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Ready for a Race PR in 2017?

What if you had:

Increased energy and focus

Self control with nutrition

Increased confidence in training

A leaner, faster YOU!

Fulfillment in your training

Happier, healthier you, inside and out! 

Then Faster Runner Academy is specifically for you!

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My Story of Weight Gain + An Eating Disorder

Have you been running hard and seeing no results?

Maybe you are even GAINING weight as you train for your half or full marathon. Or, maybe you are a fellow Run Coach who is struggling with your own nutrition and running, and feel you are not able to best serve your clients because of this struggle. 

I’ve been there. I know how frustrating it is to work extremely hard and not see results. 

As a part of collegiate cross country and track, I was running 40-60 miles per week, strength training, and eating “clean” and I still gained 20 pounds! All through college, I tried EVERYTHING to hit new race PRs and lose those 20 pounds. More salad. Less ice cream. More pushups and core circuits. Less late night girl chats. 

It ended up becoming a complete obsession. I had terrible sleep apnea and no confidence in myself or my race performance. I hated putting on dresses because I never felt pretty in them. I dreaded going to races because I knew it was going to be another disappointment. 

I needed to do something and ended up talking to a counselor about my poor body image and weight issues.

I was diagnosed with an eating disorder, which I continued to struggle with throughout the rest of my college running career. 

After training 7 days a week and eating “clean” for my college running career,  I was not able to reach my goals of shedding a few more pounds and increasing my speed. I was frustrated that I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. 

FINALLY, post-college, I found the solution, and now I want to share it with you! 

I realized that it was important to train SMARTER, not harder, to reach my racing and weight-loss goals. I now run 4-5 days per week, with a focus on rest and recovery to hit my goals. I train according to my proper training paces, instead of pushing too hard to keep up with the people around me. 

Additionally, fueling my body properly made a world of difference as I worked toward my goals. I’ve learned the importance of timing my nutrition with my workouts, and what foods are necessary for specific days of training. I understand the important of gut health and how our nutrition plays a vital role in our body mass and race performance.

After investing in multiple running and nutrition courses and implementing these new effective strategies into my own training, I was able to get down to my pre college racing weight (losing 10 pounds) and ran a 15 second PR in my 5k!

Implementing these strategies allowed me and the athletes I’ve coached to have the best racing seasons of our lives! ALL of my athletes ran HUGE race PRs this season (one took 3 minutes off her 5k PR!) and are feeling stronger, healthier, and happier than they ever have.

I would love the opportunity to help you reach your full potential as a rUNNER and help you hit yor weight-loss goals + running goals this spring.

This Faster Runner Academy is the exact program that can help you overcome your struggles with weight gain and confidence as a runner.

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Sign up for the Faster Runner Academy and receive:

  • Personalized training paces

  • Monthly Group Check-In Calls

  • Membership Site filled with workouts, recipes, product discounts and more

  • Goal planning 

  • Final Surge Account

  • Dynamic Warm-ups

  • Strength-training workouts (at a gym or at home)

  • Stretching routine

  • Race day warm-up & race plan

  • Flexible, maintainable meal plan

  • Private community of likeminded runners

  • Daily training and encouragement 

Choose the program that fits your needs:




Final Surge Account

Bi-monthly Check-in Call

UNlimited Email Access

individual Kickoff Coaching Call


Only $347/month

+ $99 Start Up Fee



Race Plan

Membership Site Access (including meal planning, strength training, and more.)

Final Surge Account

Monthly Group Check-in Call

Group Kickoff Coaching Call

Online Training Community

Only $97/month

+ $99 Start Up Fee


Both plans have a $99 start-up fee, which includes a goal-setting consult, your personalized plan, strength training workouts, meal plan, and more!

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