fall on my face?

What if I have to admit to everyone that I started something new and it didn’t work?

But your WORST CASE is unlikely to happen.

Think about it: What’s your worst case scenario?

Is it really that bad? (Probably not.)

Now think about: What if this really works? What will this opportunity offer my family?

Stop caring about what other people think. You are worth more than that. Take a chance on yourself!




P.S. Hop over to my Facebook page and subscribe to Live video updates for weekly inspiration and business advice!



An interview with Elle Van Dyke

You’ve heard me talk about how much I LOVE working with my girls. And today I want you to meet one of these incredible women!

Elle Van Dyke and I went to college together at Cedarville University. Our husbands ran cross country together. We lived just an hour from each other when Joe and I lived on the east coast. She’s a dear friend.

And now Elle is one of my partners in my network marketing company - and she’s doing crazy things (like soaring through ranks in her first few months in business!).

You might say that Elle is a normal stay-at-home mama.

But here’s the thing: She started this business four months ago, and now she’s making more than her full-time nursing income. (Yes, she’s incredible, and she has some great tips for how you can begin a successful business from home!)



Tell us a little bit more about your story: who are you and how did you get into business?


I’m married to my husband, John, and we have an almost-two-year-old daughter (I’m also pregnant with our second baby!). I worked as a nurse before we made the choice that I would stay home with our kids. And I actually tried to get back into nursing when our daughter was about one-year-old - but it was a disaster!

We really needed my extra income, but working the nightshift just didn’t work. That’s when I saw Jasmin’s social media posts talking about her network marketing partnership. The idea was completely outside my comfort zone, but I really felt God pushing me to dive in.

In December, I reached out and said, “Okay, let’s do this! Where do I sign up?” I wanted to make enough extra money to cover our grocery expenses, and now I’m making more money than I would as a full-time nurse!


So you’re a normal, stay-at-home-mama without a business background, and you’re crushing it! Let’s talk through some High Performance Habits that you demonstrate in your leadership.


E: The first one is CLARITY.

This is all about goal-setting. You need to have both the big picture vision and goals you can hit every day. This sounds so small, but simply writing down your goals every day can completely shift the game.

Writing down your goals every day makes them feel possible.

But also, don’t lose sight of your big picture vision: Where will these daily goals take you? How will they help support your family by the end of the year?


J: The second one is ENERGY.

This is where a lot of mamas opt-out, because we’re chasing kiddos around all day long! But here’s the thing: You have control over your energy levels.

You can take the victim mentality. Or you can show up and take responsibility for the elements you can control.

Can you sit down with your daily devotional every morning?

Can you workout for 20 minutes per day?

Can you choose water over sugary pick-me-up drinks?

Can you go to bed early?

Make time for you. Fuel yourself with high-quality energy. The better you take care of yourself, the better you take care of your family.


E: The third one is NECESSITY.

This is based on your WHY (the reason you’re working so hard), and this really comes into play when you have harder days. It’s important to stay grounded and connected to why you’re doing what you’re doing, especially on the days when you feel like giving up.

My WHY is about my family: I want to stay home with my kids (plus working and paying for childcare just wasn’t working), and I want to support my husband’s passion for woodworking.


J: The fourth one is PRODUCTIVITY.

Sometimes people come to me about partnering with our networking marketing company and say, “You can do it, but I can’t. I’m too busy.”

But really, most people have a lot of wasted time in their day.

Think about it: Do you have time during the day when you’re just scrolling on Facebook? Or just sitting on the couch? That’s time you could be doing something more productive (which will seep into other parts of your day.)

Take inventory of your time. Figure out what you’re doing, and then make a realistic plan to be more productive.

QUICK TIP: Create a really good morning and evening routine to set yourself up for a more productive day.


J: The fifth one is INFLUENCE.

If people trust you, they will buy anything from you.

Think about the people you follow on social media: What are their character traits? What do you like about them?

Are they witty?
Are they authentic?
Are they kind?

Are they informative?

Are they willing to listen to you?

Here’s the thing: Character traits are things you can develop. When you recognize what draws you to other people, you can develop those qualities and draw people to you.

And remember, influence is about inviting people to come on the journey with you (not telling them what to do).


E: The sixth one is COURAGE.

Again, this is something you can develop!

I had the courage to dive into this new business, but then I started doubting myself. At some point I had to realize that I couldn’t afford to give into negative thoughts. Instead I had to exchange negative thoughts with positive ones.

And this is the biggest habit (one I’m still developing!) that launched me into success with this business.

The hardest negative thought to overcome has been, “People will think I’m just another one of those girls, tryin’ to make money by sitting at home.” When this thought pops up, that’s when I cling to my truth (my why) - and those are the days when I need courage to move forward.


Thank you Elle Van Dyke for joining us today!


Now, over to you, friend: Hop over to the comments section, and join the conversation!



P.S. Hop over to my Facebook page and subscribe to Live video updates for weekly inspiration and business advice!


What all goal-getters can learn from The Boston Marathon


What all goal-getters can learn from The Boston Marathon

I have a special message for the outliers (and the ones who feel that hitting their goals is overdue).

I watched The Boston Marathon on Monday. (Anyone else BALLING as they watched Des finish the last mile?!) ⠀

Des Linden ended the 33-year drought of an American woman winning Boston, and watching her crush the race reminded me of these truths:⠀



#1. Training is one of the best ways to prepare you for life. ⠀

My best clients are competitive runners, power-lifters and cross-fitters. These sports take a special kind of drive and commitment, with endless work and little reward.

If you can conquer your race, eat and sleep right, and hit a pullup PR, you can honestly do anything. ⠀

When you commit to running everyday, whether it’s cold, hot, raining, snowing, humid, whatever, you develop a sort of next-level commitment to your physical body, and that pours into other areas of your life.

Running offers so much opportunity to learn commitment and perseverance and hard work.

#2. Your Setbacks are your superpower.

The weather conditions at The Boston Marathon were terrible! But I think that’s what gave Des her competitive advantage. She was able to outperform women who generally have better times, because these conditions are normal for her (she’s a fellow Michigan runner!).

In running (and in life), we sometimes go through setback after setback after setback. But here’s the thing: There will be a moment when a single setback will launch you into success. Or maybe it will offer you a chance to teach someone else how to move through their own setback.

This is your superpower.

Are you a fellow big-legged runner like me? Own the fact that it helps you out-kick your competition to the finish line.

Have you battled depression or anxiety? Share your journey as a means to help someone else through today.

#3. Your goals will often feel overdue.⠀

It took 20 years of competitive running for Des to win a marathon.

Would you rather chase your dreams and take longer than you expected to get there, or quit early?

I think we'd all say the first, but we default to the second.⠀

You will regret not trying. You won’t regret giving everything you’ve got and failing.

There have been dozens of times in my business where I’ve set a big goal and missed the mark. But that doesn’t mean it was time to quit. Your alternative (or quitting) will never be worth it. But it will always be worth it to try your hardest, even if you fail.

#4. You can compete as an outlier.

The mens' winner, Yuki Kawauchi, has a full-time government office job that prohibits him from accepting sponsorships. (He paid his own entry to this race!) He's also run 80 marathons so far in his career, while most elite runners only do about 10-20 competitive marathons.

You know what this tells me? Normal people can do big things.

And you know what? It takes *just one* normal person to blaze the trail for everyone else.

Maybe you’re chasing a goal that feels impossible. But maybe you’re also the one who will blaze the trail, to prove that it really is possible, for you and for other people.

#5. Community is always greater than competition. ⠀

Some people will remember that Des Linden broke the drought of American women winning the Boston Marathon. But everyone will remember how she waited for Shalane Flanagan during a bathroom break, so Shalane could work back into the race.

At the end of the day, people will remember your integrity.

They will remember when you do what’s unconventional. They will remember when you place community ahead of competition.

How are you linking arms with your "competition" today and choosing and abundant mindset?

I would love to hear from you! Hop over to the comments section, and leave me a note!



P.S. Hop over to my Facebook page and subscribe to Live video updates for weekly inspiration and business advice!


How/Why Influencers are Growing Residual Income Streams in 2018


How/Why Influencers are Growing Residual Income Streams in 2018

I am speaking directly to YOU if you’re ready to impact people for the better, whether through your online business or your social media following or your local network, This. Is. For. You.

I want to give you all my secrets for making a residual income (and why).


Why are influencers partnering with network marketing companies?

Why am I selling shampoo?

What does this mean for YOU and your family?

And how are we doing it?!


I want you to embody the same kind of success you dream of having.

If you’re having crazy success already, this will help move you even further! And if you’re struggling right now, this will lay out a step-by-step action plan that can help you!



Step 1: What is residual income + Why is it important

Most people have an active income stream, meaning they’re working a certain number of hours to make a certain amount of money. It’s like trading hours for dollars: You put in the work, and the company you work for (even if it’s your own service-based company) pays you.  

Now, think about this:

What happens when you get sick?

What happens when your kids get sick?  

What happens when you need time off for a last-minute appointment? Or an emergency?

...Do you still make money?


Most people have to go to work every day to make money, and they feel pressure to show up every. single. day.

Even after I started working for myself, I felt this same pressure, because I had to show up to work to make money. I created an active income stream with two different service-based businesses. First, I worked as an online running coach, and then I worked as an online business mentor. That means that people would come to me for the services I offered, and I had to put in hours to make money.

Here’s the problem with that: If I wasn’t getting clients every month, the income didn’t happen.

That’s a scary place to be. And I know that’s where a lot of people start to feel trapped within the job they’re working.

This is why residual income is important.

Residual income is money that you make passively, not actively.

Now, you have to put in the work up front (and there’s sometimes a lot to do). But then your income has even greater ability to grow without you, month after month after month.

(Even if you love your job and that active income stream, adding a residual income stream is a great idea! Most successful people have at least seven streams of income, including something more passive.)


Step 2: How to start a residual income stream

This is what my team has been doing over the past few months. Here’s our step-by-step process for creating passive income:


#1. Embody success and leadership.

This might sound a little foo-foo, but it’s true! You have to believe that you have something important to offer, and you have to be willing to live that out every day.

When you look at successful people who are influencing the masses, you know they didn’t get to where they are now by just winging it. They take care of themselves: They eat well, they work out, they’re spending time with their families, they keep up with professional development, they’re tracking their success.. They are doing the things that matter.

You have to become the person you dream to be, right now.

Too often we think, “Well, one day, once I’ve made it, then I can spend more time with my kids,” or “When I’m successful, then I can look/be/feel a certain way.” Uh-uh. It’s doesn’t work that way! You have to BECOME the person you dream to be to get where you want to go, period.


You might start by doing something simple for yourself:
Paint your nails and go for a run.

Get eight hours of sleep.

Drink more water.

Spend an extra hour with your family.


This is my daily routine: Every morning I wake up and start my day with a daily devotional and prayer. Then, I write down my goals (every. single. day.).

I also make sure to schedule time to do the things that are most important to me: Working out, eating well, spending time with my family, reading for professional development..

That doesn’t mean you have to have all your stuff together asap! It just means that you know where you want to go, so you’re no longer just winging it.

Start today. Choose to be successful today.

**This might sound overwhelming, but I promise that it’s possible, especially if you surround yourself with other people who are doing the same things!**


#2. The Building Phase of Business.

This building phase will come naturally (if you have the foundational elements in place from #1).

Your business starts with vision (and it can’t be only about making money for yourself).


Maybe you’re working hard to provide for your family, your children.

Maybe you’re working hard to give other women like you the same opportunities in business.

Maybe you’re working hard to make money so that you can give to causes and organizations you really care about.


You have to cast a vision! You have to take people somewhere!

You can’t start a business without knowing where you’re going. Your clients and followers especially need to see and feel why you’re doing what you do.

Again, that doesn’t mean you need to have the world figured out today! It means that you have to have an idea about where you’re taking the first step.

Another part of the building phase is your education: Get training in heart-centered recruiting and sales.

Remember, the hardest customer to sign is your first one. And you need training (and willingness to be trained!) to make it happen.

When I started my business, I couldn’t sell a $25 running program. Now I’m selling $2,000 coaching packages and attracting new partners to my network marketing company every single month.

This is about understanding the transactional relationship between you and your customer. And remember that this is a mutually beneficial relationship: You’re offering something of benefit and receiving benefit in return.


#4. The Leading Phase of Business.

This happens in both network marketing and outside it. You will have the opportunity to build and lead a team. Now you have to teach people how to do what you’re doing.

Leadership is a big transition, but it really looks like serving.

You have to ask your people, “How can I serve you? I see that you need help, and I want to help you.” And then LISTEN to what they say (that’s a major part of service, too).


#5. The Automation Phase.

This means that you work really hard for a little while (maybe six months, maybe a year), and then you’re ready to scale and automate with systems.

This phase lets you bring in new customers on autopilot so you take a step back from working every day.

Automating your business will help you simplify your life and business so you can have the time freedom you desire.


Step 3: What does this mean for YOU

Do you have a residual income stream already, or are you trading hours for dollars?

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re interested in creating residual income for yourself, your family, or your business. And I want you to have that opportunity!

There is no better feeling than taking time to be with my family, and then realizing you’re making money behind-the-scenes!

My Team has the process ready to go. We’re just waiting for you.

Sign up for our free webinar to find out more about how you can create a residual income for your family. You’ll learn my Team’s Social Media Secrets for building a network marketing team in less than six months (not including cold messaging and spammy sales).


Hope to see you there!




3 Steps to Handling Haters


3 Steps to Handling Haters

This might ruffle some feathers. But I feel like I need to speak the truth.

This has been on my heart for the whole month, and actually, this is my “theme” moving forward. March has been a month of huge internal growth, for me at least, and this is my focus for the months ahead.

Full transparency: This has been one of my hardest months in business.

There’s been a lot of really good growth! But even good growing pains bring tough conversations and new considerations.  

Last year I partnered with a luxury hair care company. And as much as I love this partnership, as much as I love my team, the outside world doesn’t get it.

The outside world just. doesn’t. “get it.”

Even some of the influencers I follow have bashed my business model (and that of my girls).

And if I spend my time questioning, “What do people think of me?” or if I give space to the people who question how I run my business, my home, my life, or if I respond negatively to the people who don’t “get it”... What does that really do for me? Or for my girls?

Instead, I think this is an incredible opportunity for teaching and sharing my Truth.

I have a three-step process for how I respond to someone who has a different opinion (especially someone who’s bashing my own opinion).

I don’t want to simply say, “Haters gonna hate,” because sometimes even the things I don’t want to hear are the exact things I NEED to hear.

Instead, every time someone disagrees or explains their opinion counter to mine, I (try to) embrace the opportunity for growth (even though it stinks).

Now, sometimes these people are telling us exactly what we need to hear (even though it feels crappy), and other times these people are just being mean. We need to have a way to navigate the difference, and that’s what I’m talking about today!

This is my 3 Step process for when people start to question my business or lifestyle:



#1. Think (do not respond!) first.

Disagreement usually brings up some big emotions. You might start to feel insecure or frustrated or angry or hurt. That’s when you need to stop and think, “Why is this bothering me? What about this creates upset and insecurity?”

And here’s the kicker, “Is this actually true?”

I’m a fiery person, so my first response is often to fight. I want to fight whoever is hurting me, but moreso whoever is hurting my family, my friends, my clients. (And pssst, that’s not the correct response!)

Stop. Think first.


#2. Process what you’re feeling.

And this looks differently for everyone.

You might reach out for support. I typically ask my husband to help me work through thoughts and feelings, especially when I’m unsure.

You might need to remind yourself of your Truth. I find my Truth in the Bible, so when someone questions my parenting for example, I turn to the Bible and ask, “What does my Truth say about parenting?”

You might need to pray or meditate.

You might need to write.

You might need to exercise. My husband, Joe, likes to go for a run!


Find wisdom in more than one place. Consider your viewpoint. And then ask someone you trust for their viewpoint.

Don’t always think that your way is the only or best way.. But trust yourself first.

Let this be a positive experience! Remind yourself why you do what you do.


#3. Then, respond.

Sometimes responding looks like talking to this person one-on-one.

Sometimes this means hopping on live video and teaching your girls!

Sometimes this means letting go of this other person’s opinion (because maybe they’re just being mean, maybe it’s not about you).

My advice: Respond with love. Stand up for yourself, explain why you disagree. But also remember that what you think about your life/business/family is the main (only) opinion that matters.




P.S. Hop over to my Facebook page and subscribe to Live video updates for weekly inspiration and business advice!


Secret to Expanding your Influence + Income


Secret to Expanding your Influence + Income

Most of my readers are fellow network marketers, business coaches, or consultants. And you know the name of the game is Growing. Your. Network.

Lots of people following means lots of people purchasing your product or service.

(And P.S. I’m not going to tell you “jump on Facebook Live” or “do more Instagram stories!” Although both things are super important, I’m not talking about marketing strategy today!)

Here’s the thing: If you don’t have *these 3 things* in place, it doesn’t matter what kind of marketing strategy you follow. You can’t expand your network without these things FIRST.

I work with a lot of people who are starting a new business for the first time ever. And they say, “Jasmin, the reason YOUR network marketing company has exploded is because you have a big network. How do I expand my own network?”

Well, first, I’ve only been in online business for two years, meaning not that long in comparison to the Big Names. That means that first and foremost, growing your network takes time and consistency.

You have to be implementing these strategies every. single. day.

So let’s get started.

These are the 3 things you need to expand your influence:



#1. You need to know who you’re speaking with.

“You cannot be all things to all people. You are not a peanut butter jar.”

(Can I get an AMEN?!)

My unique niche started as mama runners. I started my business by teaching moms how to run postpartum. Now, my niche is completely different!  

You have unique skills. You offer specific programs. That means you only need to speak to your ideal client, the one type of person who you can serve.

When you try to speak to everyone, you actually speak to no one.

You need to POLARIZE. When you hop on live video, people will either love what you say.. or not like it at all. But the ones who love your content will become long-time followers!

So tell me, WHO are you speaking to?


#2. You need to know what problem you’re trying to solve.

When you find your niche, you’ll start to realize that your ideal client has one core issue, a problem they want to solve.

What keeps your ideal client awake at night?

What’s the one thing that’s stalling her success?

What might make her a happier human?

For example, now I work with entrepreneurs, usually young mothers who are not yet seeing success with their businesses. And generally they have one of two problems: (1) they’re consistent on social media, but they don’t yet have the business know-how to get clients; and (2) they’re not passionate about their business, and they just need their “thing.”

That’s why (1) I created an online business course for women, and (2) I partnered with a network marketing company that gives women the tools they need to succeed.

Now, let’s talk about you.

Tell me, why do you do what you do? What makes your product or service unique? How does it solve your ideal client’s problem?

And if you don’t know yet, have you taken the time to interview your ideal client? Have you done some market research (recently)?


#3. Now, show up with value.

You know your ideal client. You know the problem they want to solve. Now you need to serve your people.

If you only show up online to ask your followers to buy something from you, your likes and comments will start to dwindle.

Instead you need to build relationships with your people.

(And P.S. I’ve found that the shorter the post on social media, the better!)

So tell me, do you show up daily to give value to your people?


Now you know *the 3 things* that will help you build your network, expand your influence, and grow your income!

Tell me below which action you’re taking today.




P.S. Hop over to my Facebook page and subscribe to Live video updates for weekly inspiration and business advice!