vanessa's Story

Vanessa, Mompreneur Strategy Coach & Fitness Coach

vanessa's Story

Vanessa Wilde

Did you grow up wanting to be an entrepreneur?  Me neither! 

I was going to be a teacher and mom!  The best teacher out there!  I planned to stay home with my kids though, but it wasn’t reality unless I wanted to do an in home daycare.

I did become that teacher I always dreamed of, but quickly knew it wasn’t my forever calling.  I was burnt out, paid minimal, and spent hours at the school past the end of the day.  With the desire to become a mom one day, I knew this situation wasn’t ideal, but I had no idea how it would be possible financially to stay home with my future children.

Starting her business

During my time as a teacher I connected with a network marketing company with the dreams of building a business to stay home with my future children.  

Unfortunately, we struggled with infertility which made me think my dreams of being a mom were not going to happen.  One miracle day we found out we finally were going to be parents!  This lit a fire under me to dig deeper into the network marketing I affiliated with.

I never realized how exhausting being an entrepreneur would be.  But I pushed and showed up each day give me some success so I could stay home with my sons.  

BUT my business stopped growing and I spent more time trying to get my business growing than making memories with sons.  I was frustrated and had no idea what to do anymore.

Making the Investment

After feeling frustrated for months and searching answers, I met Jasmin.  I was ready to take my business to the next level so I could bring more money in to support my family.

Not going to lie, the investment freaked me out!  I told Jasmin many times that I would join her training if I had the money.  I was a freebie girl so stuck with free things!

I took the leap of faith and paid with a 6 month interest free credit card because I had this strong feeling this was exactly what I needed.  As I was pressing the button to pay I was so nervous, but after paying for the program I was so excited and knew this was the right choice. 

results she achieved

As I started this program I planned on growing my network marketing business to the next level, but Jasmin saw something deeper in me.  After soul searching and taking action, I learned my deep passion was helping other moms have success with their online businesses.

During this program I started a business from ground zero to growing my email list by over 70% in a short month. I created a new business AND had a group program launch with over $5k in sales!! 

Through every step with my launch, Jasmin was there to continually support me and give me strategies to help with the success!  She cares deeply for her clients and their success!  Jasmin is honestly your secret weapon when it comes to building a successful online business!!

Final tips:

I am so grateful I took the leap of faith and worked with Jasmin.  I know I would still be frustrated and spending more time than I had in a day trying to grow my business.

Jasmin helped encourage me along the way, helped me gain clarity, and made me realize my potential!  I also loved having the community with the other ladies as we helped and encouraged each other!  We became like a sisterhood.

I can finally see a bright future for my family and I, which makes me even more excited to show up each day to work!  And I am able to impact even more mommas because of Jasmin!

Sometimes we just need to take a leap of faith to make the impact you so desire to!


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