BOOM! Your business is off the ground! You've nailed down your:

✔️Ideal Client

✔️Market Research




✔️Landing Pages

✔️Facebook Ads

✔️Sales Emails

But, you need another push. You know you are "this close" to nailing it + seeing serious momentum with your online  business.

You're earning cash and getting clients, but you are ready to hit crazy goals.

You want to start earning consistent 4 and 5 figure months of residual/passive income so you can:


💗Quit your 9-5. 
💗Allow your spouse to stop working around the clock.
💗Become DEBT FREE so you can stop stressing out about the bills each month.
💗Buy a House.
💗Spend MORE TIME with your family
💗WORK YOUR OWN HOURS from anywhere you want.
💗TRAVEL and go on a vacation for once!
💗Buy organic groceries + go out to eat without feeling guilty.
💗GIVE GENEROUSLY and make a BIG IMPACT in the lives of others.

Let's make it happen!

it's time to optimize, up-level, and grow like crazy through the Uplevel Program. 


What's included:

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Get 1:1 Coaching access to your coach at a group coaching price! Get voice messenger access to Coach Jasmin through the Voxer app. Get any of your personal strategy questions, and have Jasmin look over any of your opt in, sales funnel, ad questions and strategy support!  

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Uplevel Membership Site

Course includes fillable workbooks, checklists, cheat-sheets, guides, video and audio trainings that take you through the process I went through to build (and maintain) a 5 figure per month business in only 18 months.  

You have 24/7, lifetime access to all of your materials on a beautiful membership site.

Impact Business Academy Course

This course will walk you through, step-by-step, everything you need to know when it comes to running your serviced based business online. It is the foundtion to building your online business, and you get this $2,000 course free. 

Guest Expert Content

Get insights from other 6 figure business owners on their secrets to market research, list building, marketing, selling, and up-leveling their businesses. 

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Private Mastermind Community Group

Join a sisterhood of go-getter fitness professionals who are dreaming big, just like you. 

Connect with powerhouse ladies who genuinely believe in community over competition, and want to see you succeed! 

Here, you can share your story,  struggles, questions and wins with women who are on your side. These ladies will become your biz besties! 

content outline


Month 1: Market Research

Strategize exactly how to successfully launch your next program.  We will be diving deep into your numbers, how many people you need on your list, and developing a plan on how to ensure that launch is successful!

Month 2: List Building

Learn how to get 1,000 new subscribers (which means CLIENTS) on your list with this guide. Learn how to take your current list building strategy and learn how to lower conversion costs, and make passive income that pays for your adspend every month! 

Month 3: Launching

See the exact monthly plan I use to launch multiple 5 figure programs. Get access to my secrets on 3-5 day challenge and webinar conversions, along with the posts and emails I use to get people into these offers.

Month 4: Upleveling + Automating

Receive insights from me and other 6 figure earners on how to push through mindset and money blocks, uplevel your team, outsource, and finally run an 5 figure per month business. 

Take all the work you've done and create a passive, automated system, so you can serve people and LIVE YOUR LIFE! 

guest expert Contributors

Rachel McMichael  The Techspert™

Rachel McMichael

The Techspert™

Beth Harper  Business Coach

Beth Harper

Business Coach

Stephanie Hoffman  Business Coach

Stephanie Hoffman

Business Coach

Tonya Vanderhart  Mindset + Business Coach

Tonya Vanderhart

Mindset + Business Coach

Linda Bello  Success Coach

Linda Bello

Success Coach

Allison Hardy  Business Strategist for Mompreneurs

Allison Hardy

Business Strategist for Mompreneurs

Lindsey Murray  Branding, Content + Design Specialist

Lindsey Murray

Branding, Content + Design Specialist

Jenna Carelli  Business Growth Coach

Jenna Carelli

Business Growth Coach

In review, join the Uplevel Program and Receive:

  • Weekly Group Voxer Support ($6,000 value)
  • Lifetime access to the Uplevel 2.0 Membership Site ($2,000 value)
  • Get Found Facebook Ads Course by Rachel McMichael ($250 value)
  • Guest Expert Content on Market Research, List Building, Marketing, Selling, and Upleveling ($1,000 value)
  • Private Mastermind Community of like-minded fitness professionals to help push you to the next level. (PRICELESS!!)
  • In person Uplevel Retreat! (2,000 value!)



Or 12 payments of $249

A Note Just for you

Feel like a 4 to 5 figure per month business seems impossible right now?

I promise you, I felt that same way not too long ago.

16 months ago, things looked "good" from the outside of my biz, but on the inside... it was a disaster.

I was working around the clock and had no time to spend with my kids and man.

I created this business so I could support my family, but I had actually created a BEAST of a business I become a slave to!

And here's the embarrassing part...

I had already invested nearly $10k into coaching and was over a year in. I did all the things I knew I should be doing... but things just weren't coming together for me.

I knew what I had to do.. it was scary, but necessary if I wanted to see MASSIVE growth.

I had to invest in my business AGAIN. 
I had to learn how to create a business that brought me that consistency and freedom I craved.

I had the basics down. 
I knew my ideal client backwards and forwards and was fully booked with clients, but I hated that I had to be online and launch all the time.

I needed to create a business that brought in consistent cashflow without me. I wanted to be able to be at the park with my kids, and money would flow into my bank account.

So I did something I really did not want to do again...

I invested in a 2nd high-end coach, course, and mastermind so she could teach me how to create those consistent 5 figure months on AUTOPILOT, so I could finally be free from the beast I created.

I know you're struggling right now.. but you have to be.

I promise you, you can get there.

But here's the hard part...

Your have to take RADICAL ACTION (again) to get there.

Literally 6 months later, I went from being in piles of debt to…

✨Hitting multiple 5-figure launches and consistent 5-figure months in my business
✨Serving hundreds of amazing clients
✨Working 20 hours/week, MAX
✨Taking tons of time to adventure with my husband and kids
✨Traveling the country and unplugging for 2-3 months after my 2nd baby was born.

This wouldn’t have happened if I had decided to wait for a "better time." or more money to come.

I didn't have time to waste anymore.
I wanted my precious family time back NOW.

And I know you crave that too. I want to support you to help make this your reality.

I have created the Uplevel Mastermind to give you the exact support you need to create a life of FREEDOM for yourself and family.

I will personally help you set up an AUTOMATED business that brings in 4 to 5 figures of passive, residual income each month, so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Questions? Comments? Send them my way!

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