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are you sick of working hard and seeing no return? friend, I'm sick of seeing you struggle! 

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OH MY! I am PUMPED to work with YOU!!

let's send a flood of ideal clients your way and start making it rain!

I know you are SOOOOO ready to impact the lives of so many people - you just need the steps to make it happen.

With the right strategy and a willingness to hustle - I promise you- you can start creating the business you were meant to run. You can start hitting 5 figure months that will allow you to pay off your debt, give generously with no guilt, and buy all your favorite foods at Farmers Market's and Whole Foods. 

I know your goals seem totally impossible right now. I can totally relate. Just over a year ago, I was BEGGING people to let me coach them! I thought my goal of $2.5k months was complete madness. 2 years later, I am running a 6 figure business business that has helped the lives of hundreds of clients and thousands of my followers.

Now, it's your turn. Let's take you on the fast track to success and start getting your favorite followers begging for your coaching! 

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Wouldn't you LOVE to:

Have an exact blueprint for your business success?


 work your own hours from anywhere you want?

Have flexibility and freedom for quality family time, date nights, vacations, and organic grocery splurges?

Grow a community who loves your brand?

Enjoy money, instead of stress about it?!

run your business with confidence?

Know the exact steps to continually grow your business?

Create a simple, balanced, meaningful life?

Make a positive impact on the world?

Connect with other run coaches who are also doing big things?

Stop dreaming, and start getting results?

I promise you - it's possible. Take it from some of my AMAZING clients who are KILLING it with their running businesses right now!

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Hi! My Name Is Jasmin Niemiec.

I am a Business Coach for Aspiring Business Women who want to take their passions and turn them into profits. 

I know how EXHAUSTING, OVERWHELMING, and FRUSTRATING it is to start an online business. You've put in hours of work and energy and see little profits in return. Trust me, I've been there, and it mega STINKS. 

It is my mission to help you create the life + business of your dreams. You can have an extremely successful, profitable business, all while having a satisfying, enjoyable, balanced life. 

Do you know ANYTHING is truly possible for you? You have big goals and dreams.. but do you actually believe you can hit them?

I remember asking myself this same question, only 18 months ago.

In June of 2015, my husband and I got married and moved halfway across the country to start our new jobs, as a flight test engineer (him) and a 2nd grade math teacher (me).

As we began figuring out life together and settling into a new home, we started mapping out our super responsible and successful 5-year plan (where we would pay off debt, buy a house, get settled, get our stuff together, and THEN have kids!).

A week later, we found out we were PREGO. Whoops.  

We were excited to begin starting our family.. but we were pretty terrified about how it all would work out. After our daughter was born, my husband Joe and I:

👎🏼Had $70k of student loan DEBT.

👎🏼Went down to ONE INCOME, because I quit my teaching job to stay home full-time with our newborn daughter.

👎🏼Felt BROKE, slightly DEPRESSED and TOTALLY CLUELESS about to how we would ever get out a debt and into a place where we could live and give freely.

I knew that God had put a conviction on my heart to stay home with my sweet Elle, but I truly did not know how we would EVER have freedom and be able to do the things we loved: like giving freely and going on trips (i.e. enjoying money rather than stressing about it!).

After I quit teaching, those first few months with only one income were tough. They helped me realize that I did not want to be stuck living that way for the next 10 years of our lives. #aintnobygottimeforthat.

💥This experience lit a fire under me to find a way to get out of debt before we had our second child, all while using my gifts to make an impact in the world.💥

So… the Coach Jasmin biz was born. I started by coaching runners for races, and over time, I evolved into a full-on business coach. 👩🏼💻

It was A TON of work and hustle. I invested lots of money and time into business coaching, new courses, professional development materials, mastermind communities, and more.

And… God started doing some serious work in me + with the mission of the Coach Jasmin Company. I started believing my "crazy goals" actually weren't that crazy… they were totally possible for me, so much as I was willing to work for those goals and take smart, radical action to bring them to life (aka: business coaching, support from like-minded people..).

I truly believe God has used the past 18 months of my life to grow and stretch me like crazy AND to show me that He is a loving, giving father. He asked me to step out of my comfort zone, do some things that seemed totally nuts (second grade math teacher turned biz coach?!), AND THEN He threw his blessings all over it.

As of March 2017, we:

🙌Have PAID OFF all those pesky student loans!

🙌Have a business that allows me to work with my absolute favorite clients, working ONLY 1-3 hours per day.

🙌Are parents of TWO!!

🙌Have the financial FREEDOM to give more, stress less, spend more time together, and book some amazing family trips this year, including one to Seattle (plane tickets and resort booked!) and possibly a Christmas beach VACA!

Friend,  I am just a normal person (second-grade-math-teacher-turned-mama) who was sick of saying “later” to chasing down my goals and desires. If THIS crazy mama can do it, I know YOU can, too, my friend!

What BIG goals are you going to make your reality this year? Let's stop wishing and waiting and start DOING. TODAY.

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