runner's BOdyweight circuit 1

This circuit will typically be paired with your interval workout. Be sure to complete form drills and dynamic warm up before your intervals. If this is not on an interval day, make sure these warm up routines are completed before you start this circuit. 


Dynamic Warm-up (Video Demo At Bottom)

  1. Forward Lunge (add side twist toward front leg)
  2. Diagonal Forward Lunge
  3. Lateral Lunge
  4. Diagonal Backwards Lunge
  5. Backwards Lunge



Form Drills:

  1. Low Skips -  up to 75 meters
  2. High Skips - up to 75 meters
  3. A March/Skip Drill – up to 75 meters
  4. B March/Skip Drill – up to 75 meters
  5. Fast leg left and right – up to 100 meters
  6. High Knees – up to 100 meters
  7. Karaoke – up to 75 meters



Bodyweight Circuit

This leg circuit specifically targets the quads, hips, and glutes dynamically to develop running specific strength to maintain proper form, build resistance to injuries, and create more explosiveness during the running stride. The routine is simple, straightforward, and it can be performed anywhere without the use of a gym, though you may hold a weight or small child for added resistance.

Between each leg exercise, you will do 10 repetitions of pushups. By the end, you should have completed 100 pushups along with your leg circuit. 

Finally, this leg circuit routine is the precursor to plyometric exercises. It’s important that you develop sufficient foundational strength before moving to more explosive movements.

  1. Lateral Lunge x 10 each leg
  2. Lunges x 15 each leg
  3. Lateral shuffle x 30 meters each direction
  4. Mountain climber doubles x 15
  5. Mountain climbers singles out x 15 each leg
  6. Speed skaters x 7 each leg
  7. Mountain Climbers Doubles out x 15
  8. Toe taps x 10 each leg
  9. Single leg deadlift x 10
  10. Jump squats x 20 total

Once this circuit gets easier, complete these bonus exercises between the leg exercises: