My Secret Weapon On Pushing Past A Running Plateau

Are you happy with how you are ending the new year regarding your body and your training? Maybe you feel like you are eating well and training hard, BUT are still struggling with a plateau.

Do you struggle with weird stomach issue during or after a run? Do you want more energy during the day? Do you want to improve your training and your racing with one simple step?!  

I want to share with you a SECRET WEAPON!

I use this weapon and so do many of my runners.... ready?!?!


Yes probiotics (aka a healthy gut ;) ), and there are 6 main ways an EFFECTIVE PROBIOTIC is benefitial for your body and specifically helps runners!

  1. Strengthens and supports your immune system
  2. Improves your energy
  3. Helps get rid of the not-so-good stomach side effects of running
  4. Promotes joint and bone health
  5. Good for your mental and emotional health
  6. Helps to get quality sleep
For more information on what a probiotic really is, and further details on each of the 6 ways a probiotic will make you a better runner please watch the video to the right :)

My FAVORITE clean, nutritious, and yummy food company is SILVER FERN BRAND. If you want even more information on probiotics and their effects CLICK HERE to check out their new program! You can sign up for a free magazine that has a bunch of tips on what foods have the most probiotics, and their supplements. 

 I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Silver Fern Brand probiotics for every runner!

When looking for a good probiotic, make sure it states "100% survivability!", has a high number of CFU's, and is using live bacteria. You do not want to take a pill of dead bacteria, its like taking a dead pill. And a pill that will no survive the acids in your stomach is no good Either!! 

AND...if you want to learn how to train smarter and not harder, learn about better nutrition, and have awesome races next sprint, sign up for my FASTER RUNNER ACADEMY and I will personally order you a bottle of Silver Fern Brand Probiotics myself and send them to your doorstep! BUT you must sign up by December 1st in order to get your free bottle!!!