Craving a system that attracts new customers to your business, month after month?

desiring a way to make an impact on hundreds of people, without a phone in your hand ALL. THE. TIME?

What if I told you... I can give you a behind-the-scenes look at my Content Creation Strategy so you can get consistent clients AND: 

💗Quit your 9-5

💗Become DEBT FREE, so you can stop stressing out about the bills each month

💗Spend MORE TIME with your family

💗WORK YOUR OWN HOURS, from anywhere you want

💗TRAVEL and go on a vacation for once

💗Buy organic groceries + go out to eat WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY

💗GIVE GENEROUSLY and make a BIG IMPACT in the lives of others

You'd say, "Let's make it happen!"

During my previous 3 years online, i've created a multiple 6-figure business using social media - and I've generated all my content and customers by leading with

L I V E S T R E A M S.

I want to offer you my secrets through my brand new (beta) program:

livestream academy

What's included:

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Livestream Course

Includes fillable workbooks, checklists, cheat-sheets, guides, and video and audio trainings that will take you through the process of growing a successful business. (This is the same process I used to build a 5-figure per month business in only 18 months!)


All content will be delivered to you inside of a beautiful membership site, that you keep for life. 


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Course Community Group

Join a sisterhood of go-getter business women who are dreaming big, just like you. 

Membership site has a commenting feature that allows you to comment and ask any question, and I as well as other students can respond and provide feeback! 

content outline


Module 1: Audience Attraction

  • Identify WHO you are meant to serve and HOW to attract them to you.

  • Collect market research to get key ideas and topics for one month's worth of Facebook lives.

Module 2: Master Social Media

  • Learn how to audit your Facebook and Instagram so it clearly communicates who you are and who you serve.

  • Design your social media channels to position yourself as an authority and increase your brand credibility.

Module 3: Livestream Content Strategy

  • Uncover your Zone of Genius + Create one month's worth of content that speaks to your Ideal Client.

  • Create your livestream channel backdrop.

  • Learn how to craft compelling headlines to draw your audience into your lives.

Module 4: Confidence + Energy

  • Learn my secrets to bringing high energy to every livestream!

  • Uncover the blocks that are preventing you from believing in yourself + Learn how to become an authority in your subject area.

Module 5: Engagement + Action

  • Implement strategies to keep your live viewers engaged and watching until the end.

  • Uncover the secret to "pitch" in a way that isn't sleazy or sales-y.

  • Master the art of generating leads to your free and paid offerings.

Module 6: Cold Traffic To Customers

  • Use the content you planned for your livestreams to write social media posts, blogs, newsletters, and more!

  • Learn how to get video viewers on discovery calls and effortlessly close sales.

  • Discover how to overcome objections and uncover blocks that are preventing you from getting new clients.

Module 7: From Livestreamer to List Builder

  • Use your new livestream confidence + compelling content to position yourself as an authority online + create something to give your audience in exchange for their email.

  • Collect your fans into a client breeding database.

  • Craft a compelling nurture system that turn your followers into life-log customers.

Module 8: Livestream Expansion

  • Learn my 3- step process to create a system to give your livestreams seen for MONTHS. #evergreen.

  • Take all the work you've done and create an automated system, so you can serve people and LIVE YOUR LIFE!

  • Discover how to lower ad conversion costs and make passive income that pays for your adspend every month!


join the Marketing Mastermind and Receive:

  • Lifetime Access to the Livestream Academy Course

  • Livestream Academy Membership Site

  • Membership Site Community of like-minded business women to help push you to the next level (PRICELESS!)




or 6 payments of $99

early bird bonuses

bonuses expire soon

BONUS 1: High Performance Bundle

  • Learn the top traits that breed 6-figure business owners, and begin stepping into the role of influencer.

  • Begin creating High Performance Habits necessary to become a 6-figure business owner.

BONUS 2: Purpose Finder Budnle

  • Get extremely clear about exactly what you want in your life and business, and create an Action Plan that MAKES it happen!

  • Know exactly who are you meant to serve + how you will serve them.

A Note Just for you:

Feel like having a successful online business is impossible right now?

I promise you, I felt that way, too - and not too long ago.

During my first 6 months in online business, I couldn't sell a $25 coaching package. 

I was working around the clock, and I had NO time to spend with my kids or my man.

I knew what I had to do - and it was scary. But it was also necessary if I wanted to see MASSIVE biz growth.

I needed to invest in my business. I needed to hire a mentor who had gone before me, to help me create the life of freedom I craved for my family. 

I needed to create a business that brought in consistent cashflow. I wanted to be able to play at the park with my kids while money flowed into my bank account.

So I did something super scary.

I invested a few thousand dollars in a high-end business coach, a course, and a mastermind program. I chose to learn how to create those consistent 5-figure months (with a simple formula!), so I could finally be freed from the beast I had created.

My coach helped me implement a simple strategy by keeping live video as my focus and using that content to create written material across other platforms.

My first month working with a coach, I made $1,500.

Within 6 months, I was bringing in consistent $2,500 months and surpassing my teaching salary.

I hit my first 5-figure month within my first year working with a coach, and my business has now hit multiple 6-figures by implementing this same method, month after month. 

I know you're struggling right now. But that tells me you're ready for more.

That tells me you're ready to enter a season of massive growth.

But here's the hard part...

You have to take RADICAL ACTION to get there.

After using Livestream Content Planning for one year, I moved from piles of DEBT to: 

✨Hitting multiple 5-figure launches and consistent 5-figure months in my business
✨Serving hundreds of amazing clients
✨Working 20 hours/week, MAX
✨Taking tons of time to adventure with my husband and kids
✨Traveling the country and unplugging for a few months after my second baby was born

✨Starting a Network Marketing Business to add another 5-figure per month income stream, plus a downline of nearly 1500 people, in my first 6 months ALONE.

This wouldn’t have happened if I had decided to wait for a "better time" or more money just appear.

I didn't have time to waste anymore.
I wanted my precious Family Time back, NOW.

And I know you crave that, too. I get it. That's why I want to support you, to help you make this your reality.

I've created this Marketing Mastermind to give you the exact support you need to create a life of FREEDOM for yourself and your family.

I will personally help you set up a business that brings in 4- to 5- figures of income each month, so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Will you join me? 


Jasmin Niemic




or 6 payments of $99

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