How to Attract Customers for your Fitness Business

Hello to my amazing fitness professionals!

I am super excited to talk with you today about how you can GET and KEEP clients in your fitness business!

I know that when you’re first starting your business, it can feel really stressful and overwhelming to attract new clients, online and in person.

You likely have a really great skill in your field, whether that’s run coaching, nutrition expertise, or personal training. But maybe you don’t know the best way to attract paying clients.

Today I’m sharing some really helpful strategies (that are a little bit unconventional!) for you to GET and KEEP clients!

A lot of times we think our first step is to master the marketing strategy, right? We have to figure out a way to find clients online, which means determining a great Instagram strategy or writing a successful Facebook ad (and yes, these parts are important- later!).

But there are actually some really important, underlying elements that seem to be consistent problems for many of my clients starting new online businesses.

Today I will talk about marketing, but I’ll also talk about some foundational elements, like having a mission and vision for your business and making sure your life and self- care routine is together- all so that you can actually help your clients!

We’re going to work through THREE key areas that will help you get and keep clients.

There are THREE really important steps that will help you get and keep clients on a monthly basis so that you can continue to see your profits increase, have more opportunities to invest in your business, and impact more people by generating more profits for your business.

(This is just a small snapshot into some of the strategies I teach my clients in the Fitness Business Academy! Stay tuned for details!)

So, let’s begin.

The FIRST way for you to get and keep clients is to determine WHO you want to serve and HOW they need and want to be served. Ask these questions:

  1. Do I actually understand, on a very basic level, what problem I’m trying to solve for my clients? As an entrepreneur, as a fitness business professional, you have to have a very clear picture of your ideal client and their biggest struggle. If you do not have that, you cannot get clients or keep them. At the core, our business is to understand people. We need to understand our people better than they understand themselves so that they’ll trust us to help them, financially and long-term.

  2. If I don’t know what my clients need, do I actually know who I want to work with? I work with a lot of women in fitness (nutritionists, run coaches, beachbody coaches), and often they tell me they want to work with a busy mom who’s struggling to find time to eat well and workout. But, everybody wants to work with the busy mom! So WHICH busy mom do you want to help? What’s her deeper, underlying issue? Is it really that she doesn’t have enough time? (Because, we all have the same amount of time! Why does she feel like she doesn’t have enough?) Is there something else going on in her life? Is her time management off? Does she struggle with mom guilt? Does her husband work really long hours outside the home? Pinpoint your ideal client- and be specific!

  3. If I don’t know what my clients need, have I taken time to research? If I’m creating programs for my clients, do I know what they want in those programs? Have I asked someone who might be an ideal client? Have I asked my current clients if this is something they need? Have I listened to them and asked about their struggles and questions? Take the time to ask questions, listen to the answers, and research the needs of your ideal clients.

  4. How have I, or how can I, test (my products and/or services) to ensure that this will be a profitable use of my time and energy? I’ll be totally honest: when I create a new program, whether it’s a running program or my membership site, I do not create a single thing until I get a sale- just to prove that it will actually be profitable! Otherwise, it’s not a good use of my time and energy. Ask, do I find myself putting time and energy into creating materials, only to find out that no one actually wants them? Maybe that’s because you didn’t take the time to research and determine whether your products and services are actually what somebody wants and needs, to solve their particular problems for example.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “Actually, I already know my ideal client! BUT I’m still not getting clients. What’s the problem?”


The SECOND way for you to get and keep clients is to determine who you’re CURRENTLY SERVING and whether and how you’re RETAINING CURRENT CLIENTS. Ask these questions:  

  1. Who is my current client? You current client(s) will be the best place to start as you determine what’s next for your business. It is much easier for you to keep a client than try to get a new one. Cold market clients have to move from knowing you to liking you to trusting you. Your current clients already know you and like you and trust you! They just want to keep following you on your journey.

  2. How am I creating programs and structures that encourage client retention? If you’re looking to get clients to renew their subscription (or services) with you, think about how you talk to them now. Ask, when I’m on calls with current clients or connecting via Facebook or email, am I actually listening and engaging and trying to figure out where they’re at? How am I measuring their progress through my program? How am I listening to their current needs? Can I do this better?

  3. Are my current clients a priority over new leads? Your current clients are your VIP/best friend/lab rats (whatever you want to call them!) because they’re the ones that have already said yes to you! You need to continually listen to them, nurture them, and consider, “How can I best serve my client now?” When you focus on retaining current clients by evolving with their needs, you will have clients who love you! They will tell everyone about you! If you’re delivering a high quality product- and one that makes your clients feel cared for and supported- they are going to tell their friends about you! And they’re most likely connected with your ideal client: other people like them. When you focus on the nurture strategy (nurturing your current clients!), that’s when your business grows, because current clients will refer you!

Let me offer one example here from my own business. In the Fitness Business Academy, a program that teaches online fitness business owners like YOU how to create an online business, I ask my clients a lot of questions! After my clients have gone through the program, I ask questions, like: What went well for you? What progress did you make? What were you satisfied with? What were you unsatisfied with? What are you still struggling with?

This year, as I listened to my clients, I heard many of them say, “I am almost there, I just need one more push!” and “I’ve made a lot of progress, but now I want to uplevel my business!” So, in response to their new concerns, I created a follow-up program called Uplevel, specifically for people who have gone through FBA to take that next step with their business. I never planned to create Uplevel! I simply listened to the needs and struggles of my current clients and responded to that- and that’s how I also kept clients with me for another four or five months!

Your focus at the beginning is to GET new clients- but then you want to KEEP them!

Maybe you’re saying, “I’ve got my ideal client down AND I already have loyal clients. Why are they still not talking about me?”

(First, if they’re not talking about you, I definitely think you should re-consider whether you’re really taking special care of them and prioritizing them first!)

But, if you know your ideal client and how to retain current ones, the THIRD way for you to get and keep clients is to master some key online marketing tools! You can use these to get new clients, both in person and online!

How do you get your first 10 in person clients? Outside of taking good care of your current clients (and maybe offering them an incentive to refer you), you might also bolster your online presence and offer an online community for your clients in your specific region or city.

What’s working the best online right now?

  1. Facebook LIVE: Facebook currently favors LIVE videos in their algorithm. What does that mean? It means that Facebook will prioritize visibility to live video- more than written or image posts- because it’s trending with people, and Facebook knows that! If you’re trying to get new clients now, the best way is to go LIVE on Facebook. And if you’re reading this and thinking, “Uhhhh, I don’t feel comfortable going live on video,” you need to look into Fitness Business Academy! That’s where I will teach you the best strategies for going LIVE and creating valuable content for your ideal client.

  2. Private Facebook groups: You need to participate in Facebook groups- either by getting active in existing groups or creating your own. Think about it: if you post on your wall, do people get a notification? No. If you post on your business page, do people get a notification? No. If you post in a Facebook group, do people get a notification? Yes! Facebook favors the group feature.

  3. Instagram (LIVE video and stories): Instagram has a live video feature, too! And Instagram’s algorithms are much like Facebook’s: live video is favored above image content. You can also post a story so that even when you’re not posting image content throughout the day, people are seeing something from you that directs them to your other posts.

And finally, if you want to AUTOMATE online marketing for new clients, you have to start by automating your lead generation through Facebook Ads and Sales Funnels by creating a free opt-in for potential clients that directly relates to their struggle.


I’m going to walk you through this step-by-step. Keep in mind: this is A TON of upfront work, but it will help you tremendously long-term!

If you have a clear idea of WHO you’re serving and WHAT they want, you can create a free program for potential clients, in exchange for their email address!

For example, let’s say your ideal client is saying, “I need to strength train, but I don’t know how!” Maybe you can create a free strength-training video to share with your audience- in exchange for their email. When you get their email, you can warm them up with your newsletters or links to your free Facebook communities, maybe Instagram posts or LIVE videos. If you can share valuable content with them on a daily or weekly basis, they’re more likely to sign up for one of your other programs!

You can also use a sales funnel, or a series of automated emails for new leads to receive after they initially opt-in for the free gift. This series of emails can be a chance for new clients to get to know you- or maybe a chance for you to show them that you see their struggle! You can walk your clients slowly through a getting-to-know-you process before you share the products or services that will solve their specific problem.

The steps to automation:

  1. Create an opt-in.

  2. Create the sales funnel: a series of 3-7 emails that speak very clearly to your ideal client, plus promotional materials (this also contains links to your social media accounts so they can follow along with you elsewhere).

  3. Run a Facebook Ad that’s targeted at your ideal client and offers the chance for them to opt-in.


Maybe this all sounds too overwhelming. Maybe you don’t know your ideal client yet. Or maybe Facebook Ads and Sales Funnels sound intimidating.

Maybe you’re asking, “How can I do all of these things, the right way?”

What if I told you, I’ve already made you a strategy that covers all of these things?! I can give you the structure you need to take the steps to finally get new clients!

It’s called Fitness Business Academy Self Study!  

I’ve had lots of people go through the Fitness Business Academy, my online program for fitness business professionals like YOU to create successful online businesses. I know this is the best step-by-step strategy for YOU to see success with your business. And now I’m offering it to you as a self-study program, where you can follow along at your own pace!

The Fitness Business Academy Self Study is designed with materials from my membership site so that you can walk through the modules on your own AND have access to alumni who have already gone through the program as a support for you long-term.

And the awesome part is that NOW when you register, you will get access to some great BONUS materials inside this program!

You will get ALL of the modules, PLUS:

The Ideal Client Identifier, in which I walk you through a series of questions to help you get clear about your ideal client so that you can differentiate yourself!

And Pricing and Packaging, where I will teach you how to create services that pay you well AND that your ideal client will love! We walk through how to price and what to include in a package, plus how to ensure that it’s a win on both ends.

And the BEST part?

This program works! My clients are telling me that they’re doubling sales, growing lists, filling programs- because they’ve been through Fitness Business Academy! Now I’m offering the program to YOU!

If YOU want the step-by-step structure to fill your boot camps, have clients coming to you every month, and to continue to serve your clients well, sign up for the Fitness Business Academy Self Study!

See you inside!

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