Do you have this one trait that every high achiever needs?

I’ve been doing a lot of learning, a lot of professional development. And friend, here’s what I’ve learned:  

There’s one trait that entrepreneurs LACK whenever they start seeing success with their business. 

Typically entrepreneurs are HIGH ACHIEVERS (um, me!). 

And a lot of times what happens for high achievers + go-getters is that as soon as we see success with our business, we LACK this *one skill* and it HOLDS US BACK. 

What is it? What do we lack? What is the one thing that holds us back from truly having everything we desire?


“What’s that,” right? Or maybe, “Oh, I’ve totally got that covered.” 

But honestly, even if you don’t THINK you lack self-awareness, you probably do… because here’s the thing: If you’re a quick starter (like me!), or if you’re a go-go-go-go type (me again!), your lack of conscious self-awareness might be hurting your Team.

I’ll be honest with you: this happened with me + my Team last week.

I was talking with my OBM, and I said, “I think I have an idea, and I want to LAUNCH in like, one week! Okay, perfect, LET’S GO!”

I was ready to GO, but I was not AWARE of what was happening for everyone else on my Team. I hadn’t checked in with them about how we could make this happen so soon.

Sometimes, the go-getter type is not aware of her strengths and weaknesses, or what’s happening with her emotions during the day, or why she’s STRESSED OUT, or even why she’s excited. 

Can you relate?!

It’s so important to develop SELF-AWARENESS, especially as an entrepreneur. 

How can you learn how to be self-aware, today? Here’s a few ideas: 

First and foremost, TEST YOURSELF. 

You have to put yourself in uncomfortable situations to get real with yourself and learn what you’re really good at and where you lack. 

You might also ASK YOUR PARTNER. 

What does your spouse say when you ask for a list of your strengths and weaknesses? (That can be a hard conversation, but it’s also really IMPORTANT information!)


I really like this Strengths Finder and the Myers Briggs Personality Test.

SELF-AWARENESS for me means realizing that not everyone is a quick starter like me! 

I get an idea, and I’m ready to run with it… but not everyone is like that! Some people need to see the whole picture before they can take action. Some people need to make a rational plan. Some people have to move through the emotional piece about how they feel about the action they’re taking. 

I’m the type that has an idea, and I’m ready to roll ASAP; but sometimes that can burn people, my people, in the process. I’m constantly asking my staff, “How are you doing? How do YOU feel about this? Do you think this is a realistic goal for this project? What support do you need from me to make this happen?”

I’m practicing self-awareness with my Team, because I know I’m a BALL OF ENERGY! 

I get excited about things really quickly, and that can stress other people out sometimes! And that’s not what I want to do! I don’t want to stress out my Team!

And then, TRACK YOUR DAY. 

It’s so important to track what’s going on throughout your day and to have your goals WRITTEN, to make sure you know what you’re aiming for each month + how you’re going to do it, every. single. day. (And then, of course, actually FOLLOW THROUGH!)

I’ve recently starting using the SmartLife PUSH Journal by Chalene Johnson. I can track my eating habits throughout the day, my sleep from the night before, whether + how I stuck to my goals, what I’m grateful for that day, and whatever else I want to remember! 

It’s important to figure out “How are things going in my life? Am I taking care of myself? Am I getting sleep? Am I drinking water? How did things go with my Team? What do I need to work on tomorrow?” 

**I also encourage you to offer yourself 15 minutes every day for prayer + devotional time. This time in quiet meditation will really help you step back from the day and reflect, breathe deeply from the belly, and become more SELF-AWARE about what’s going on with you throughout the day. (Just 15 minutes, friends!)**

P.S. Let me know (in the comments or hop on over to the video comments), how are you making yourself better TODAY??! Where are you lacking self-awareness + how can you change that ASAP?

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