1:1 Private Business Coaching for Fitness Business Owners

ready to start coaching your ideal clients

+ start making serious profits?

This program is for you!  


Wouldn't you LOVE to:

  • Have an exact blueprint for your business success?
  • Have a consistent flow of running clients you LOVE working with?!
  • Work your own hours from anywhere you want?
  • Have flexibility + freedom for quality family time, date nights, vacations, and organic grocery splurges?
  • Grow a running community who loves your brand?
  • Enjoy money, instead of stress about it?!
  • Run your business with confidence?
  • Know the exact steps to continually grow your business?
  • Create a simple, balanced, meaningful life?
  • Make a positive impact on the world?
  • Connect with other run coaches who are WINNING with their business?
  • Stop dreaming, and start getting results?

 you CAN make this happen with my 1:1 Coaching Program.

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What's Included:

  • Complementary 20 minute Discovery Call 
  • 10 Coaching Sessions at 45 minutes each
  • An AWESOME Welcome Packet created to help you gain clarity on what you want to accomplish over the 120 days. Our calls will be LASER focused on exactly what you need. 
  • Shared documents of thoughts and notes that you can refer back to. 
  • Action items so keep you focused and moving forward between sessions.
  • Unlimited Email or Voice Messege Supportsupport for those days where you need a little extra guidance.
  • Access to all of my curriculum, including my Fitness Business Academy, Tech Training Library, And Uplevel Launch Planning Program
  • 30 hours of agency support, including copy editing, social media scheduling, branding, ebook creation, facebook ad setup, and more. 
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What we'll cover:


  • Create a healthy "money mindset."
  • Understand your fears and improve your thought habits.
  • Recognize your VALUE - and price your services accordingly! 

Building your tribe.

  • Build a community of loyal followers and clients. 
  • Design a brand and marketing strategy that leaves you feeling confident and purposeful, not spammy and yucky.
  • Learn how to write and share your story in a way that will attract your ideal client to you.

Systems and Integrations.

  • Structure your business in a way that gives you more time + money to give back to your family, church, and community.
  • Know when to delegate and create systems for your business that will work for you while you sleep. 
  • Learn how to strategically structure your programs to get repeat customers. 


  • Get a clear mission and vision for your life and business.
  • Create goals that are challenging, energizing and satisfying. 
  • Understand what motivates and inspires you.
  • Have a clear "why" and purpose for your work.


  • Discover what makes you unique and valuable.
  • Have a clear picture of your ideal client and structure all marketing around her. 
  • Understanding the unique problems your niche is facing, and create programs and products that will enhance their lives. 

Balance + Self Care.

  • Learn how to simplify your life and business so you can avoid burnout and overwhelm.
  • Create an extremely productive daily routine (with less tasks!) that leaves you feeling energized and taken care of- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 
  • Design a life focused on things that are important to you. 


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Or 4 Payments of $2,800

Only 2 spots available

Installment Plans Available Upon Request

Why work with me?

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1. I've been where you are.

As a fellow run coach, I know exactly what you should and should not be doing to grow your business. Our sessions will be full of valuable information so you can stop making mistakes and wasting your time on things that are not serving you. 

2. I want you and your clients to WIN!

I truly believe that filling the world full of extremely successful run coaches produces a world full of happier, healthier runners. Through your coaching, your runners will be living purpose filled lives, enjoying their families, and working to make this world a better place. Together, we are a FORCE for good and change in this world. It all starts with YOU being willing to invest in yourself, value your services, and start helping your runners WIN!

3. I keep things simple, balanced, and meaningful.

We will work diligently and strategically to get your business off the ground, but we will also work on helping you create a life and business you WANT to run. We will create habits and routines that leave you feeling energized and excited about what you are doing with your life and business. 

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