1 Day Fast Food Guidelines

  • Consume only water or herbal teas.
  • If you are taking any supplements give your body a break for the day.
  • Use extra time for self care (journaling, prayer, reading, hobby) or to spend extra time with your family. 

Fast Workout: Rest or Active Recovery

  • Take the day off OR
  • Or engage in a longer duration (1 hour or less) activity or very-low intensity active recovery (walking, biking, etc.) that will rely on fat as its main fuel source. I reccomend that my runners do a low intensity activity they love, like yoga, pilates, going for a walk with their spouse, or playing at the park with their kids. 

How to do it: After you’ve enjoyed your last meal for the day start timer (about 6 pm.) on 1-Day Fast. Drink lots of water or herbal tea when you feel hungry (can add lemon to water). 12 pm is 18 hours. At the point when you can’t take it, have a smoothie or smaller meal to break your fast. Once you reach 6 pm, you’ve made it 24 hours. Longer than that doesn’t have much benefit.

If you would like a quick shake out after your hard workout yesterday, here is a quit pilates/yoga routine for runners you can do: