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Top 3 Reasons You’re Not Making Money in Your Network Marketing Company


Top 3 Reasons You’re Not Making Money in Your Network Marketing Company

Why don’t most people in network marketing see a return when they start their business?

Maybe you’re just starting out (or maybe you’ve been in business for awhile!), and you’re seeing ZERO RETURN for all your hard work. What’s that about?

Here are three things to look out for when you begin a network marketing partnership:

(This might help you evaluate your current mlm partnership or make a decision about a future network marketing opportunity.)


Simple Secrets to Crush Your Facebook Live Stream

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Simple Secrets to Crush Your Facebook Live Stream

I have two secrets that help me know what to talk about on Facebook Live every week.

And I go live on Facebook about 2-5 times per week.

Many of my clients + team members ask me how they can do the same: How can you have something to talk about every single day?!

Ninety-five percent of my clients come from Facebook live stream.

Live video is an incredible opportunity for you to become a Client Breeding Machine! That’s the fastest way to grow the Know-Like-Trust factor with your followers (and soon-to-be customers).

The first step is hopping on Facebook live!

But then, how do you speak to your audience in a way that builds trust and encourages them to partner with you? And how do you find Facebook Live Topics every single day?

Here are my 2 Simple Secrets to Daily Facebook Live Topics:

#1. Before you create content for your Ideal Client or Customer, listen to her!

This is also called Market Research. You have to listen to your clients to really know how to help them.

How does this happen?


On my social media accounts, I ask my followers what they want me to talk more about! And each comment offers me at least one Facebook Live topic.

You can also interview a previous client or someone you’d like to work with. (Then use their words in the content you create, including the Facebook Live title!)

#2. Know your purpose.

You know this already, but: You can’t begin a successful business ONLY because you wish to make money.

Business is not all about bringing in revenue. It’s about helping people. It’s about increasing their pleasure and/or decreasing their pain.

What interests and talents do you have that you can talk about on Facebook Live?

Are you super organized? Are you good at meal planning or planning events? Do you know a lot about making sales? Do you have a special parenting tip?

What are things you do everyday that you don’t even think about?

You’d be surprised how useful this knowledge can be for someone else.  

What’s your Zone of Genius?

(And if you don’t know, think about these questions: What do people ask you about? What knowledge do you have that might help someone else? Start there.)


These are my two simple secrets to having Facebook Live topics every day of the week.

Do you have other tips and tricks? Share them here! And let me know how these shifts increase your engagement + sales!


Jasmin Niemiec

P.S. If you want even more tips for how implement more successful Facebook live stream strategy, check out my new program, Livestream Academy!

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