Craving a system that attracts new customers to your business, month after month?

desiring a way to make an impact on hundreds of people, without a phone in your hand ALL. THE. TIME?

What if I told you... I can give you a behind-the-scenes look at my Content Creation Strategy so you can get consistent clients AND: 

💗Quit your 9-5

💗Become DEBT FREE, so you can stop stressing out about the bills each month

💗Spend MORE TIME with your family

💗WORK YOUR OWN HOURS, from anywhere you want

💗TRAVEL and go on a vacation for once

💗Buy organic groceries + go out to eat WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY

💗GIVE GENEROUSLY and make a BIG IMPACT in the lives of others

You'd say, "Let's make it happen!"

During my previous 3 years online, i've created a multiple 6-figure business using social media - and I've generated all my content and customers by leading with

L I V E S T R E A M S.

I want to offer you my secrets through my brand new (beta) program:

livestream academy

This is a 6-week Program that begins June 11, 2018.

What's included:

2018-Coach Jasmin-11.jpg


Group CAlls + Coaching

6 weekly group calls to help you master and implement the art of live video. Get any of your personal strategy questions answered, and let Jasmin look over any of your lives to receive even more strategy + support!  


2018-Coach Jasmin-03.jpg


Livestream Course (coming soon)

I'm using the curriculum from inside this course, as well as the breakthroughs and case studies from this program, to create a brand new course! (You will receive free access upon completion.)


workbooks from my signature course, impact Business academy

IBA includes fillable workbooks, checklists, cheat-sheets, guides, and video and audio trainings that will take you through the process of growing a successful business. (This is the same process I used to build a 5-figure per month business in only 18 months!)


2018-Niemiec Family-03.jpg


Private Mastermind Community Group

Join a sisterhood of go-getter business women who are dreaming big, just like you. 

Connect with powerhouse ladies who value family + genuinely believe in community over competition. These women want to see you succeed! 

Inside this community, you can share your story and your struggles, ask questions, and celebrate wins with women who are on your side. These ladies will become your biz besties! 

content outline


Week 1: Audience Attraction

  • Identify WHO you are meant to serve and HOW to attract them to you.

  • Collect market research to get key ideas and topics for one month's worth of Facebook lives.

  • Design your social media channels to position yourself as an authority and increase your brand credibility.

Week 2: Livestream Content Strategy

  • Uncover your Zone of Genius + Create one month's worth of content that speaks to your Ideal Client.

  • Create your livestream channel backdrop.

  • Learn how to craft compelling headlines to draw your audience into your lives.

Week 3: Confidence + Energy

  • Learn my secrets to bringing high energy to every livestream!

  • Uncover the blocks that are preventing you from believing in yourself + Learn how to become an authority in your subject area.

Week 4: Engagement + Action

  • Implement strategies to keep your live viewers engaged and watching until the end.

  • Uncover the secret to "pitch" in a way that isn't sleazy or sales-y.

  • Master the art of generating leads to your free and paid offerings.

Week 5: Cold Traffic To Customers

  • Use the content you planned for your livestreams to write social media posts, blogs, newsletters, and more! 
  • Learn how to get video viewers on discovery calls and effortlessly close sales.
  • Discover how to overcome objections and uncover blocks that are preventing you from getting new clients.

Week 6: Livestream Expansion + Advanced Marketing Strategy

  • Use your new livestream confidence + compelling content to position yourself as an authority online, PLUS learn how to to guest livestream with influencers. 
  • Take all the work you've done and create an automated system, so you can serve people and LIVE YOUR LIFE!

  • Collect your fans into a client breeding database.

  • Craft compelling headlines + emails that turn your followers into lifers.

  • Discover how to lower ad conversion costs and make passive income that pays for your adspend every month!


join the Marketing Mastermind and Receive:

  • 6 Weekly Group Calls + Coaching Support ($2,000 value)

  • Lifetime Access to the Livestream Academy Course (coming soon) + Impact Business Academy Workbooks ($2,000 value)

  • Private Mastermind Community of like-minded business women to help push you to the next level (PRICELESS!)



or 3 payments of $397

*Current clients + teammates receive a discount for this beta round.* 

Livestream VIP

Everything above, as well as:

  • 2 Additional Small Group Calls (8 members max) to practice livestream headlines, hooks, pitches, and more.
  • 1 - 30 Minute Work Session with Coach Jasmin for a Social Mia Audit and FB Live Practice Session



or 3 payments of $797

early bird bonuses

bonuses expire May 31

BONUS 1: High Performance Bundle

  • Learn the top traits that breed 6-figure business owners, and begin stepping into the role of influencer.

  • Begin creating High Performance Habits necessary to become a 6-figure business owner.

BONUS 2: Goal-Setting Bundle

  • Get extremely clear about exactly what you want in your life and business, and create an Action Plan that MAKES it happen!
  • Create a Personal Mission Statement and Definition of Success so you can live each day with intention.

A Note Just for you:

Feel like having a successful online business is impossible right now?

I promise you, I felt that way, too - and not too long ago.

During my first 6 months in online business, I couldn't sell a $25 coaching package. 

I was working around the clock, and I had NO time to spend with my kids or my man.

I knew what I had to do - and it was scary. But it was also necessary if I wanted to see MASSIVE biz growth.

I needed to invest in my business. I needed to hire a mentor who had gone before me, to help me create the life of freedom I craved for my family. 

I needed to create a business that brought in consistent cashflow. I wanted to be able to play at the park with my kids while money flowed into my bank account.

So I did something super scary.

I invested a few thousand dollars in a high-end business coach, a course, and a mastermind program. I chose to learn how to create those consistent 5-figure months (with a simple formula!), so I could finally be freed from the beast I had created.

My coach helped me implement a simple strategy by keeping live video as my focus and using that content to create written material across other platforms.

My first month working with a coach, I made $1,500.

Within 6 months, I was bringing in consistent $2,500 months and surpassing my teaching salary.

I hit my first 5-figure month within my first year working with a coach, and my business has now hit multiple 6-figures by implementing this same method, month after month. 

I know you're struggling right now. But that tells me you're ready for more.

That tells me you're ready to enter a season of massive growth.

But here's the hard part...

You have to take RADICAL ACTION to get there.

After using Livestream Content Planning for one year, I moved from piles of DEBT to: 

✨Hitting multiple 5-figure launches and consistent 5-figure months in my business
✨Serving hundreds of amazing clients
✨Working 20 hours/week, MAX
✨Taking tons of time to adventure with my husband and kids
✨Traveling the country and unplugging for a few months after my second baby was born

✨Starting a Network Marketing Business to add another 5-figure per month income stream, plus a downline of nearly 1500 people, in my first 6 months ALONE.

This wouldn’t have happened if I had decided to wait for a "better time" or more money just appear.

I didn't have time to waste anymore.
I wanted my precious Family Time back, NOW.

And I know you crave that, too. I get it. That's why I want to support you, to help you make this your reality.

I've created this Marketing Mastermind to give you the exact support you need to create a life of FREEDOM for yourself and your family.

I will personally help you set up a business that brings in 4- to 5- figures of income each month, so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Will you join me? 


Jasmin Niemic



or 3 payments of $397

Questions? Comments? Send 'em my way!

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