Strides, Chin-Ups and Pull-Ups


Strides are a quick, simple ways to help you gain muscle strength, speed, and improve running form without exhausting your body. You will complete strides after your easy run. They are 20-30 second sprints done at 80-90% effort. Here is how you perform a stride:

  1. Start running at a comfortable, easy speed and work into your faster pace. 
  2. After the first 5 seconds, you will have reached your stride speed. Focus on pumping your arms font to back (vs. crossing over your chest), lifting your knees, and landing on your mid foot (not on your toes or on your heal, but on the middle of your foot)
  3. After your stride, give your body time to fully recover (about 45-60 seconds). When your breathing has gone back to normal, you may repeat the steps above. Do this 5-8 times after your easy run. 

You will to chin-ups/pull-ups or the 5 minute core routine:


Chin-ups and pull-ups help target the biceps and the upper back, which can help improve running posture

Instructions and variations: If you’re a beginner, try standing on a chair to assist in getting up. Over time, you can move to one foot and then use your legs only towards the latter repetitions. Work your way up to 15-20 repetitions.


Like the chin-ups, pull-ups target the biceps and the upper back (from a different angle) to help improve running posture and prevent hunching over when going up hills.

Instructions and variations: Same instructions as the chin-up for beginners. Work your way up to 15-20 repetitions. 

Bonus: If your feeling strong, complete the 5-Minute Core Exercises for Runners Routine!

5 Minute Core Routine

  1. running v-sit
  2. austraillian crawl
  3. flutter v-sit
  4. supine plank leg lift right 
  5. font supine leg lift
  6. supine plank leg lift left
  7. superman flutter
  8. pushup to plank
  9. v sit flutter
  10. rockie push ups