I cannot believe I am telling you this...


Hello friend!

Something CRAZY happened with my business recently. And I literally CANNOT believe I am telling you this! 

You might laugh. You might drop your jaw when I tell you what happened. 

But I feel like I just need to tell you, because I think this is something that, honestly, you might want to do, too. 

I wasn’t planning to tell you, but I realized: I tell my clients to BE BRAVE... I need to do that, too! And you need to know the truth. 

So, I’m going to tell you something crazy. 


(And I promise, it will all make sense after you hear the whole story.)

A few weeks ago, I was scouring the internet for some help with my daughter, Elle. She has CRADLE CAP. She wakes up every morning with what-we-call a Rat’s Nest of matted hair on the back of her head. And every morning, I crank through her hair, scraping away this GUNK from her scalp. 

And I’m just so sick of it!

I’ve tried so many natural products. Actually, everything Target and Ulta sells that’s a “natural hair product,” I’ve tried it! And nothing has worked.

I desperately reached out to my people on Facebook, asking for help from anyone with a natural product for kids’ hair. 

A few people responded with, “Jasmin, you HAVE to try this product.”

Of course, I did some research. And I decided I wanted to give it a shot! 

But. NO ONE I know was selling this product! I couldn’t get my hands on it!

A lot of people were using this product, but I wasn’t connected with anyone selling it, because...wait for it… It’s actually a network marketing company.

When you hear the words, “network marketing,” what comes to mind? I’m thinking SPAM. Ew! Gross, right? I see product pictures in my newsfeed and people messaging me about buying their product and EW!

Fast forward two weeks… I’m on a call with a business colleague, and she tells me, “Jasmin, you will never guess what I just did! I joined a network marketing company. Can you believe it?!”

Funny story about the two of us: we both started our online businesses in network marketing!

“I know, I know,” she said, “I told myself I would never do it again! But it’s like, I can’t help myself. This company is different. Our Team is full of high-caliber business women, entrepreneurs who already have established brands and businesses, women who have SMART marketing strategies going already. IN FACT, even after 10 months of marketing with this company, these women have never even mentioned the product’s name!”

Hmm..really? You mean, they don’t have to post product pictures on their Facebook pages?! 

She told me more and more and more.

Within two months of working with this company, women on this Team are having 5k months.. Then 16k months… then 30K MONTHS! This company does a great job getting you WINS, quickly. They pour out bonuses to their people. 

And here’s the thing that’s awesome about it: compared to selling shakes and workout materials (what we both used to do!), this HAIR CARE product is something that people are already purchasing regularly! 

When you’re selling shakes and workout programs, you’re also educating people about WHY they need these things. (And, yes, this can be AMAZING, if you have the time to devote to that part of your business!)

When you’re selling hair care products, you’re selling a product that people use everyday anyway. People already wash their hair! And most women don’t like what they use right now; it’s just whatever they find at the store, whether it works well or not.

That’s exactly where I’m at with my daughter (cradle cap!) and myself (thin, fine, boring hair that doesn’t do much of anything!).

Tell me more, right?!

Partnering with this company is actually a residual income stream, because once people find something that they love (and a product they have to use everyday!), they’re gonna keep coming back for more!

And, there is no other network marketing company that is solely a hair care company.

The market isn’t saturated (yet)! No one is selling it! (Or at least, no one I knew!) 

Plus, this company is projected to be the #1 Hair Care Company in the USA next year. 

That’s how fast it’s growing.  

And I’m telling you this, because I’m all about sharing opportunity!

I know a lot of your guys are sick of struggling hard for your business. You’re sick of working all month long, running challenge groups and selling shakes, to make less than what you’re worth. 

Think about this: How can you be a savvy, smart business woman? How can you be aware of the market? How can you use digital marketing better?

You can have a product that people will LOVE to buy, that earns you good, sustainable income for your business.

Maybe for a long time, you’ve sat back and said, “I want to start an online business, but I’m afraid.” 

Let me tell you: sitting back and waiting is not going to do you any good (whether it’s with this company or some other business venture).

If the timing is right, DON’T WAIT! If you notice that the market is not yet saturated AND the product makes sense (a consumable product that people already use!), don’t wait around, even if it feels a little bit out of your comfort zone (hello network marketing! again!).

Do your research. And if the timing and the marketplace is right, JUMP ON IT!

P.S. I hope this encourages you to do something BRAVE with your business today, because sometimes there are opportunities that come up that you JUST CAN’T PASS UP!

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Love, Coach Jasmin

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