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My #1 Tip For Avoiding the 5-10 lbs. Weight Gain Over The Holidays

Have you ever been guilty of gaining between 5-10 lbs. over the holidays?! Maybe you chose to relax and eat whatever you wanted, or maybe you even tried to be conscious of what you were eating and it still happened to you! 

Did you know that most people gain the most of their weight between the Thanksgiving to Christmas time? And it is not actually because of Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day themselves, it is actually all the days in between! There are so many extra parties with friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc. that help add the extra pounds. 


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My Secret Weapon On Pushing Past A Running Plateau

Are you happy with how you are ending the new year regarding your body and your training? Maybe you do feel like you are eating well and training hard, BUT are still struggling with a plateau.

Do you struggle with weird stomach issue during or after a run? Do you want more energy during the day? Do you want to improve your training and your racing with one simple step?!  

I want to share with you a SECRET WEAPON!

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JUST THRIVE Probiotic Review

PROBIOTICS. Before we get into the details about what probiotics are, think of one person you know that can eat whatever they want and never gain a pound. Do you have a person in mind? Okay now, most people would say they have a “high metabolism,” but that is actually a misguided term. What they actually have is a healthy gut.

To learn more about how to have a healthy gut with probiotics, and how you can easy hurt or enhance their effectiveness, read the blog! 

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What to Eat After a Workout for Runners

Do you know what do eat after a workout?

The nutrients you consume after a hard workout are vital for your your recovery. And, it is important that you get these nutrients in within a certain time post-workout.

There are two windows of recovery following a hard workout. The goal with eating in these two windows is to help give your body the right combination of nutrients at the right time without overeating. Eating the right foods after a workout will decrease inflammation, increase muscle glycogen stores, and rebuild damaged muscle tissue. This will in turn decrease muscle soreness and increases your ability to run faster and stronger for your next workout.

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How to Become a Morning Runner

What’s your favorite time of the day to workout?

For me it’s a 5:00am date with the pavement. That means I’m up at 4:30am getting dressed, laced up and warmed up. Some say I’m crazy. Maybe I am- ha. But it’s truly the only time that I can manage to get my workouts in.

You never know when something is going to come up in the middle of the day that will sabotage your post-work runs.

Now I’m not saying it was as easy as just setting my alarm. It took me weeks, if not months, to become accustomed to the early rises followed by extraneous activity.

But by doing it I was able to train for my first marathon in 18 weeks only missing one run and clock a 3:42:16 marathon in Pittsburgh. I know I was able to do this because my early morning runs kept me accountable to training.

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How To Get Out Of A Rut

Two weeks ago I found myself in a rut. I no longer looked forward to my long Saturday runs, instead I dreaded them. I made a decision to not flat line before race day, and came up with a few creative ways to "trick my brain" and push through my workouts. Some of these ways not only help me get through a workout, but actually make me stronger physically and mentally for the long haul! Read the blog as I share these tips with you, to help you exit your rut better than how you entered! If you leave your name and e-mail I will also send you FREE tips on how to conquer a hill and get stronger!!!


But I have found multiple ways to change up my routine and trick my brain into pushing through my workouts all the way to race day (only 1 more month!!). 

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