Long Run + Flexibility Work

Dynamic Warm-up

  1. Forward Lunge (add side twist toward front leg)
  2. Diagonal Forward Lunge
  3. Lateral Lunge
  4. Diagonal Backwards Lunge
  5. Backwards Lunge

Long Run: Probably the most important run on your schedule. Long runs are meant to be run at an easy intensity to build your aerobic endurance. For now, your long run should be 2-3 minutes slower than your per mile 5k race pace. So if right now you could run a 5k in 33:45, your race pace would be 11 min pace. So, your long run pace should be 13-15 minutes per mile. 

Flexibility Cool Down: The flexibility cool down is perfect for busy runners who need to add flexibility and become more athletic. This routine will improve your dynamic strength and athleticism and help you recover for you next workout. This workout can also serve as a great warm-up before hard track sessions and easy runs, especially if you’re a runner who struggles to get going the first few intervals or miles. 

  1. Scorpions x 10 each leg
  2. Hurdle Rolls x 10 each leg
  3. Iron cross x 10 each leg
  4. Hurdle Hip Rolls x 5 forward and back each leg
  5. Linear Leg Swings x 10 each leg
  6. Lateral leg swings x 10 each leg