Ready to turn your passion for health into a profitable fitness business?

Do you need:

An exact blueprint for your business success.

A consistent flow of clients you LOVE working with.

Freedom to work your own hours from anywhere you want?

Flexibility  for quality family time, date nights, vacations, and organic grocery splurges.

A health community who loves your brand.

A healthy relationship with money (no more stressing about it!).

A chance to make a positive impact on the world.

A network of sucessful fitness coaches who are WINNING with their business.


Than you are in the right place my friend!

Whats Included?




Course includes fillable workbooks, checklists, cheat-sheets, guides, video and audio trainings that take you through the process I went through to build (and maintain) a $6k/month fitness business in only 7 months.  

You have 24/7, lifetime access to all of your materials on a beautiful membership site.

Module topics include: Branding, Technology, Social Media, List Building, Content creation, and more. 

Course outline is listed below.



Join a sisterhood of go-getter fitness professionals who are dreaming big, just like you. 

Connect with powerhouse ladies who genuinely believe in community over competition, and want to see you suceed! 

Here, you can share your story,  struggles, questions and wins with women who are on your side. These ladies will become your biz besties! 

Membership Site Sneak Peek


join fitness business academy + Receive:

Lifetime access to the Fitness Business Academy 2.0 Membership Site

($2,000 value)

Guest expert trainings within 8 of the modules

($1,000 value)

Private Mastermind Community of like-minded fitness professionals to help push you to the next level.


you'll also get access to:


Get Setup Tech Training Library

You will learn how to set up all your systems and tech for your fitness business, so you are optimized for success. The tech training library includes video tutorials on Leadpages, Active Campaign, Mailchimp, Squarespace + Wordpress Basics, Social Media Scheduling, Paypal Buttons, and more. 

The Fitness Business Toolkit

A complete list of systems and tools to simplify and skyrocket the growth of your business.

The Coach Jasmin Reading List

See the exact books that will help you grow yourself and move your business forward. 


Limited Time Bonus Workbooks

These brand new workbooks have been added to the membership site and are available for a limited time. Join now and get instant access to these business changing bonus bundles! 

Packaging + Pricing
Ideal Client Mockup

This is the best program for female entrepreneurs in fitness to go from PASSION to PROFITS with their online businesses.

Don't take it from me - check out the success my clients are having! 

Kristen Van Horn Testimonial
Tess Spurk
Ali Christian


Program Outline


Module 1: Goalsetting

  • Get extremely clear on exactly what you want in your life and business before the program even begins.
  • Create a personal mission statement and definition of success so you can live each day with intention and contentment.

Module 2: Sucess Midset

  • Train yourself to think like a high-level Fitness Coach.
  • Detox your negative thoughts and start shifting your life and money mindset.
  • Learn how to think like a CEO and push past limited thoughts that are preventing you from having success.

Module Three: time Management

  • Start the new year by managing your time like an elite coach.
  • Learn how to delegate, time block, outsource and prioritize so each day can be extremely productive. 


Module Four: Branding + Design

  • Create a brand vibe and culture your runners will love, and incorporate this design into your website, copy, and social media platforms.

Bonus Guest Expert Training

BY Melissa Mckenzie






Module Five: Systems + Technology

  • Put valuable systems in place for you business, so you can start making money while you sleep!

Bonus Guest Expert Training

BY Rachel McMichael




MODULE Six: Content Creation

  • Learn how to create content that speaks exactly to your ideal client, and doesn't leave you feeling exhausted from being on social media all the time! #automation

Bonus Guest Expert Training




Module Seven: List Building

  • Grow your list from 0 to 500+ in 2 months by creating a lead magnet or freemium that connects your to your ideal client.
  • Set up a strategic funnel that converts cold traffic into clients.

Bonus Guest Expert Training

BY heather blackmon


Module eight: Social Media

  • Increase your following and engagement on Instagram and Facebook, and learn how to get clients from these platforms. 

Bonus Guest Expert Training

BY Beth Harper




Module NINE: Facebook Ads

  • Get a step-by-step breakdown of the Power Editor (Don't know what that is? No worries... I will teach you!).
  • Discover the exact targeting my Fitness Coaches use to get their "Ideal Leads."
  • Uncover the key factors for creating an ad that will convert 100+ new leads each week for your email list. 


Module ten: selling + Signing Clients

  • Feel confident on all of your discovery calls and effortlessly close sales.
  • Learn how to overcome objections and uncover blocks that are preventing you from getting new clients. 

Bonus Guest Expert Training

By Stephanie Hoffman


MODULE eleven: Optimizing + Scaling

  • Learn how to track your analytics and optimize your systems and processes.
  • Learn how to strategically grow your business moving forward, while enjoying the journey and celebrating wins daily, weekly, and monthly with your business. 

MODULE twelve: Celebrating

  • Take time to reflect on how far you've come!
  • Put everything together and create a clear action plan for continued growth.
  • Learn how enjoying the journey and celebrating wins daily, weekly, and monthly with your business produces future sustainability and scalability.


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9 Month Payment

9 Payments of $199

Break down payments to be super affordable + still get BIG results FAST!


Meet My amazing Clients

The Concrete Runner (1).png

Kristen Booked her first client within her first week!

"My business is booming right now! I have a growing list of clients coming in and many who continue to repeat in my programs.  After just a few weeks of working with me, most of my clients are seeing HUGE gains in their running times, which has helped me continue to retain them, nurture them, and help them even more.  I’ve been able to continually increase my prices and offer my runners new + better programs as my business continues to grow."

-Kristen Van Horn, Certified Running Coach + Strength Specialist


Ali booked her first high end client!

"Prior to working with Jasmin, I went to bed trying to crack the code on the guesswork and woke up with sheer anxiety about how to make the day productive AND be a great mom. I was terrified of discovery calls with potential clients and unsure if I even had true value to offer my clients. But as soon as I had my first one-on-one call with Jasmin, I was confident she was exactly who I needed in my business to help me grow."

-Ali Christian, Business Coach


Aischa did a full on rebrand!

Jasmin's Program has been a true blessing for me and my business. With having to re-brand my entire business I was lost on where to even begin. With Jasmin's guidance and her program I was able to re-brand my business in a very short amount of time and I can now say I actually have a successful business. This program has been a game changer for me, thank you Jasmin for your AMAZING mentorship you are truly a gem!

-Aischa, Nutritionist + Mobility Coach

Lindsey Nelson
Jamie Kellum
Cassie O Testimonial
Stacey Testimonial

Why work with me?


As a fellow fitness coach, I know exactly what you should and should not be doing to grow your business. Our sessions will be full of valuable information so you can stop making mistakes and wasting your time on things that are not not working.


I truly believe that filling the world full of extremely successful fitness coaches produces a world full of happier, healthier humans. Through your coaching, your clients will be living purpose filled lives, enjoying their families, and working to make this world a better place. Together, we are a FORCE for good and change in this world. It all starts with YOU being willing to invest in yourself, value your services, and start helping your runners WIN!


We will work strategically to get your business off the ground, but we will also work on helping you create a life and business you WANT to run. We will create habits and routines that leave you feeling energized and excited about what you are doing with your life and business. 


ready to do this!?

Let's get you registerEd for Fitness Business Academy! Pick the payment option that best suites your needs.

Pay In Full


Save $300


4 Month Payment

4 Payments of $425

Save $100


9 Month Payment

9 Payments of $199

Break down payments to be super affordable + still get BIG results FAST!


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