Running Plans

Do you want to train for a race but are unsure where to start? Do you know what essential stretches, exercises, and workouts are needed for you to reach your true racing potential? Get your Custom 16-week Running Plan to help you race better than ever.

Your 16 week training plan includes:

Explanation of runs, workouts, and strength routines, and 4 phases of running

Dynamic stretching, lifting, core, active recovery, and hip strengthening routines with video explanations

Instructions on how to calculate your running paces

Running log to track your heart rate, pace, and progress

5 Essential Elements of Running

And so much more!

Choose the plan that best meets your needs, and start your journey today!

Ideal for someone getting into running for the first time, or coming back after 1+ years off. Start with a simple walk/run routine and build up to a 4-5 mile run by the end of our program!

Great for a runner looking to beat a 5k/10k PR. This plan will start with 3-4 mile runs 5 days per week and include some challenging workouts, such as interval and tempo runs. This plan will set you up for a great race PR!

Take your running to the next level with my brand new half marathon training plan. 

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Looking for a more customized approach? Check out my VIP Running Academy!