Carb Cycling  for Runners

NEW! eTraining Plan!

A three-week program to help you burn fat, run faster, and get stronger!

Click and get instant access to the self-lead training plan, or save your spot for the February Full Coaching Course! 

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Too often, runners focus on "carb loading" and under eating to try and reach their fitness goals. They also buy a random DVD program or go to the gym and make up a strength- training routine on the spot.

Let me take the guesswork out of your training and nutrition plan. I have a brand-new program that will give you everything you need to become a stronger, leaner, faster runner!

My athletes have seen huge results by incorporating my program into their running. With my science-based strength training for runners plan, combined with my carb-cycling and intermittent fasting meal plan, my runners lose 5-10 pounds after three weeks, and they run faster and stronger than ever before!

Watch the video above and get a free sample of my Core Exercises for Runners routine, which will help you shed fat and run faster.

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Watch this video to get a sneak peek into the program:


The three-week Running Program will start on Monday, February 6th.

If you are ready to be a leaner, faster, stronger runner than you've ever been, register below!! 

If you are not completely satisfied with the program, I will give your money back!

This program includes:

  • Five days of  workout plans each week that includes Dynamic Warm Ups, Runs, Plyometrics, Strength Routines, and Injury-Prevention Routines. Exercises are appropriate for all runners with modified options for beginner and advanced levels.
  • Simple, three-week meal plan that will help burn fat and develop healthy, maintainable habits.
  • Accountability and a supportive community to keep you on track to accomplish your goal.
  • Daily motivation, tips, and accountability from an experienced running coach.

As a special thank you to my Run Academy Members and Subscribers, this program is on sale for $147.

Click the link below to register and pay for the training program. Spots are going quickly and are limited to the first 20 runners who register! After you register, I will send you health forms and waiver and liability forms. Full payment and completed forms are due prior to the start of the program. 

Please contact me if you have questions. I look forward to helping you achieve you goal of becoming a leaner, stronger, happier runner!