#1 Tip For Being A Successful Running Business Owner

As the end of the year is quickly approaching, many of you are probably thinking about your New Years Resolutions, how you are going to stay healthy, and goals that you have been wanting to chase down in the coming year! 

I want to help you get this done!! 

Today is more specifically to running coaches, and is very applicable to your success in the coming year for your online running business! This is also for the people thinking about starting your own business and need some tips, so stick with me! 

Do you know what makes a business owner successful? Why are some CEO's super successful and others just get by? 

When I looked into it, I found a common trend between the successful CEO's and I want to share it with you all today!

They all make decisions quickly. 

This does not mean they make irrational decisions or that they do not think before they act. It can be put simply like this. An opportunity is presented to them and they think about whether they are drawn to it or not. If they are drawn to it they think it over, stew on it, and within 24 hours (most of the time) they have the final decision of whether or not they want to pursue the opportunity. Only often does it take more than 24 hours to finalize a decision for big CEO leaders.

Here is the thing, decision making is exhausting.

I do not know if you ever feel anxious as you are getting in your car in the morning to head to work, but it probably means that you are making too many decisions in the morning! Some times it means that you are sitting in indecision too long. Most of this anxiety can be settled by just having a set plan ahead of time. 

This is an area that I used to struggle with in my business a lot. I new from the beginning of starting my own business that I needed to continually invest in an online business area to continue learning and growing. I have literally never gone a month without invest somewhere. But I often found myself overwhelmed my thoughts of doing this option or that option, and I would stew about it for like a MONTH!! I was continually finding myself drained with working with my business, and my stress started leaking out into other areas of my life!

The best example is this past August. I had a decision I was very indecisive about and thought about it ALL MONTH. My indecisiveness on one business decision bled into the rest of my work and it was my least productive month of the year! It was an awful month. 

When I FINALLY made a decision and acted on it, which I actually went with my first gut reaction, all my fears and stresses melted off my shoulders. 

Why did I spend an entire month extremely stressed out when it was not needed?!? What a waste of time when I could have been so productive!

To learn more about the details of the decision I went through and exactly how it effected me watch the video to the above!!! 

If you find you are stressed for long periods of time, I would seriously encourage you to ask yourself if you are letting yourself dwell in indecision for too long!

If you need help in this area, I would love to help you. As someone who has been there, and learned from my mistakes, I want to give you so many more tips on how to grow your business! 

Here is the secret: Successful people make decisions as soon as they are drawn to them. Let's get you signed up for my Fitness Business Academy today! This program will teach you the exact steps to grow a profitable Online Fitness Business.