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How to Make Money as an Influencer in Health + Wellness


How to Make Money as an Influencer in Health + Wellness

Holly is talking about how to make residual income with your health + wellness business.

I started in health + wellness coaching more than three years ago! First I worked in network marketing (unsuccessfully), and then I started training runners through my run coaching business. (This is the same path many of my clients have taken, too!)

Holly has a variety of business experience, from running a brick-and-mortar company to working as a certified Turtle Tots teacher to partnering with Amazon Business. Now she’s actively working toward her health coaching certification, plus she’s a leader in her network marketing company!

That’s why Holly is here today.

We’re going to help you explore your options to create greater financial stability in your health + wellness or coaching business.


How to make early retirement possible with a side hustle


How to make early retirement possible with a side hustle

This week we’re continuing my Interview Series with successful female entrepreneurs in the online space! And I’m so excited to introduce my friend and teammate, Tammy Hickey.

This is for you if you’re craving something more than the 9-to-5 grind.

Maybe you’re feeling lost in your purpose. Maybe you’re craving a family vacation. Maybe you’re already thinking about early retirement.

You’re wondering about what else is out there.

Tammy is here to give you her best tips for adding a side hustle alongside your 9-to-5 job!

Tammy is a wife and mama who grew up in the corporate world. She got her degree and started to climb the corporate ladder. Fortunately, Tammy worked for great companies and great people - but eventually, she says, it became all-consuming.

She started asking, “Is THIS really what God designed me for in the world?”

When she started to feel unfulfilled by her work in the corporate world, Tammy started to explore other opportunities. She dabbled in work with other mlms and run + fitness coaching. Then she learned about another opportunity with our now-shared organization: The Freedom Collective.

Tammy was resistant to the new opportunity at first, but then it clicked:  

“You know when God has your heart, because He doesn’t leave you alone about it!”

Tammy says this side hustle opportunity in network marketing provided the means to an end: The option for early retirement so she can continue to explore her True Calling in the world (whatever that becomes!).

And the fun thing about Tammy is that she JUST. JUMPED. IN. She was ready, so she went for it!

Today Tammy is sharing her Top 3 Steps to building a freedom-based side hustle that allows for early retirement and time to enjoy it:


First, start by asking: How can I incorporate this side hustle business into my life (and make it work FOR me)?

Then take these three steps to make it happen!


#1. Focus on Power Hour activities every day.

There are four things I do everyday during my Power Hour, to contribute to my side hustle business:

  1. Create and add value through social media

  2. Build relationships (partly by adding value to my social media channels!)

  3. Follow-up with people who I’m building relationships with

  4. MOST IMPORTANT: Personal Development

Your mindset will make or break whether you succeed in this business.

I know that when I do these things every day during my Power Hour, I’m setting myself and my side hustle business up for greater success.

QUICK TIP: Time block your Power Hour activities every day. Choose to wake up early in the morning, take time on your lunch break, or stay up after the kids go to bed.

You have to be intentional with your time, especially if you’re also working a 9-to-5 job.


#2. Maximize your downtime.

Some people call this multitasking. Other people call it double-dipping.

Your brain cannot focus on more than one thing at a time, BUT. You can pair activities to become more productive!

While you’re doing one mundane activity (driving home from work, running in the morning, folding laundry, waiting for an appointment), you can also use your brain for another activity (listening to personal development podcasts and books, quickly following up with clients and customers).  

TIP: Time block downtime outside these moments too! Select another time during your day when you can meditate and pray, but make sure to maximize the other moments for personal development and taking action.

You have to be smart about the way you spend your time, especially if you’re working the Side Hustle Biz.


#3. Surround yourself with a Tribe of women who “get it.”

This is what keeps me in the game, especially when building my side hustle business is HARD.

Sometimes it feels like I’m putting in all kinds of work that never gets noticed - and that’s what’s so incredible about the Freedom Collective Team! Everyone is supportive and ready to pour into one another.

There’s always someone who can be the Listening Ear or the Kick-In-The-Butt.

TIP: Don’t be the smartest person in the room! Surround yourself with people who can inspire and motivate you, plus people who will support you when you’re struggling.

You will have hard days in online business, whether it’s your whole income or your side hustle.

You need a tribe to support you (a tribe you’re ready to support, too)!

One of the best things about network marketing is that your Team is working toward your same goal! You’re in the game together.



You can do this. Take one step at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed by what’s ahead of you, just take the next step.

The only way you make progress is by taking action (not thinking about taking action!).

Just reach out. Have the conversation. Ask the question… And make the decision! You’re ready.



Jasmin Niemiec


P.S. I encourage you to reach out to Tammy Hickey if you’re wanting and needing more support (or if you’re ready to DIVE IN!). She’s an incredible resources for building your side hustle inside The Freedom Collective!


5 Reasons Why Influencers Don't Make Enough Money


5 Reasons Why Influencers Don't Make Enough Money

Today begins my Interview Series with successful female entrepreneurs in the online space! And I’m so excited to introduce my friend and colleague, Cayla Daniels.

Cayla has been working in online business for more than a year and a half. She started as a fitness professional, then grew her business as a business coach + consultant, and now we’re partnered together as Influencers in Network Marketing.

Cayla is especially passionate about helping women find confidence by growing their leadership skills to build profitable, successful businesses.

Today we’re talking about a touchy subject, but we know you need to hear this - we know it needs to be said.

We're here to let you in on the secrets.

You might see people online with huge social media followings and think, "They must be ROLLIN' in it."

But the truth is: Sometimes they're just not. We've both seen this firsthand in the online business world.

Today we're giving you a different perspective so you can determine whether your business or partnership is actually worth your time and energy (and if there’s a better strategy!).

We’re sharing the reasons why people aren't making money with mlms and online business (plus we’ll give you some tips for how to change that!):

#1. You lack sales skills.

Your business will LIVE or DIE on sales.

You need to bring in revenue, because more revenue means more opportunities. More revenue means you have the resources to hire a support team or jump into a new course.

Especially for women, this topic can make us feel uncomfortable.

You probably started your business to help people, but without using your work time to provide an adequate income for your family, you’re probably just wasting your time. (YES, I just said that.)

It's important to invest in your sales education: You have to learn how to have successful sales calls on the phone, you have to learn how to write sales emails that convert readers to customers, and you have to learn how to post to social media in ways that attract and convert your ICA.

You have to learn how to properly communicate with your customers, to speak to their pain points and offer the best solutions, simply to stay in business.

And it's an art form: Sales is simply providing solutions + service.

Your audience wants to know "what's in it for me?" and your job is to explain that in ways that speak directly to your ICA.

TIP: Change your mindset - sales are not bad.


#2. You're in a partnership with a poor compensation plan (or you're not paying yourself well inside your own business).

If you're not being paid well to promote your product or service, it's harder to show up.

Even Big Names with huge social media followings sometimes struggle to monetize their popularity, because they're not being compensated well enough to make the sale.

REALITY CHECK: Are you being paid for the time and energy you put into your business or partnership?

Sometimes we get into relationships with network marketing companies only because we love the products. But does that matter if, at the end of the day, you're not being paid for your work?

You need both: You need to partner with a product you love AND you need to be compensated well.

You need to love your business and you need to earn your worth. This will change YOUR life and the lives of people on your TEAM.

If you're the "helping" type (as so many women are), you want to provide for your family and give back to your community - but you can't do that if you're not being paid for your work.

Think about the long-term: How will this business or partnership support you and your family down the road?

TIP: You want to partner with a company or build your own company that will pay you residual income (meaning, income every time someone buys your product, not just one time and not just when you book new clients).


#3. You're not in the right market at the right time.

With new mlms especially, the first 3-5 years are the ground-level/foundation phase, but then the company shoots into an acceleration phase for 7-10 years - before plateauing.

If you're with a company that's been around for 15-30 years, you're going to have a really hard time standing out among the pools of other sellers in the same industry.

That's wrong timing is the marketplace.

With my first network marketing partnership, I was in a pool of more than 400,000 other sellers, plus I had a small following. This time I'm partnered with a new company that currently has less than 120,000 people selling (with about 10,000 making $500+ per month), meaning I have the ability to be one of the first to succeed.

The potential for success right now is HUGE.

TIP: If you can be a leader or a founding member with an mlm, you can set yourself up for huge success.


#4. You're unwilling to invest in yourself or your business growth.

If you're not willing to invest a few hundred dollars into your own education and professional growth, it's unlikely that anyone else (future clients and customers) will be willing to invest in your products or services.

People aren't really buying your product or service, they're buying a certain experience with you.

They're not purchasing because you've listed all the product facts, they're purchasing because they feel a certain way when you talk about the product.

If YOU don't see yourself as an investment, how will THEY see you as an investment?

Find ways to invest in yourself: Join a monthly mastermind, purchase a business course, hire a business mentor, or jump into a network marketing team + community.

TIP: Believe that your investment will come back to you tenfold (don't fear spending money because you think you're not worth it).


“You can't run your business with a closed fist - you have to open your palm to both GIVE + RECEIVE.”


#5. You're afraid.

"What will people think? What if I fail?"

These thoughts can feel huge, and as soon as they come up, we look for reasons they're true (even though they rarely are).

You have ONE LIFE. The time you have today is PRECIOUS.

And you can choose to make a change in your life and the way you spend your time - but nothing will change unless you do something differently.

Change comes on the other side of fear.

And on the other side, you'll start to think, "What was I so afraid of anyway? Why did I care so much about what everyone else thought?"

You can't impact your community if you live inside the fear of what people think or whether you'll fail.

TIP: Your energy shifts when you move from FEAR to ACTION, and that's when big changes start to move your forward.


So, what to do next?

Here’s your Action Plan:

First, consider which change you need to make right now.


Do you need more sales training?

Do you need to find a partnership with a better compensation plan?

Do you need to completely pivot your business?

Do you need to invest in your biz growth?

Do you need to step outside your fear and take a different action?


If you're looking for all of these things in one place, JOIN US! Reach out to Cayla. She gets it, she's been there, and she can personally mentor you with a step-by-step blueprint for how to get ALL of these things, asap.


We have the product.

We have the training.

We have the Marketing Strategy.

We have the mentorship.

We have the community.


We have every step you need to take to get what you want. You can change your financial reality, in little or big ways, and you can do it RIGHT NOW.

And you can make a huge difference, for yourself, your family, your community.

So, TELL ME: What steps do you need to take to jump outside your fear and run toward your dreams?



Jasmin Niemiec

P.S. I encourage you to reach out to Cayla Daniels if you’re wanting and needing more support (or if you’re ready to DIVE IN!). She’s an incredible mentor for women in business.



Top 3 Reasons You’re Not Making Money in Your Network Marketing Company


Top 3 Reasons You’re Not Making Money in Your Network Marketing Company

Why don’t most people in network marketing see a return when they start their business?

Maybe you’re just starting out (or maybe you’ve been in business for awhile!), and you’re seeing ZERO RETURN for all your hard work. What’s that about?

Here are three things to look out for when you begin a network marketing partnership:

(This might help you evaluate your current mlm partnership or make a decision about a future network marketing opportunity.)


Simple Secrets to Crush Your Facebook Live Stream

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Simple Secrets to Crush Your Facebook Live Stream

I have two secrets that help me know what to talk about on Facebook Live every week.

And I go live on Facebook about 2-5 times per week.

Many of my clients + team members ask me how they can do the same: How can you have something to talk about every single day?!

Ninety-five percent of my clients come from Facebook live stream.

Live video is an incredible opportunity for you to become a Client Breeding Machine! That’s the fastest way to grow the Know-Like-Trust factor with your followers (and soon-to-be customers).

The first step is hopping on Facebook live!

But then, how do you speak to your audience in a way that builds trust and encourages them to partner with you? And how do you find Facebook Live Topics every single day?

Here are my 2 Simple Secrets to Daily Facebook Live Topics:

#1. Before you create content for your Ideal Client or Customer, listen to her!

This is also called Market Research. You have to listen to your clients to really know how to help them.

How does this happen?


On my social media accounts, I ask my followers what they want me to talk more about! And each comment offers me at least one Facebook Live topic.

You can also interview a previous client or someone you’d like to work with. (Then use their words in the content you create, including the Facebook Live title!)

#2. Know your purpose.

You know this already, but: You can’t begin a successful business ONLY because you wish to make money.

Business is not all about bringing in revenue. It’s about helping people. It’s about increasing their pleasure and/or decreasing their pain.

What interests and talents do you have that you can talk about on Facebook Live?

Are you super organized? Are you good at meal planning or planning events? Do you know a lot about making sales? Do you have a special parenting tip?

What are things you do everyday that you don’t even think about?

You’d be surprised how useful this knowledge can be for someone else.  

What’s your Zone of Genius?

(And if you don’t know, think about these questions: What do people ask you about? What knowledge do you have that might help someone else? Start there.)


These are my two simple secrets to having Facebook Live topics every day of the week.

Do you have other tips and tricks? Share them here! And let me know how these shifts increase your engagement + sales!


Jasmin Niemiec

P.S. If you want even more tips for how implement more successful Facebook live stream strategy, check out my new program, Livestream Academy!

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