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5 Minute Core Exercises for Runners

I am going to share with you my 5-MINUTE CORE EXERCISES FOR RUNNERS routine to help you get the flat abs you’ve always wanted!

These are my top 10 core moves, each done for 30 seconds. These exercises will help you become a leaner, stronger, and faster runner by working the large and small muscles in your core. No matter where you are at in your running, just beginning or have had several years under you belt, everyone can benefit from this routine! I will explain 3 levels of intensity that you can work through – beginner, intermediate, and advanced – so start where you feel most comfortable, and let the fun begin!

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Personal coaching Results

After 8 months of training I was finally ready to RACE, and boy oh boy I have come a long way with my speed, strength, and confidence!!

On April 30th I blew my old personal record (PR) out of the water, then 2 weeks later I set yet another PR!! Overall I took over 3 minutes off my old 5k time. This was only possible because of personal coaching through Coach Jasmin's VIP program where she gave me a personal training plan, help with nutrition, and daily encouragement!!!!
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Strength Training For Runners

I often see runners try and incorporate P90X or Insanity into their running routines, which is not wise. Both of these programs are amazing (I myself am a Beachbody coach and use 21 Day Fix and PiYO in off-season training), but they are not specifically made for runners. I also see runners go to the gym without a plan and make up their routine on the fly.

If you truly want to excel as a runner, you need to incorporate specific strength training in your routine that improves running economy, range of motion, power, and prevents injury.

But strength training for runners doesn’t just involve weights or circuits. Is it vital that you also incorporate the following into your routine:

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Busy Runner Mom Tips

One of the questions I get asked more than any other is how am I able to do it all?  As a working mom, coach, part time blogger, and runner, it can be seriously difficult to try to squeeze in everything I need to do in a 24-hour period.  Most days, I feel like I need at least 30 hours in order to cross off everything on my to-do list, while still having time to work full time away from home, coach each afternoon, get in a decent run, blog, and still have time for my family.  It definitely isn’t easy, but I’ve learned a few things in my short time of being a mom of 2.

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