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1:1 Coaching


1:1 Coaching

1:1 Private Business Coaching for Fitness Business Owners

ready to start coaching your ideal clients

+ start making serious profits?

This program is for you!  


Wouldn't you LOVE to:

  • Have an exact blueprint for your business success?
  • Have a consistent flow of running clients you LOVE working with?!
  • Work your own hours from anywhere you want?
  • Have flexibility + freedom for quality family time, date nights, vacations, and organic grocery splurges?
  • Grow a running community who loves your brand?
  • Enjoy money, instead of stress about it?!
  • Run your business with confidence?
  • Know the exact steps to continually grow your business?
  • Create a simple, balanced, meaningful life?
  • Make a positive impact on the world?
  • Connect with other run coaches who are WINNING with their business?
  • Stop dreaming, and start getting results?

Run Coach, you CAN make this happen with my 1:1 Coaching Program.

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What's Included:

  • Complementary 20 minute Discovery Call 
  • 8 Coaching Sessions at 45 minutes each
  • An AWESOME Welcome Packet created to help you gain clarity on what you want to accomplish over the 120 days. Our calls will be LASER focused on exactly what you need. 
  • Shared documents of thoughts and notes that you can refer back to. 
  • Action items so keep you focused and moving forward between sessions.
  • Email support for those days where you need a little extra guidance.
  • Resources to kick-start your success (worksheets, guides, books, articles, videos, etc.)
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What we'll cover:


  • Create a healthy "money mindset."
  • Understand your fears and improve your thought habits.
  • Recognize your VALUE - and price your services accordingly! 

Building your tribe.

  • Build a community of loyal followers and clients. 
  • Design a brand and marketing strategy that leaves you feeling confident and purposeful, not spammy and yucky.
  • Learn how to write and share your story in a way that will attract your ideal client to you.

Systems and Integrations.

  • Structure your business in a way that gives you more time + money to give back to your family, church, and community.
  • Know when to delegate and create systems for your business that will work for you while you sleep. 
  • Learn how to strategically structure your programs to get repeat customers. 


  • Get a clear mission and vision for your life and business.
  • Create goals that are challenging, energizing and satisfying. 
  • Understand what motivates and inspires you.
  • Have a clear "why" and purpose for your work.


  • Discover what makes you unique and valuable.
  • Have a clear picture of your ideal client and structure all marketing around her. 
  • Understanding the unique problems your niche is facing, and create programs and products that will enhance their lives. 

Balance + Self Care.

  • Learn how to simplify your life and business so you can avoid burnout and overwhelm.
  • Create an extremely productive daily routine (with less tasks!) that leaves you feeling energized and taken care of- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 
  • Design a life focused on things that are important to you. 


Why work with me?

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1. I've been where you are.

As a fellow run coach, I know exactly what you should and should not be doing to grow your business. Our sessions will be full of valuable information so you can stop making mistakes and wasting your time on things that are not serving you. 

2. I want you and your clients to WIN!

I truly believe that filling the world full of extremely successful run coaches produces a world full of happier, healthier runners. Through your coaching, your runners will be living purpose filled lives, enjoying their families, and working to make this world a better place. Together, we are a FORCE for good and change in this world. It all starts with YOU being willing to invest in yourself, value your services, and start helping your runners WIN!

3. I keep things simple, balanced, and meaningful.

We will work diligently and strategically to get your business off the ground, but we will also work on helping you create a life and business you WANT to run. We will create habits and routines that leave you feeling energized and excited about what you are doing with your life and business. 

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I've been there

I've been there

Hey Friend,

I know exactly how lost and overwhelmed you are feeling right now. It is so frustrating to have a burning desire to WANT to help people be transformed by the sport of running, but NO ONE WHO IS WILLING TO BE TRANSFORMED! 

I know how challenging it can be to see everyone else succeeding around you, and you are barely treading water while pouring your heart and soul into this running business, one you are so passionate about! Is is completely exhausting, and often makes you question your sanity and love for the sport.

Trust me, Friend. I was in your shoes only 1 year ago.

I was a second grade math teacher who was terrified to loose her comfy teaching job salary (which was pretty good in the state of Maryland.) My husband and I were buried in student loan debt and were about to have our first child, and both felt a strong conviction for me to be home with our precious daughter.  Though excited about this new chapter of life, loosing that salary was going to change things drastically. 

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So out of pure fear of the financial instability that was to come, I poured myself into starting an Online Running Business.

My first six months an entrepreneur, I was extremely steadfast and consistent with my business. And guess what?!


I was so fed up! I was so sick of working so hard and seeing little to no results for my efforts. 

I soon realized it was insane for me to think that doing the same things would produce different results. 

I knew it was time to do something uncomfortable. I knew that the most sucCessful businesses were not created by playing it safe. I knew becoming "awesome" at running a business wasn't something that was intuitive, it was a skill I needed to learn from an expert.

So, I decided to take a HUGE leap and invest in myself and business. I hired 2 high level coaches to teach me everything I needed to know about running a business. I invested in running certifications, nutrition courses, Facebook ad trainings.. ANYTHING that would help be run my business with more ease, confidence, and clarity. 

It was then that everything changed. 

In less than a year, I was able to double my monthly corporate job salary and start hitting $5k months in my business. I am now approaching my first $10k+ month and will soon bring my husband home from his 9-5 job, so we can start training him for the Marathon Olympic Trials 2020.

This journey was filled with ups, downs, sleepless nights, and a whole lot of hustle, but I am so thankful I had my coach by my side in the challenging moments. I am so thankful I gained confidence, clarity, and a huge community that allowed me to make an impact on over 600 runners in the past year. I got to help runners hit AMAZING PR's (3 minutes off their 5k!), gain EXTREME confidence in themselves and their understanding of nutrition, and be happier, healthier versions of themselves.

I now help other running coaches create their own running companies that do the same thing! 






2 Spots Left

Installment Plans Available Upon Request

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A Special Note for you

A Special Note for you

hey Coach!

I know every emotion you are feeling right now. You are in desperate need of help to grow your business, but you are scared that investing in yourself may not pay off. What if I don't have the time? MONEY?! Resources?!

Here's a few things I want you to know, that I WISH I would have known a year ago:

1. There will never be "a better time."

One of my biggest struggles is making decisions.  I agonized for MONTHS trying to decide if hiring a coach would work (WHY on earth did I torture myself like that?!) I had just had a baby and our family was buried in student loans. I was waiting for the "ideal time" in my life to invest, one where I had more money, time, and less things on my plate. Friend, that time was never coming. When you choose to lay aside the excuses and decide the time is now, things will start to shift, both in yourself and in your business. 

2. You are worth the investment!

I remember thinking it was so DUMB to spend money on my business!! I was barely making $300/month at some points... why on earth would I give that up?!

Friend, I promise you, it is SOOOO worth it! YOU are worth it! The fact that you have stuck with me though this lengthy webpage tells me that you are ready to do something BIG. You are a go-getter, hard worker, and are willing to dig in and dig deep to make things happen in your life. Let's start making it happen! 

3. Your dreams are not cray cray.

A year ago, I thought it was complete madness to start a running business that would replace my $2.5k/month teaching salary. I had no knowledge of business and had no idea what the work "marketing" meant! Friend, I blew that dream out of the water!! I promise you, if I can do this, a Second Grade Math Teacher turned Mom, YOU can do this too, and WAYYYY faster than I did! 


Are you ready to start growing your running business?

Let's do this!

1. Book your Complementary Call (20 Minutes)

We will get clear on your vision and goals and make sure we are a good fit for each other!

2. Purchase your AMAZING Coaching Package.

You'll receive a Welcome Packet so you can start growing Right Away!

3. Schedule twelve 45-minute calls.

4. We will chat every week and start making your business BOOM!

Let's get started!

Questions? Comments?

I would love to chat! Feel free to fill out this form and I will respond very soon! 

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