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How to Make Money as an Influencer in Health + Wellness


How to Make Money as an Influencer in Health + Wellness

Holly is talking about how to make residual income with your health + wellness business.

I started in health + wellness coaching more than three years ago! First I worked in network marketing (unsuccessfully), and then I started training runners through my run coaching business. (This is the same path many of my clients have taken, too!)

Holly has a variety of business experience, from running a brick-and-mortar company to working as a certified Turtle Tots teacher to partnering with Amazon Business. Now she’s actively working toward her health coaching certification, plus she’s a leader in her network marketing company!

That’s why Holly is here today.

We’re going to help you explore your options to create greater financial stability in your health + wellness or coaching business.


How to increase productivity [with guest Emily Arger]


How to increase productivity [with guest Emily Arger]

Today I’m excited to introduce one of my favorite clients, Emily Arger! (If you didn’t know this already, my first business love is coaching health and wellness professionals - and Emily is one of the greats!)

Emily is a pro with all things nutrition. She’s a Certified FASTer Way to Fat Loss Coach who’s helped women lose pounds with a simple nutrition-based lifestyle focused on Intermittent Fasting (IF). She runs 7-day, 10-day, and 3-week programs to help women safely and effectively implement IF into their daily lifestyles. (You can learn more about Emily right here!)

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Very simply, Intermittent Fasting is not a diet. Instead, it’s a change in your eating pattern.

The 16/8 fast (the one we’re talking about today) offers a great daily routine for mama entrepreneurs especially.

Watch, listen, or read as Emily offers 4 practical tips for how to implement Intermittent Fasting:



TIP #1. Choose your fasting window.

This timeframe has to be something that will work everyday (or at least most days). Generally I recommend the 16/8 window, meaning you’ll close the eating window around 7-8pm and fast until the following day around 11am-12pm.

Consider when you eat dinner. When you’re finished eating dinner, that’s when you’ll close the window and begin fasting. You’ll fast until bedtime (which should be easy if you’ve just eaten a big, healthy dinner!), through the night, and then until lunchtime the next day.

You’re only fasting for about eight waking hours. (It’s not as hard as you think!)


TIP #2. Do not combine IF with caloric restriction.

I’m passionate about thyroid and adrenal health (especially for new mamas!), which means I DON’T recommend restricting calories in combination with an IF eating pattern (remember this isn’t a “diet”).  

There’s right and wrong ways to do Intermittent Fasting.

Restricting your eating during your 8-hour window is the wrong way to get started. That could cause a lot of problems for your entire endocrine system, plus you might crash. Your body might not receive the macronutrients it needs to thrive.

NOTE: Yes, that requires some diligence from you! It can be helpful to work with a coach, because the methodology is specific. To begin, you can check out Emily’s FREE guide to Intermittent Fasting right here!


TIP #3. The best thing to do at the end of your fasting window is… Forget you fasted!

This is SO IMPORTANT, because you don’t want to “compensate” for the fasting hours or binge during the eating window (especially on junk).

Eat your first meal like an adult: You are calm and peaceful and confident. Eat a normal meal, and treat your body well as you enter these eight hours of nourishment.


TIP #4. Remain consistent (but remain flexible).  

Choose your 16/8 window and stick with it! Your body will adapt. The first few days might feel hard, but your body will adjust to this new schedule for eating.

BUT remain flexible. If you’re hunger during the fasting hours is unbearable, of course break your fast to eat something to nourish your body.

Consider, though, “What turned on that hunger signal?”

Did you simply drive past Starbucks mid-morning? Did you see your co-worker munching on chocolates? Did you smell something from the breakroom? Have you always had these “hunger cues” when you’re bored or upset? (Those are externals that SHOULD NOT break your fast in the future.)


Did you have a super hard workout the day before? Is your body experiencing stressors that require more consistent nutrients? Is your body feeling “real hunger”? (Those are your body’s cues to break fast and eat.)


Intermittent Fasting will help you become better aware of your body. And it might take some time to figure out.

If you want more details about Intermittent Fasting, check out Emily’s FREE Guide to IF!


BONUS Q+A with Emily

QUESTION 1: Do your kids intermittent fast?

No - right now my kiddos are ages four and six. Their bodies are growing, and they require pretty consistent caloric intake! They don’t need to limit their eating window at all.

QUESTION 2 - How do you feel about IF and Carb Cycling together?

Carb Cycling still allows you to get all your macronutrients during the eating window. In my Faster Way to Fat Loss program, we do both (there are so many benefits with each!) - so I say YES.

Remember that this doesn’t cut calories. When you’re eating fewer carbs, you’re eating more fats and proteins (so you’re NOT restricting calories).


ONE LAST TAKEAWAY: As a woman, I hope that we can stop thinking about ourselves as “fat” and actually consider that fat is simply fuel! That’s what IF allows us to tap into - “extra fat” isn’t bad, it’s simply fuel for our busy lives.

Thanks for joining us today, Emily! Find more information about IF and coaching with Emily right here!




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How to Hit Your Sales Goals at End Of Month


How to Hit Your Sales Goals at End Of Month

Today I’m talking about month-end goals (because I LOVE this time of the month!).

End of month (EOM) is crazy fun, especially for those of us in network marketing! That’s when we typically need to hit rank to see that cash flow.

And today I’m going to be completely transparent with you, because I want you to see the good, bad, easy, and hard.

Last month I had the goal to make $30,000 in team sales with my network marketing company. Instead, I hit $45,000 (woo!)! So this month I doubled my goal and planned to make $60,000 in team sales..

And I’m not even close!

But this is where I think it’s fun! I’ve got a lot of work to do, and today I’m giving YOU three hacks to help you hit your EOM goals. (These are things I’m doing right now, too!)

Which three things do you need to be doing to hit your big goals?



#1. Write down your goals and the actions you need to take, every day.

Take your goals from the subconscious to the conscious mind.

I write down my goals in the same journal every day, and I include some actions that need to happen before that goal can become my reality. (More than journaling, my teacher-self also uses a whiteboard to strategize goals with an action plan, too!)

For example, you might set numbers goals (“I want to have 10 people on my team by month-end”). Start by writing down your numbers now, then determine which actions you need to take to meet your goal by month-end.

P.S. If you lead a team (or if you’re in network marketing), write down your team’s goals and what you need to do to make those happen. How can you support your downline? Which actions do you need to take to help them?

#2. Attack your mindset.

Don’t lower the target when you feel discouraged. Instead, buckle down and get to work.

Every time I reach month-end, I start to question, “Is this actually going to happen? Can I do it?”

And once, I just gave up.. That’s the only month I’ve not reached my goal, because I gave into the discouragement and I gave up on my goal. (And you know what happened? I woke up sick the following morning!)

Put in the work at the end of the month, and enjoy a great start to the next month!

Here are a few things you can do:

✓ Anytime you have negative thoughts, encourage positive ones. Read or listen to professional development materials. You might listen to a podcast, watch live videos from your favorite mentors, or read a chapter of a book.

Don’t give your brain time to tell you anything bad! Invite the good.

✓ When you start to feel like everyone but you is succeeding, flip the switch! Start to think, “If she can do it, so can I!” Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 15.

You can do it, if you’re willing to work.

✓ When you start to feel like nobody is interested in what you have to offer, flip the switch! Start to think, “People are waiting for me to show up!”

It takes people 7-21 touchpoints with you before people Know-Like-Trust you and purchase from you.

Your main job is to show up: Hop on live video, post on social media, reach out to old leads.

#3. Lean in and show up boldly.

You need to race all the way to the end. You family needs you, your team needs you, your clients need you.

Show up and say, “I’m not quitting.” Get fired up.

You have to be willing to say that you believe in your product or service (in yourself).

So tell me, how will you reach your End Of Month goals this month?



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A simple shift for when you're feeling discouraged


A simple shift for when you're feeling discouraged

We’re reaching the middle of the month and the middle of Q1. Typically this is the point where most business owners have to make a big decision.

We start the month with big, ambitious goals. We’re excited about all the things we plan to tackle. And then life happens.

Full transparency: At least once per month (maybe twice), I come to my husband with huge feelings of discouragement.

This happens to all of us, whether our business is thriving or at a plateau.

Today I want to talk to you about how to work through the big shifts that inevitably happen.



My husband can tell you, too, when things are hard with my business (and sometimes with my kids), I’m not my same happy, bubbly self. That’s his first sign that something is up.

Sometimes I’m supporting women through their own growing pains. Sometimes my ladies try so hard to close deals, and then they face rejection. My job is to support these people (and so many of them!), and it can feel too overwhelming.

I start to question, “Am I doing the right thing?”

Joe experiences this kind of discouragement, too. He’s an elite runner, training for the Olympic trials. In the midst of Michigan winter, things can feel especially hard for Joe, because he’s training completely alone and in the harsh cold.

We both have these moments where things feel hard.

And when we come to each other for support, that’s exactly what we’re looking for: Support in community, support from someone we trust.

Joe helps me remember why I’m doing what I do and why it’s so important.

He points out why I love my work and why I care about my ladies. He reminds me of my Core Desired Feelings and the reasons I work so hard to reach my goals.

And this happens a few times per month!

After a long, hard day, we try to remember the vision, the one that extends past the end of that one hard day.


So shake it off. You know why you’re doing what you’re doing. And what you’re doing is good! Keep doing it. Tomorrow will be better.


On hard days, you might feel like it’s better to put the breaks on and stop what you’re doing. But I’m here to tell you to LEAN IN.

I believe that God takes us through trials to bring us to the next phase.

It’s like we’re climbing a mountain, and we’re at that point in the climb where the path feels too steep, the road feels too long, our breath feels too short. But once we get to the top of the mountain, the view will be beautiful!

(Or for Joe, we’re at Mile 20 in the marathon!)

Something amazing is ready to happen on the other side.

Leaning in looks like using negative energy to create something good. Sometimes that means talking with my girls on live video: If I’m having a hard time, someone else might be struggling, too, and I can turn my negative feelings into something positive.

Leaning in looks like talking to my husband. He helps ground my energy: He reminds me what I’m all about, he reminds me to keep moving toward something good.

There will always be growing pains. But how can we use these growing pains to help prepare us for what’s coming?





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How to use Facebook Live to Grow Your Business


How to use Facebook Live to Grow Your Business

I have grown an extremely successful business using Facebook Live.

But here’s a little secret: I used to be pretty bad at live video!

The first few times especially, Facebook live feels overwhelming. You’re trying to manage all the things that will make you successful, but it can feel like a mess!

But. I’m here to tell you: You can ROCK your Facebook Lives, if you focus on these five hacks!



#1: Craft a killer headline.


This will make or break you. The video’s title determines whether or not people even watch your video.

A Facebook Live title should catch people’s attention.

Here are some ideas:

  1. People are drawn to numbers. Consider making a list (i.e.Five ways to …, etc.).

  2. People are drawn to How To benefits. Consider talking about how you’ve accomplished something (How I grew my business by 100 percent last month, etc.).

  3. People will have objections. Consider talking about the benefits + objections (How to run a mlm without spamming your friends, How to lose weight without sacrificing your weekly donut, etc.).

  4. People are drawn in by their curiosity. Don’t tell your audience everything you’re going to say! Leave room for them to wonder what you’ll talk about.  

You have to give people a reason to watch.

TIP: If you’re struggling to come up with titles for your live videos, get some inspiration from magazine titles! Big name magazines spend thousands of dollars doing market research to figure out the buzzwords that will get their people to bite. Follow their lead! Utilize their paid-for research.


#2: Remember to intro your replay viewers.  


When you hit record, there’s about 5-10 seconds of awkwardness where you’re waiting for people to hop on live. Take this time to talk to your replay viewers! Thank them for re-watching or remind them to subscribe and receive updates every time you go live.  

Address your replay viewers right away to avoid those few seconds of awkward (and those few seconds where viewers might jump off!).


#3: Encourage people to engage.


You want your live videos to be a back-and-forth conversation. Encourage viewers to engage with you by commenting in response to your video.

This ensures that you’re building trust with your audience.

Plus, Facebook will push your video up in the newsfeed.

Facebook will favor the posts with more comments, because they want more engagement within their platform!

Here are some ideas:

Ask people to drop a 1,2,3 in the comments.

Ask people to comment with a specific emoji.

Ask people to answer your questions.


#4: Keep your videos short and sweet.


Your live videos should be about 10-15 minutes max.

(This is my biggest mistake! My videos are typically a half hour long…)

Give yourself 3-5 short-sweet-juicy main points, and move things along! Your viewers can justify a 10 minute video, but much more than that drops your number of viewers.


#5: Always end with a call-to-action.


If your viewers are going to listen to you for 10 minutes, they are choosing to build trust with you and your brand.

Tell them where they can find more from you. Should they visit your website? Should they email you? Should they share this with their friends? If they reach out, will they receive a free gift from you?

What do you think? Which action will you take this week to start rocking your Facebook lives?

Tell me in the comments below!



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Why Every Entrepreneur Should Watch The Greatest Showman


Why Every Entrepreneur Should Watch The Greatest Showman

Typically I’m not a “movie person.” My husband has to drag me to the theater, because I just don’t like sitting down to watch an entire film.

But let me tell you what.

The Greatest Showman changed my whole perception about movie-watching.

There’s a strong message inside this film, specifically for entrepreneurs and people who work in network marketing.

And when you watch The Greatest Showman (whether you’ve already seen it or you’re going to watch it), I want you to think about these four things in relationship to your business.



#1: You are not alone.


How many times a week does this conversation go through your head?



“They can say, They can say it all sounds crazy

They can say, They can say I’ve lost my mind

I don’t care, I don’t care, so call me crazy

We can live in a world that we design


‘Cause every night I lie in bed

The brightest colors fill my head

A million dreams are keeping me awake

I think of what the world could be

A vision of the one I see

A million dreams is all it’s gonna take

A million dreams for the world we’re gonna make.”

(from The Greatest Showman)


Do you lay in bed at night thinking about the ways you want to change the world? I do.

You want to leave a legacy.

What would happen if you transitioned from dreamer to do-er?

If you’re a fellow visionary with big dreams, I want you to remember this: You. Are. Not. Alone. BUT. You have to make the transition from dreamer to do-er.

(And that’s going to happen when you’re able to overcome these next two tips that I talk about!)


#2: You might be scared to make the jump, but think about what can be on the other side.

This might be a conversation you have with yourself or with someone else:



“Don’t you wanna get away

From the same old part you’re gonna play

‘Cause I’ve got what you need,

So come with me and take the ride

It’ll take you to the other side

‘Cause you can do like you do,

Or you can do like me

Stay in the cage,

Or you’ll finally take the key

Oh damn, suddenly you’re free to fly

It’ll take you to the other side.”

(from The Greatest Showman)


The thing I love about this song is that Hugh Jackman’s character is so good at casting vision.

That’s really how entrepreneurs are so good at selling: We cast a vision.

And here’s the response (or, the ‘objection to the sale’):


“Okay, my friend, you want to cut me in

Well I hate to tell you, but it just won’t happen

So thanks, but no

I think I’m good to go

‘Cause I quite enjoy the life you say I’m trapped in

Now I admire you, and that whole show you do

You’re onto something, really it’s something

But I live among the swells,

And we don’t pick up peanut shells

I’ll have to leave that up to you.”

(from The Greatest Showman)


Can you relate to this conversation?

You’re on a call with a future client, you cast the vision, and they say, “Oh no thanks, it’s just not for me.”

The objection is: I’m afraid of what people will think.

I don’t want to take a risk, because I’m afraid of what they’ll think. If I do it, they might make fun of me. Or I’m going to do it, fail, and then have to tell everyone that I failed.

And this is where Hugh Jackman’s character overcomes the objection and gets the sale (as we’ll call it):


“But you will finally live a little,

You will finally laugh a little

Let me give you the freedom to dream

And it will wake you and cure your aching

Take your walls and start breaking

Now that’s a deal that seems worth taking

But I guess I’ll leave that up to you.”

(from The Greatest Showman)


People usually have at least one objection, and typically it’s fear.

How does Hugh Jackman’s character overcome the objection?

He’s not focused on what people think or how to change their minds, because you can’t control anyone else! And you’re not going to change their minds!

Instead, he says, forget them, and see what’s on the other side for you.

When I was thinking about jumping into this network marketing partnership, this was the conversation in my head:


"I’m networked with some of the leaders in my industry!

What will they think of me if they see me selling shampoo?

But ugh, shut up Jasmin! Who cares what people think!

What’s on the other side?"


And you know what’s on the other side?

Financial freedom for thousands of people.

This network marketing company is a business opportunity that will literally change people’s lives: mothers who want to stay home with their kiddos but instead work crazy-long night shifts, teachers who only get paid for seven hours per day but work so much more.

There’s a better way.

And that’s why I think mothers are so attracted to online business: We can work from home, on our phones, and still take care of our kiddos.

Stop thinking about what other people think.

What do you think? What’s on the other side, for you?

Get out of your own way.


#3: Some people won’t believe in what you do. But you should do it anyway.


When you do anything for the first time, you feel overwhelming excitement!

And then someone you care about (usually a friend or family member) will come to you and say, “Why did you go to college for four years if you’re just going to do this?” or “Isn’t online business and network marketing for lazy, slimy people?” or “That’s not a ‘real’ job.”

People won’t like that you’re doing something different.

When P.T. Barnum started his show, people called it fake. Even though everything in the show was really happening, people hadn’t accepted it yet.

They called it fake, because they couldn’t accept it for themselves.

Does that sound familiar?

But here’s the thing: P.T. Barnum wasn’t faking anything, and you’re not either. People just haven’t accepted that reality yet.  

And you get to pave the way! You get to redefine the traditional.

(And P.S. Don’t let people degrade your passion and purpose on this earth. Ever.)



“When the sharpest words wanna cut me down,

I’m gonna send a flood, gonna drown them out

I am brave, I am bruised

I am who I’m meant to be

This is me

Look out ‘cause here I come

And I’m marching to the beat I drum

I’m not scared to be seen

I make no apologies

This is me.”

(from The Greatest Showman)


#4: Remember who you’re doing this for.



“I drank champagne with kings and queens

The politicians praised my name

But those are someone else’s dreams

The pitfalls of the man I became

For years and years

I chased their cheers

The crazy speed of always needing more

But when I stop and see you there,

I remember who all this was for

And from now on

These eyes will not be blinded by the lights

From now on

What’s waited ‘til tomorrow starts tonight

It starts tonight

And let this promise in me start

Like an anthem in my heart

From now on.”

(from The Greatest Showman)


This is my FAVORITE song, and here’s why:

We’re in it! We’re in the business, in the grind. We’re working hard and reaching our goals.

But you know what happens sometimes? We lose sight of what really matters to us.

Maybe we start to chase other people’s dreams.

But remember who you’re doing this for! And come back home.

My personal definition of success includes hustling hard during naptime so I can play with my kiddos every afternoon and enjoy dinner time with my family. My personal definition of success includes taking Sundays off, to spend the whole day with my family (plus donuts on Saturdays).

I do this business for my family, for my kids.

They are the reason I started an online business to begin with, and they’re the reason I work so hard now.

Are you living YOUR definition of success? Or are you chasing someone else’s dream?

And what do you need to do to come back home?



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How To Get Unstuck in Your Business


How To Get Unstuck in Your Business

I’ve been hearing this from a lot of women in the online space:


They’re overwhelmed.

They have too much on their plate.

They’re at a crossroads with where they want to be, who they want to serve, and how they want to make a difference.

They have a few really good things going, but they can’t balance all of them to greatness.


Are you at a similar place?


Here’s the good news: I’ve been there, too! And I have three really great strategies to help you get out of the overwhelm and into a place of inspiration and action.



#1: Take care of you.


You’re feeling overwhelmed, so tell me:


Have you been working out?
Have you been eating well?

How is your relationship with your husband? Your kids?


When even a few of these pieces of self-care are out-of-whack, your business can be hugely affected, too.


Think about this:


Is there an area of your life that you’re neglecting right now? Maybe something that typically fuels you?


HINT: This may even be one of the reasons you started your business, but now you don’t have time for those things: time with your man, time with your family, grocery shopping at Whole Foods, daily workouts, etc.


What can you do about it?

Take some time to DO YOU.


Put your phone on airplane mode and take a nap.

Buy some healthy take out (less clean up!) and unplug for the night.


Drop the To Do List, and take care of yourself today. You’ll be able to get so much more done tomorrow, when you’re well-rested and re-energized.


#2: Put energy into the things that are serving you.


It’s really hard to give so much to so many places, especially when those things aren’t doing anything for you in return.


Maybe you’ve lost a few clients at the beginning of this year.

Maybe you’re trying hard to sign a new client, and they just backed out.


Take a step back, and ask yourself:

Who are the people in your circle who energize and excite you?


Choose to nurture those relationships.


Is there someone in your circle (in your family, even) who is bringing you down with their negative energy?


Let that person go for now.


You need to let go to make space for people who will uplift you. You don’t have enough energy to give to people who aren’t on your team.


#3: Just press on.


Here’s the thing: growing pains are normal. I have monthly growing pains, each with a new lesson to learn.


Sometimes God puts you through some tough moments, because He wants you to grow.


And how can you grow if your life and business are easy all the time? (You can’t.)


We all go through a season of growing pains, or a season a drought: One week I can be selling shampoo like it’s candy, and the next week, I can’t sell a thing.


Sometimes growing pains make us think:

What did I do wrong?
Is there something wrong with ME?


You just have to commit to the path and trust the process.


(And P.S. This comes much more easily when you’re taking care of yourself: refer to #1.)


When you can trust the process, crazy things can happen.


So let’s recap.


What can you do when you’re feeling stuck?


#1: Take care of yourself! Put self-care at the top of your list.

#2: Let go of people who aren’t uplifting you, and make room for relationships that will.

#3: Just keep going! Trust the process, trust that clients are coming your way.




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How to sell online when you suck at sales


How to sell online when you suck at sales

Today I’m going to teach you how to sell using my Top 3 Secrets methods! (The same ones that helped me sell a product (that I really don’t know much about!) to 19 new customers in one weekend!)


When I recently partnered with a luxury hair care company, I knew I would be good at selling the business, because I work with entrepreneurs and I know the business side of mlms.


But I didn’t know whether I could really sell the product: What do I know about shampoo? What do I know about beauty?


Not much!


But I do know a lot about how to sell products and services.


Are you letting comparison kill you?


Are you letting comparison kill you?

I’ve got some incredible women in my circle, and I hear you asking, “Do you think that success is really possible for ME?

I see that you’re having success, but is that really possible for me, too?”

Let me share with you the bumps of my online business journey.

I started my online business two years ago. And when I started, I had been married for just one year, and we had a newborn baby at home! I jumped into network marketing first, and then found my way to Run Coaching.

I was trying to grow my brand new online business from zero followers.

I didn’t have a business Facebook page. I had maybe 100 followers on my *personal* instagram account.

For the first few months, I made $0 with my MLM.

And when I started my Run Coaching business, I was trying to sell individualized running plans for just $25 per month...and still failing!

I just could not make a sale.

I stunk at online business!

I was a people pleaser. Talking about money and making sales with my business felt impossible. My money mindset was out-of-whack (not to mention, I was drowning in $70k student loan debt).  

Things were not looking good.

I thought online business would be a good way for me to provide for our family while staying home with my kids. I hoped it would be a way for me to impact people. But it just wasn’t happening.

I remember hopping on live videos, because that’s what my Business Coach was telling me to do, and thinking, “Gosh, I’m just NOT GOOD at this live video thing.”

I stumbled over my words. I rambled. And no one showed up!

Basically I was bad at business.

And maybe that’s how you feel, too! Maybe you’ve recently launched your new business, or your new website, or your new IG account, and...crickets. No one is opting in! No one is showing up! No one is commenting.

This is the time where you need to decide:

Is this dream worth fighting for? Or am I giving up?

It’s easy for us to look around and think, “Well, it’s easy for so-and-so, because she’s just good at online business. And I’m not.”

But friend, Coach Jasmin didn’t exist two years ago!

And my business wouldn’t exist now, if I had given up.

I had a decision to make: Is this worth my time, and do I go ALL IN? Or is it time to give up?

We hit this point in business where we feel incredible RESISTANCE. And resistance tells us to stop, back off, give up.

I want to encourage you to LEAN IN.

I want to encourage you to say, “No, my goals are too big for me to just sit here and whine about what’s not working. I’m going to do something about it.”   

I want to encourage you to think about every interaction you have online as feedback (rather than success or failure).

When no one shows up to your live video, it’s easy to say, “I’m just a failure.” But what if instead you decide that it’s a learning experience and say, “What can I do better next time?”

Maybe you need to show up at a different time of day. Maybe your message needs to be shorter. Maybe you need bulleted points or an outlined script. Maybe you need to change the titles of your videos.

And then, what’s the only way to get better at something?

JUST DO IT. Again and again. Lean in.

The only way to get better is to stay consistent and try again (and again).

Don’t look at my Chapter 15 and think everything is quick and easy around here. There are always challenges and growing pains.

Focus on your Chapter 1.

Fill in the blank: I am the best _____________. And if you’re not yet the best? Always keep learning!

Learn more. Practice. Learn more. Practice again and again and again.

You will be better tomorrow because you chose to show up today.

Every experience you have, whether it feels successful or not, is an opportunity for you to grow, an opportunity for you to figure things out a little better.

Two years ago I had zero followers; and now my reach is 40,000 people.

Anything is possible for you. You just need to have the resolve that says, “I’m not going to give up.”

If you’re not good at live video, GO LIVE. Do it imperfectly, and get better.

If you’re not good at sales calls, BOOK SALES CALLS. Show up, embrace the learning experience, and get better.

If you’re not good at writing blogs, WRITE BLOGS. Write a paragraph everyday, ask someone to proofread it, and get better.

You have to have the resolve that says, “I’m going to be better.”

If you’re just starting out, part of your resolve to learn more + try again means:

  1. Do your research (especially if you’re choosing to partner with an MLM).

  2. Find a mentor and/or an online course.

There’s nothing special about me. I’m just not willing to give up. I have GRIT. I want to help people, and I’m willing to learn everything I need to know.

And friend, there are so many good things coming for you, if you have the resolve to keep going!

I’m rooting for you, friend!



P.S. Hop over to this video to join the conversation about TRYING AGAIN AND AGAIN.


Why I Joined a Network Marketing Company


Why I Joined a Network Marketing Company

I primarily work with women in the wellness industry. A lot of my clients are partnered with MLMs. But I’m also all about helping my clients become full on entrepreneurs: I want you to set your own rules, your own rates, and create your own brand.

So. Why did I recently partner with a network marketing company?

That doesn’t make any sense!

Let me ask you a question: Do you know how many revenue streams highly successful (think millionaires!) people generally have?

Most of them have at least SEVEN! It’s called diversifying your income stream.

That’s one of the main reasons I partnered with this particular network marketing company: it’s incredibly valuable to have multiple revenue streams. Online business owners in my industry typically have at least these four income streams: their consulting business, their scalable online education (courses + seminars), real estate, and passive income via network marketing.

My husband and I have the goal to be millionaires by age 30!

And probably not for the reasons you think! We don’t want to live in crazy luxury!

We truly believe that generating wealth is one way to bring change to the world.

We’re passionate about giving to places that are important to us: pouring into our church, supporting kids overseas, and putting an end to human trafficking, for example. We know that if we can make more money, we can pour more of that money into our local community!

Why do you care?

You’re here because you want to give your family financial stability and hit your income goals! And maybe that means adding another revenue stream to your household.

Maybe you work the NINE-TO-FIVE grind, and you want to do something differently. You want to make more income, more easily… but you’re not yet allowing your money to work for you while you sleep (#automation).

Your dream takes some upfront investment!

That’s why it’s important to consider multiple revenue streams, so that when you’re presented with an opportunity (to buy a new house, to buy a company, to invest in real estate), you can say, “I’ve got cash! I can pull from here and here and here!” You can smartly invest in something that will bring your family to that stability you’re craving, or that extra income you want.

If you want to be someone who has wealth, you need to do what wealthy people do!

I mean, diversify your income.

Admittedly, I didn’t know any of this two years ago. I thought what everyone else thought: You work the same job for 60 years, then you retire.. And that’s what you have.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

There’s money everywhere around us right now. 

You have access to money everywhere. You just need some help figuring out the details.

Are you allowing your money to work for you while you sleep?

If not, you need to find an income streams that allows that to happen! That’s what this network marketing partnership is doing for me: passive income while I sleep, hang out with my family, and work my other biz.

Why did I partner with this particular company?

With network marketing, it’s all about timing in the workplace.

For example, back in the 1950s, newspaper companies did really well, because we didn’t yet have access to getting information on the internet. Now, to stay in the game, newspapers have to take their information online! They can’t sell paper products like they used to, so if they want to continue making money, they have to adjust to the marketplace.

What was one of the most popular network marketing companies two years ago?


The top earners in that company are the ones who got in when the timing was right. Now, the marketplace is totally different, and it’s a lot harder to make money as a coach.

I don’t recommend partnering with ANY network marketing company.

You need to choose one where timing in the marketplace is RIGHT. And that’s how I found the opportunity with this company!

I’ve partnered with MLMs before, and I said I would never do it again!

I just wasn’t interested in a partnership.. until I found this! I was just looking for a product for my daughter. She has cradle cap, and nothing seemed to help. I found this natural, vegan hair care product, and I was immediately excited about it! But then, I couldn’t find anyone who was selling that product.

#1: The market was empty!

For so many other products, the market is SATURATED. If you’re wanting to get in and start making a passive income with these companies, you have A LOT of competition.

It’s all about timing in the marketplace: You have to be The First!

I found the right product at the right time.

#2: The start-up cost is LOW.

The most expensive buy-in to the company costs just $600 (like, that’s what they call an over achiever..). And within two days of buying that $600 product pack, I paid back my investment and MORE!

Just over one month after I joined, I had 10 people on my Team and almost 30 customers in my downline! (And I know nothing about hair!)

But do you know what I do understand? Marketing.

I hop on live videos and offer value to my people. I talk to you about things that I know, I leverage what I know.

And maybe you’re saying, “Well Jasmin, I don’t know online marketing OR hair. How can I utilize these strategies for myself?”

What DO you know?

What are you really good at? How can you use that as a strength, a way to attract your customer?

#3: This company isn’t teaching spammy marketing tactics.

If you’re in network marketing, think about this:

What if people started to come to YOU for the sale?

Uh, that’s what I want! And that’s what I think is so attractive about this company.

And let me tell you, Attraction Marketing works, IF you know how to do it the right way.

I don’t know a lot about hair. And I’m selling shampoo like it’s my full-time job!

People trust me.

I say, “Hey, I don’t know a lot about hair, but I can tell you that I use this product for my kids, and it’s been amazing! My daughter doesn’t have cradle cap anymore! The products I’m using are vegan + safe to use for me and my family.”

And the people who trust me will say, “Well, I trust Jasmin. She’s built this online brand, and I trust what she’s doing. I want to do that, too.”

Who trusts you? Can you use the network you have to draw people to you?

#4: This company offers a super generous compensation plan.

This is crazy: For every person who joins your team, you make anywhere from $100-220 per person. For every five customers you sell, you get a $210 bonus. And by the way, you make commissions off all that. And by the way, every time you hit rank, you get a bonus. And by the way, when you hit a certain rank you qualify for a free car. And by the way…

There’s MORE, and then there’s MORE, and then there’s MORE!

I’ve never seen a company do this before.

Why aren’t other network marketing companies doing this?

Other network marketing companies invest in advertising.

This company invests in the people selling their products.

This company is paying ME to advertise to their consumer! And I think that’s really smart.

#5: This network marketing opportunity is one way I can support my so-close clients.

I’m a Business Coach. I serve a lot of people in the online space, a lot of people who are partnered with a network marketing company but haven’t made any money.

Sometimes those people start in network marketing, and then they try to branch out on their own. They’re not quite clear on their idea, and they just need *something* they can be passionate about, something that will support them, something with a plan.

And for me, this opportunity to partner with a networking marketing company was a really great way to support my clients.

This opportunity supports my clients who haven’t found their exact thing yet.

Some of my clients have actually said, “Jasmin, I’m so thankful you showed me this, because I was floundering in my current online business. I was unclear about what I wanted, but this gives me a clear path to what I want.”

There’s nothing that excites me more than giving people opportunities.

If I know something that works, I’m doing a disservice to my people if I don’t offer out that opportunity.

Look, here’s the bottom line.  

I don’t know a lot about hair. I know I want my hair to look good! And I care that my hair care products are natural + vegan. I want something that is safe for my kids and useful for my whole family.

As a business woman, I love that the market for this product in particular is HUGE, because it’s for men, women, and children.

Plus, unlike other MLM’s where you have to teach people why it’s important to use the product, this company is selling a consumable product, something that people already use every day! People already wash their hair, right?! It’s just a matter of helping them find a product they actually like to use.

I found an income stream that’s on the ground floor!

It’s a consumable product that actually works and it’s not something I have to work really hard to sell!


Curious to learn more?! Get in touch with my Team! We’re always here to support you on your journey!