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6 Secrets to Expanding Your Social Network for Influencers


6 Secrets to Expanding Your Social Network for Influencers

If you’ve started your business (or if you’re planning to start one!), you’ve surely heard that expanding your social network is really important.

If you want to make an impact, you need to reach and influence more people.

When I started my online business a few years ago, my social network was really small. I had about 100 followers on Instagram and maybe a few hundred Facebook friends! Now I’m reaching 3,000-4,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram! And most of my followers are people I’ve never met in real life.

With that experience in mind, I’ve got 6 Secrets to EFFECTIVELY Expanding Your Social Network, specifically for Influencers:

(P.S. If there’s one thing you need to know before we get started, it’s this: You need to CONSISTENTLY OFFER VALUE + ENGAGE with your people! That’s the backbone of your long-term networking success.)


Over the past three years, I’ve built my business using Facebook live video. (And in fact, I believe so strongly in live stream content that I’ve recently launched Livestream Academy, my newest program that teaches you how to build a business by leveraging your Facebook lives!)

Facebook live stream is an incredible tool. But here’s the important part:

You have to offer valuable, engaging content for your viewers.

Remember that Facebook + Instagram algorithms are focusing on engagement: The more people engage with your content, the higher your content appears in the newsfeed.

Engagement is key. People build the Know-Like-Trust factor by building a relationship with you.

And keep in mind, you build relationships online in the same ways you build relationships in person: by engaging with people!

You can’t simply show up on social media to share value. You also have to engage in a conversation with your viewers. Ask people questions. Offer them encouragement. Participate in the conversation (don’t overpower it).

We’re talking about SOCIAL media here, folks. It’s all about being social and interacting with your people.

TIP: If you have the chance to do a dual-live, go for it! That gives you exposure with another audience!



Share value, and then ask your audience engaging questions! Be the facilitator of a conversation that offers space for incredible content online, including input from more people than just you.

Facebook + Instagram will recognize that and begin to place your content in front of more people who like those topics.

This expands your social network ten-fold - but how can you facilitate a conversation with and among your followers?

Be the Listener, not the Lecturer.


#3. SHARE + TAG.

This is most effective on Instagram, but it works with Facebook, too.

Here’s an example of how it works: Last week I had a call with my Livestream Academy girls, and I posted a boomerang video in my Instagram stories (with everyone from our call waving at the camera!). Then I tagged each of the 15 girls in my program.

This offered them visibility to expand their social networks with my audience. 

Plus they had the opportunity to share my post with their own stories, meaning I also had the opportunity to expand my audience!

Some other ideas include: asking your followers to tag a friend who needs to see your content, asking your followers to share your content with their own audiences, etc.



If you’re taking time to connect with your audience, they will talk about you to everyone!

One of my favorite people to follow on Instagram is Jasmine Star. I love her content, but what sealed the deal for me is how much and how often she engages with her audience - including me! If I mention her in one of my posts, she always responds (and she has hundreds of thousands of followers!). When she goes live on Instagram, she invites viewers to come on and ask her questions. I’ve asked her questions this way twice, and now I’m in love! I tell everyone about her. I tell my own clients to check out her paid memberships!

This is a little step you can take to make sure your audience feels well-nurtured.

Spend just 10-20 minutes per day engaging with people who comment on your posts or send you messages.

BONUS: Facebook + Instagram monitor your engagement - they know whether you’ve replied to messages and comments, and that determines what they do with your future content.



On Facebook that mostly happens in Facebook groups, although you can also select people to friend request in your “recommended for you” section.

On Instagram that mostly happens with hashtags. You can now follow hashtags (instead of individual people) and comment on lots of different accounts to build connections with new people.



What’s a paid membership community? A paid membership community might be partnering with an mlm and being part of their professional development community. You can also join communities with your favorite online coaches, etc.

Why is a paid membership community so important? If you’re joining a membership program with other entrepreneurs in your field, you’re spending time with like-minded people who are also willing to invest in themselves. Those are the kinds of people you want to partner with! Plus, they get to Know-Like-Trust you inside the group and before partnering or purchasing from you.


Those are my best + most useful Secrets to Expanding Your Social Network + Influence.

COMMENT BELOW with the action you will take this week to expand your own network!

And checkout Livestream Academy if you’re looking for more tips + tricks for expanding your social network with live stream video!


Always rooting for you,


Jasmin Niemiec

P.S. If you want even more tips for how implement more successful Facebook live stream strategy, check out my new program, Livestream Academy.