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My #1 Tip For Avoiding the 5-10 lbs. Weight Gain Over The Holidays

Have you ever been guilty of gaining between 5-10 lbs. over the holidays?! Maybe you chose to relax and eat whatever you wanted, or maybe you even tried to be conscious of what you were eating and it still happened to you! 

Did you know that most people gain the most of their weight between the Thanksgiving to Christmas time? And it is not actually because of Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day themselves, it is actually all the days in between! There are so many extra parties with friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc. that help add the extra pounds. 


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What to Eat After a Workout for Runners

Do you know what do eat after a workout?

The nutrients you consume after a hard workout are vital for your your recovery. And, it is important that you get these nutrients in within a certain time post-workout.

There are two windows of recovery following a hard workout. The goal with eating in these two windows is to help give your body the right combination of nutrients at the right time without overeating. Eating the right foods after a workout will decrease inflammation, increase muscle glycogen stores, and rebuild damaged muscle tissue. This will in turn decrease muscle soreness and increases your ability to run faster and stronger for your next workout.

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Healthy Desserts for Runners: Gluten Free Double Chocolate Brownies

Though I love to eat whole, healthy food, I cannot deny that I have a HUGE sweet tooth!

I know it can be tough to stay on point with nutrition, especially during the summer with vacations and barbecues.

I also know that you want to eat healthy, but also want a balanced approach where you can still enjoy simple, quick treats and not feel bad about it.


Silver Fern Brand products help solve these frustrations for busy women and runners like you.

I am excited to show you how our family has started using the Silver Fern products, and the problems they have helped solve for us. Check out this healthy dessert and see how simple it can be to make healthy, delicious treats for your family!

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Healthy Recipes For Runners

Our focus today is on budget friendly, healthy recipes for runners. 

Two years ago I began experiencing intense stomach pain, spending too many days doubled-over with no relief.

Thanks to the same virtual connection I can make with you here, I found through research available online I have a gluten allergy and immediately cut all gluten out of my diet.

Thankfully this alteration has eliminated all of my stomach issues! Here are two gluten free, healthy recipes for runners that will leave you fueled for your runs!

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Carb Cycling Meal Plan

Eating clean and healthy is not hard and I DO NOT miss out on any foods category. In fact, the foods I have replaced, I do not miss at all! Eating clean is just about knowing what is in your foods and how it effects your body. I will show you some of my meals on a "regular calorie/low carb" day and give you more FREE food swaps if you leave your name and e-mail!!

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